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Your Top 10 Vegan Recipes of 2018!

2018 was a good year over here in Baltimore! I marked my 5th year of running this site, turned a house into a home with my beloved, and cooked and ate ...
31-12-2018 21:24

Miso Soba Noodle Soup with Crispy Tofu

Slurpable noodles, hearty tofu, and vibrant veggies go into this cozy soba noodle soup. Super cozy, absolutely meal-worthy, and ready to serve in unde ...
31-12-2018 21:32

Easy Pizza Recipes Collection | Collection of 14 Pizza

Pizza recipes collection. Love pizza" Me too ? Here in this post I am sharing a collection of 14 homemade pizza recipes with you all along with pizza ...
31-12-2018 21:31


31-12-2018 21:22
31-12-2018 21:25

Vegan Mocha Almond Chocolate Waffle Cake 

When we get to the end of the year, sometimes I decide that I need to make a recipe that I have had in my head for a while, yet never got around to m ...
31-12-2018 21:32

Best Vegan Recipes 2018

Best Vegan Recipes 2018 from . Popular Recipes from the year with a few of my favorites and also some recipes that have been consi ...
31-12-2018 21:38

Chipotle Red Kuri Squash with Chickpeas

Over the past few months, I\'ve been sharing off-the-cuff recipes on instagram (which I save in highlights). This has primarily been because at the ...
31-12-2018 21:32

Barley Soup

Colorful vegetables blend well with barley. This comforting soup will warm you from head to toe during the fall and winter.   Save Print Thai Ba ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Weekend Reading, 12.30.18

I’ve been reading a lot of Pema Chodron’s writings about tonglen practice lately. One quotation of hers keeps sticking with me:Tonglen practice (a ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Lentil Curry

You will find an exotic blend of flavors in this iconic dish of Indian cuisine. Coral lentils make a gourmet and unctuous dish with a variety of ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Recipe | Cranberry Chipotle Ketchup

For the longest time, I used to pester my husband about the fact that he didn’t like ketchup. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around this. We would g ...
30-12-2018 21:35

Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup

This Vegan Smoky Sweet Potato Black-eyed Pea Soup is full of flavor, plant-based protein, is oil-free, dairy-free and made with delicious whole foods! ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Recipe | Peppermint Double Chocolate Ganache Cakes

And so the chocolate peppermint recipes continue! Mostly because I still have candy canes. Although I love peppermint candy, I’m not really into the ...
30-12-2018 21:35

Warm Caramelized Onion & Kale Dip

Last week I had a bunch of kale leftover from Christmas that needed using, and I realized I had everything on hand to make an old favorite, my vegan c ...
30-12-2018 21:23

Creamy Corn Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup

Creamy red lentil soup with corn, pumpkin and turmeric is especially warming and healing for this time of the year. This is an easy soup recipe that n ...
30-12-2018 21:30

Rava Idli Recipe | How To Make Rava Idli (Mtr Style)

Rava idli recipe- Quick and easy to make instant idli with rava or suji. This Mtr style rava idli is the popular south Indian breakfast from Karnataka ...
30-12-2018 21:30

Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

When considering what type of beverage to share for New Year’s Eve celebrations this year, my mind initially went to mocktails. They’re fruity an ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Roasted Chestnuts

The chestnut vendor offering hot, charcoal-roasted chestnuts on the streets of many cities symbolizes the coming of winter. This seasonal treat ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Taco Bowl

You can serve this taco salad in various ways. For example, you put everything in a large bowl to share with your guests. Another option is to present ...
30-12-2018 21:35

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

This delicious and very pretty cake was contributed by Dynise Balcavage from The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Fav ...
30-12-2018 21:31

Chocolate and Nuts Toffee

This toffee was a revelation for me! I had eaten commercial toffee before, but after trying this recipe, store-bought toffee just did not compare. Bef ...
30-12-2018 21:35
30-12-2018 21:24

The Best Vegan 15 Bean Crockpot Chili Ever

This post is sponsored by my good friends at Hurst?s Hambeens ®. When I was asked by my good friends at Hurst Hambeens to develop a Vegan Chili Re ...
30-12-2018 21:30

Fruit Juice Recipes | Collection of fruit juices and mo

Fruit juice recipes collection. Sharing with you all a cooling and refreshing collection of  fruit juice recipes you can easily make at home. This col ...
30-12-2018 21:30

The Best Puppy Chow Recipe (Vegan + GF)

How could I have forgotten about the amazingness that is puppy chow"! Or muddy buddies…or monkey munch…or whatever you want to call it. I’ve ac ...
29-12-2018 21:31

Peshawari Chole Recipe | How To Make Pesahwari Chole Re

Peshawari chole recipe is a very delicious and flavorful chole recipe made with white chickpeas. Piping hot pesahwari chole goes very well with bhatur ...
29-12-2018 21:29

Tuscan Chickpea Vegetable Soup 

We make soup like crazy in the deli I work in this time of the year, so you would think I would hate making soup at home. But that is not the case at ...
29-12-2018 21:30
29-12-2018 21:23

Kadai Chole/Chana ? Spiced Chickpeas and Potatoes

Kadai Chole is a delicious Chickpea curry generally made in an Indian wok. 1 Pot 30 min Spiced Chickpeas and Potatoes. Simple Indian sauce paired here ...
29-12-2018 21:36

Easy Vegetable Pulao In Pressure Cooker | Easy and Quic

Easy vegetable pulao made in pressure cooker for busy mornings. If you love veg pulao but don’t find time to make it often, this keeper vegetable pu ...
29-12-2018 21:29

Mushroom Crostini with Herbed Cashew Cheese

With toasty baguette slices topped with creamy cashew cheese and savory sautéed cremini mushrooms, this vegan mushroom crostini is hard to resist. Per ...
29-12-2018 21:30

Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

Best Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Birthday Cake. This cake is soft, fluffy, really moist, healthy and oil-free. It is also grain-free! This vegan vanilla ...
29-12-2018 21:31

WHAT I ATE IN A DAY AS A VEGAN (semi-healthy) on Vacation //

NEW MERCH & VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK ?? I went to Cancun at the end of November and I documented my experience! I\ ...
29-12-2018 21:20

Bread Recipes For Snacks | Bread Snacks Recipes

Bread recipes for snacks, here is a delicious collection of bread snacks recipes for that evening hunger pangs. These snacks recipes made with bread a ...
29-12-2018 21:29

Carl’s Jr. Launches Vegan Burgers and Vegan Buns Natio

It’s official! Thanks to popular demand, Carl’s Jr. is launching meatless Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers at restaurants nationwide! No word yet on if ...
29-12-2018 21:30
28-12-2018 21:24

Vegan Cinnamon Applesauce Quick Bread (Gluten-Free)

Learn how to make the easiest Vegan Gluten-free Cinnamon Applesauce Quickbread! With just 8 ingredients, oil-free and low-fat, this bread is full of c ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Clean Kitchen, Clean Start

Spring cleaning is a commonly observed phenomenon that occurs when winter begins to relinquish its icy grip, thawing and slowly awakening all creature ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Easy Bread Kulfi Recipe | How To Make Bread Kulfi

Easy bread kulfi recipe is a quick and yummy kulfi you can make with leftover bread slices. This kulfi tastes exceptionally delicious and you will not ...
28-12-2018 21:30

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with Chimichurri

While you may be thinking to yourself in a sarcastic voice, "just what we need need, another butternut squash soup!" I urge you to think of this more ...
28-12-2018 21:30

Easy, Cheesy Vegan Loaded Potatoes with Broccoli & Whit

 As many of you know, I’m not one for New Year’s goal-setting or themes or programs, or even resolutions. I know that they can all be motivating a ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Hash Browns

Hash browns, a classic breakfast or side dish recipe, made with simple ingredients, in less than 30 minutes. They’re so delicious and super cris ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Sprouts Sandwich Recipe | Mixed Sprouts Sandwich Recipe

Sprouts sandwich recipe– easy and tasty sandwich recipe for breakfast or snacks with mixed sprouts.  You will love how quickly this sandwich comes t ...
28-12-2018 21:30


Veganuary is upon us! A great month where people can try out being vegan for a month in an attempt to help the planet and get healthy at the same time ...
28-12-2018 21:20

Vegan Matcha Mint Hemp Truffles 

You would think that I would be sick of treats from Christmas, but I am not.  In fact, I still am in the mood for delicious treats, especially of the ...
28-12-2018 21:30
28-12-2018 21:24

53 Best Vegan Dips and Sauces

Namely MarlyCheck out these 53 Best Vegan Dips and Sauces to enjoy some tasty vegan eats and to share them with others at holiday parties or family di ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Slow Cooker Vegan Irish Stew - 5.2 Diet Recipe

TRY THIS NEXTAubergine and Onion MasalaA masala spiced curry. This Masala is made with aubergine (eggplant) and onion in a light creamy sauce. It\'s m ...
28-12-2018 21:30

Nourishing Breakfast Oatmeal Cups

If you’re into meal-prepping, these nourishing breakfast oatmeal cups are for you! They come together with a short list of ingredients and require j ...
28-12-2018 21:31

Thin Crust Pizza Recipe | How To Make Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizza recipe. Crispy thin crust with crispy veggies and cheese toppings this is the best thin crust pizza you will ever make at home. Read ...
28-12-2018 21:30

2-Ingredient Sweet Potato Hash Browns

When testing our Garlicky Sweet Potato Noodle Pasta, I experimented with the best way to turn sweet potatoes into pasta. One such experiment led me t ...
28-12-2018 21:31


DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK ?? Today I talk about the BEGINNING of my vegan journey. The first thi ...
26-12-2018 21:21

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins with Streusel Topping

clicking here.   Click here to see the full post on Laura Ashley’s blog   Cranberry Muffins Dry Ingredients 320 g self-raising flour ((or ...
26-12-2018 21:24
26-12-2018 21:24

New Year’s Ball Drop

Wait, where do you think you’re going" The party isn’t over yet! Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back home in a holiday-induced stupor, ...
26-12-2018 21:31

Vegan Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

This Vegan Chocolate Gingerbread Cake has an amazing flavor profile. Ginger, candied ginger, dark chocolate add a pleasing bitter combination with gin ...
26-12-2018 21:35

Strawberry Recipes | Collection of 20 Delicious Strawbe

Strawberry recipes collection. As you find plump and luscious strawberries flooding the markets it only helps to have some delicious recipes with stra ...
25-12-2018 21:29

These Campus Leafleters Have Us Inspired!

By Lisa Rimmert, Vice President of Strategic Communications As the fall semester ends and we gear up for spring outreach, these dedicated campus leafl ...
25-12-2018 21:29

Homemade Bhel Puri Recipe | Mumbai Bhel Puri

Bhel puri chaat recipe is a popular Indian street food made with puffed rice, papdi, chutneys and raw veggies. If you love sweet and spicy recipes wit ...
25-12-2018 21:29


Thank you all so much for being such a great community to be a part of. We really appreciate all your support and as a thank you we are giving away so ...
25-12-2018 21:21

Vegan Eggnog Cupcakes 

I wanted to make a festive cake for Christmas this year, but I had a lot going on, so I opted for festive cupcakes instead since they are quite a bit ...
24-12-2018 21:29
24-12-2018 21:30

1-Pot Butternut Squash Quinoa Chili

Cut through those bitter winter nights with this comforting 1-pot meal that’s easy to make, big on flavor, and made with ingredients you likely hav ...
24-12-2018 21:30

Traditional Irish Brown Bread (Egg and Dairy Free)

Merry Christmas Eve! Or should I say Happy Christmas Eve!" Here in Ireland, people say Happy Christmas because in the past–and currently, as well†...
24-12-2018 21:30

Vegan FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST Mukbang // Munching Mondays Ep.

15% OFF ENTIRE SITE with code "veganchristmas" ?? ? Watch the previous episode of Munching Mondays - ...
24-12-2018 21:21

Winter Special Veg recipes | Best Winter Recipes

Winter special vegetarian recipes collection. Come winter all we crave is food that nourishes and comforts the soul am I right" Here I have got you co ...
24-12-2018 21:29

Vegan Peanut Butter & Jelly Swirl Snack Cake

Once upon a time, I was placed in charge of the internship program at the publishing house where I worked. Our interns did a lot: they read through pi ...
24-12-2018 21:30

Baked Banana Wontons + (Optional!) Coconut Caramel Sauce

Okay, so maybe desserts are the last thing you want to think about right now. I know! I totally get that! But one year I had banana wontons on New Yea ...
23-12-2018 21:34

Miso Soup

This soup is delicious and very easy to make. Its ingredients may vary, depending on the contents of your fridge! Save Print Miso Soup Serves:  ...
23-12-2018 21:30

Weekend Pause, 12.23.18

Happy Sunday, friends! I finished up my clinicals on Friday, and life is good. I’ve also got the cold/malaise situation that I typically develop at ...
23-12-2018 21:30

Edamame Hummus with Coriander

Hummus is traditionally prepared with chickpeas, however this hummus is prepared with edamame beans. Serve hummus with grilled pitas, tortilla c ...
23-12-2018 21:30

25 Vegan Christmas Recipes

These are the Best Vegan Christmas Recipes to make for your guests, friends and parties. These are all SO easy to make, just a few simple ingredients ...
23-12-2018 21:30

Sweet Potato Tzimmes

An Eastern European standard, tzimmes is a roasted vegetable dish that is made a number of ways, depending on the occasion. For the Jewish New Y ...
23-12-2018 21:30
23-12-2018 21:24

DIY Homemade Spice Mixes for Gifts

Homemade Spice Mixes for Gifts! Fresh spice blends take the meal from eh to wow. Gift these homemade mixes like garam masala, curry powder, cajun spic ...
22-12-2018 21:35

Leftover Panettone Chocolate & Cranberry Pudding

TRY THIS NEXTPear and Mincemeat StrudelA rather special dessert. Flaky layers of pastry wrapped around juicy pears and using up any leftover spicy mi ...
22-12-2018 21:30

My Favorite Vegan Cookies

All of my favorite Vegan Cookies in one easy round up!  Which one will you make first" ‘Twas the weekend before Christmas….and all through the hou ...
22-12-2018 21:30
22-12-2018 21:24

Vegan Posole

While living in Albuquerque, there were 2 things I could always count on during the holidays?..Tamales and Posole.  So in order to continue enjoying ...
22-12-2018 21:29

Tex-Mex Sweet Potatoes

To change up your classic potato dishes, why not dare to try sweet potatoes" These potatoes hold up to their name because of their beautiful orange co ...
22-12-2018 21:35

Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Presents

I am obsessed with chocolate and peanut butter, it is no secret as I have probably 40 recipes featuring the combo on my blog.  But you know what my f ...
22-12-2018 21:29

Vegan Peanut Butter Blossoms

Classic peanut butter blossoms go vegan! Each of these tender little cookies is topped with a dollop of rich coconut ganache, for a burst of chocolaty ...
22-12-2018 21:29

I made the BEST VEGAN CINNAMON ROLLS by Tasty // Vegan Desse

22-12-2018 21:21

Vegan Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze

A Pound Cake that is so rich and decadent no one will believe it’s vegan. Topped with a lemony glaze for a delightful sweet morning or midday snack. ...
21-12-2018 21:31

Pasta with Mushroom Bolognese

Super hearty, intensely savory, and packed with Italian spices, this mushroom Bolognese sauce is sure to satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores al ...
21-12-2018 21:32

35 Homemade Vegan Food Gifts

A collection of homemade vegan food gifts including cookies, candies, and quick breads that make wonderful homemade holiday presents for your friends ...
21-12-2018 21:31


We homemade our gifts more times than not so these 3 ingredients chocolate truffles are ideal to get you through a last minute occasion. They\'re also ...
21-12-2018 21:21

Cococlectic Tastes

Lined up neatly on the mantel in one carefully manicured row, the thick card stock shimmered with foil appliques, glitter, glossy photos, puffy sticke ...
21-12-2018 21:33

One-Pot French Lentil Soup Recipe

This One-Pot Lentil Soup Recipe is the perfect fall soup. Made with root vegetables, brown lentils, and fresh herbs, it’s an easy, 30-minute, weekni ...
21-12-2018 21:31

Winter Squash, Chickpea Tajine

A tajine is like a Moroccan stew. Often using chickpeas and spices from the area. We have had an abundant year of winter squash and are always happy t ...
21-12-2018 21:32
21-12-2018 21:26

Vegan Quiche w/ Onions and Shiitake Mushrooms

This Caramelized Onion and Shiitake Mushroom Quiche makes the perfect addition to your holiday brunch table. It starts with a pastry pie crust that is ...
21-12-2018 21:31

Vegan White and Green Bean Casserole

Casserole sounds so sophisticated, but in Minnesota we usually call things baked in the oven hot dishes.  So I find it funny that we don\'t call gree ...
21-12-2018 21:32

Vegan Loaded Smashed Potatoes

This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. Today we?re veganizing the best baked potato toppings and piling them on to crispy smashed Cream ...
20-12-2018 21:30

Festive 5-Minute Creamy Avocado Dip

If you’re looking for a flavorful, eye-catching holiday appetizer that comes together in a pinch, look no further than this festive 5-minute creamy ...
20-12-2018 21:30

Aloo Gobi Masala Recipe Restaurant Style

Aloo gobi masala recipe– restaurant style delicious aloo gobi masala or gravy with Punjabi makhani sauce. This sauteed cauliflowers and potatoes in ...
20-12-2018 21:29

Vegan Meatloaf ? Nut Loaf

This Vegan Meatloaf is flavorful, decadent, nutty and great for anyone wanting a no bean/lentil loaf. Use nuts of choice. Vegan Recipe. Can be Glutenf ...
20-12-2018 21:35

Fudgy Pineapple Chocolate Brownies - vegan recipe

A simple recipe for luxurious fudgy chocolate brownies studded with chunks of golden pineapple.I\'m calling these fudgy brownies as some people mistak ...
20-12-2018 21:30

Simple Vegan Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is one of those dishes that sounded a little old-fashioned to me even when I was a kid. We didn’t eat it at home, but my mom had a s ...
20-12-2018 21:30

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Ottolenghi Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' & Butter Bean Mash

Ottolenghi Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' & But...

 Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' and Butter Bean Mash from Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi. Suitable for vegans and dairy-free diets. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] -
Vegan product review: Nut luncheon

Vegan product review: Nut luncheon

Nut Luncheon, or Nuttolene, is a British product made purely of pressed peanuts. Available in British health food stores, or online -
Vegan Raspberry Bismark Cakes 

Vegan Raspberry Bismark Cakes 

When my Mom would take me to the bakery when I was little, one of our favorite things to get were the raspberry bismarks.  We loved the tart raspberry jam inside of the sweet fluffy doughnuts with a vanilla glaze.  We were talking about them the... -
Sesame Ginger Marinated Tofu

Sesame Ginger Marinated Tofu

This easy marinated tofu is loaded with flavor. Bake it, grill it, or pan-fry will be delicious any way you cook it up! If you read my guide to tofu you probably know that marinating is a great way to take tofu from bland... -
Almond Joy Energy Bites (6 Ingredients!)

Almond Joy Energy Bites (6 Ingredients!)

We want to let you in on a little secret. These might look like unassuming energy bites but they?re not. They?re kind of exceptional (but shhh, don?t tell). Not only do they pack all of the flavors of Almond Joy inside (hello chocolate, coconut,... -
Mango Smoothie (6 Ingredients!)

Mango Smoothie (6 Ingredients!)

Rehydrate yourself with this refreshing Mango Pineapple Smoothie. It’s made with mangos, pineapple, and turmeric. Finished in just 5 minutes for an energizing and wholesome breakfast or midday snack.Summer is the perfect time for a detox and... -
Açai Berry Bowl

Açai Berry Bowl

Açai berry bowl, creamy, delicious, and nutritious. It is vegan, packed with lots of vitamins, and ready in just 5 minutes with only 5 ingredients! This açai berry bowl is perfect to have for breakfast, as a dessert, or even as a super healthy... -
An Evening With Dr. John McDougall

An Evening With Dr. John McDougall

I have followed this man for over 10 years, so imagine my surprise when I got asked if I’d like to spend an evening with Dr. John McDougall. This all started several months ago when I was invited to speak at a local NW Veg... -
Kale, Apple + Red Cabbage Slaw

Kale, Apple + Red Cabbage Slaw

I started this blog years ago when I first moved to France to be with Matt. I was waiting for my visa to come through and was looking for a way to keep myself challenged and occupied. I was new to being vegetarian and quickly realized that I... -

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