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Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies

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Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies

Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies

I run a lot (usually 7 or 8 runs per week) and do plenty of other workouts and hikes sprinkled throughout the week. My Garmin watch tells me I burn at least 2,600 calories every day (sometimes 3,000). For that reason, I am always looking for tasty ways to get a balanced dose of quick calories throughout the day.
Those hipster store-bought energy bars are okay, but 1) they are expensive, and 2) most of their calories come from syrups and other cheap ingredients. I much prefer to make my own snacks.
Recently I was experimenting with just that and ended up with something really cool. After pulsing some chickpeas + dates + protein powder + almond butter in the food processor, I had something delicious that reminded me very much of cookie batter. It tasted great on its own, but when I tried popping them into the oven, they actually turned into cookies! In addition to having a solid nutritional profile with a balance of protein, fat, carbs, and plenty of fiber, these totally unprocessed and flourless cookies are shockingly tasty and hold together much better than you would imagine without any gluten or typical baking ingredients. Throw in a few cacao nibs or chocolate chips and you basically have a chocolate chip super-cookie that you can eat for a snack and actually feel good about it.

Makes: 4-6 servings


1 15 oz can chickpeas
6 medjool dates
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup protein powder

1/4 cup almond butter
2 tablespoons maple syrup
Pinch of salt
3 tables...
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Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies Flourless, Unprocessed Cacao Chip Protein Cookies


Fuente de la noticia: oneingredientchef
Fecha de publicación: 02-08-2018 21:30
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