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How to Cut Cauliflower

Namely MarlyDo you ever wonder what\'s the most efficient way to go about with cauliflower once you get it home from the store" This How to Cut Caulif ...
31-01-2020 21:33

Quinoa patties, salad and croquettes

Quinoa and sweet potato patties with croquettes and salad. Quinoa- Skartoffel-Patties mit Kroketten und Salat. ...
31-01-2020 21:23

Buffalo Chickpea Vegan Stuffed Potatoes

Chickpeas and crispy veggies are smothered in spicy Buffalo sauce to make these delicious vegan stuffed potatoes! Top with creamy dairy-free ranch for ...
31-01-2020 21:32

Homemade Golden Milk Spice Mix

Learn how to make a Homemade Golden Milk Spice Mix in just 5 minutes! Using 6 spices, plant-based milk and sweetener, you will have a delicious and he ...
31-01-2020 21:33

Tongue Thai’d

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was still fresh off the plane from Thailand. For weeks, I still dreamed of stone temples and skyscr ...
31-01-2020 21:33

Recipe | Lemony Wheat Berries with Roasted Brussels Spr

Did you make any food-related resolutions this year" I don’t have resolutions?I have goals. (I like to pretend there’s a difference and that someh ...
31-01-2020 21:36

Tortilla Spirals

These pinwheels are so pretty if you use different-colored flour tortillas. Tortillas come in a variety of colors?such as red, green, and yellow?and f ...
31-01-2020 21:33

Sriracha Recipe | Homemade | 5 Minute vs 5 Day recipe

Sriracha has reached cult like status and for good reason. It?s delicious. We thought we?d throw our hat in the ring and see if we could make our own. ...
31-01-2020 21:20

Vegan Chocolate Football Cookies

My favorite football team the Minnesota Vikings were eliminated a few weeks ago from the Superbowl running, but I will still be watching because it i ...
30-01-2020 21:34

Nuttolene, breadsticks, mayo and Greek salad

Nuttolene, homemade spicy breadsticks, vegan garlic mayonnaise and Greek salad. Erdnusspastete, selbstgemachte pikante Brotstangen, vegane Knoblauchm ...
30-01-2020 21:24

Pretty in Pink? Vegan Recipes that are PINK!

Vegan recipes that are pink!  Perfect for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or a girls’ night in! Pretty in Pink ? Vegan Recipes That Are PINK! I ofte ...
30-01-2020 21:34

Vegan Pot de Crme (Soy-Free!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Silk?. All opinions are 100% mine. This vegan pot de crme is so unbelievably rich, and creamy tha ...
29-01-2020 21:34

Vegan Chocolate Pudding (with a Secret Ingredient…)

[Oh no, not another one of those vegan chocolate puddings with a “secret healthy ingredient” that is definitely just avocado…] Wrong! [Then obvi ...
29-01-2020 21:35

20+ Delicious Vegan Lunch Recipes

Say goodbye to boring lunches! This collection of over 20 vegan lunch recipes includes everything from sandwiches to salads to meal-worthy soups and s ...
29-01-2020 21:35

Lentil Bites with Broccoli Pesto and Rice

As I continue to work within more of the meal plans, I?m finding ways to use old favorites to create new, delicious meals. These lentils bites have l ...
29-01-2020 21:35

Wordless Wednesday: Street Seen, Street Eats

Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand The post Wordless Wednesday: Street Seen, Street Eats appeared first on BitterSweet. ...
29-01-2020 21:36

Easy Vegan Black Bean Sweet Potato Tacos

Remember how, on Sunday, I said that I had Superbowl-friendly recipe coming your way" This could have been it, but it wasn’t it. What I had planned ...
29-01-2020 21:36

Podcast #69: How To Break A Bad Habit with Dr. Judson Brewer

We all have bad habits that we struggle with, from unhealthy eating to smoking. Today?s podcast examines how to break a bad habit with psychiatrist ...
28-01-2020 21:35

Tofu wraps with crispy tofu, salad and fries

Pan-fried spicy tofu strips and salad in tortilla wraps with potato fries Angebratene pikante Tofustreifen und Salat in Tortilla Wraps mit Pommes. ...
28-01-2020 21:26

Trader Joe’s To Launch Vegan Chocolate Bars That Taste

Yep, it’s true! Thanks to popular demand, Trader Joe’s has announced that its tasting panel has approved vegan chocolate made with almond milk, a ...
28-01-2020 21:35

Soy and Maple-Glazed Winter Squash

With a subtle hint of soy sauce and maple syrup, this is asimple recipe that makes roasted winter squash positively addictive. It’s a nice ad ...
28-01-2020 21:36


Full recipe here; Sometimes learning the traditional cooking techniques can open up a whole n ...
28-01-2020 21:22

Soba Noodles with Green Beans and Almonds

Perfect green beans seem to be available only for a month or two in the summer. This dish is a nice way to highlight them during that brief wind ...
28-01-2020 21:36

Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding

When I have a lovely loaf of crusty bread, there are two things I love doing most with it. Enjoying it with soup so I can dunk it in and soak up the ...
28-01-2020 21:35

Smoky Chickpea Stew

Have dinner on the table in 40 minutes with this easy vegan chickpea stew! Easy to make and packed with smoky delicious flavor, this will be your new ...
27-01-2020 21:33


Curling up on the couch to watch big ticket movies on the small screen is quite arguably America’s favorite pastime. Theaters are hurting as ticket ...
27-01-2020 21:33

Pasta with Kale and White Beans

This is one of our favorite meals which we usually eat over the winter months. This time we used a special German heirloom kale variety called ‘Lipp ...
27-01-2020 21:32

Recipe | Vegetable Baked Ziti

This January marks the eighth year that I’ve been doing Weight Watchers. While my weight has fluctuated since reaching my goal and I’m now activel ...
27-01-2020 21:37

Thrive Market Review + Vegan Starter Kit

Thrive Market Review: Thrive Market is the place to shop for your healthy and organic groceries. Find out how Thrive Market works to save you money ev ...
27-01-2020 21:32

Vegan Chocolate Cups with Almond Butter

You’re going to love these vegan chocolate cups. This sweet and salty dessert is made with raw ingredients making it vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, a ...
27-01-2020 21:32

Avocado Toast with Sundried Tomatoes

Learn how to make this delicious twist on the classic avocado toast! This Avocado Toast with Sundried Tomatoes features a delicious and creamy sundrie ...
27-01-2020 21:33


DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Everyday Asian Recipes & Cheap Lazy Vegan Recipes) - OUR PODCAST (The SaVeg Podcast) - ht ...
27-01-2020 21:20

Portobello Pizzas with Tempeh Sausage

A healthy twist on pizza, this Portobello Pizza makes a delicious dinner. Stuffed with sausage flavored tempeh and sauted onions and peppers, it’s ...
27-01-2020 21:32

Creamy Wild Mushroom Rice Soup

And Soup Week continues! It also ends with this delicious creamy mushroom rice soup. I guess since I only post 2?3 recipes each week, theme weeks are ...
27-01-2020 21:37

Sheet Pan Vegan Fajitas with Soy Curls

Dinner made easy with these simple sheet pan vegan fajitas. It’s a colorful mix of red and green bell peppers, red onions, and perfectly seasoned so ...
27-01-2020 21:32

Vegan Sour Cream Recipe (5 Ingredients!)

This easy, 5 ingredient vegan sour cream recipe is tangy, creamy and a perfect substitute for regular dairy sour cream! Ah, homemade, tangy, creamy so ...
26-01-2020 21:34

Slow Cooker Vegan Savoury Mince

A simple recipe for vegan savoury mince in a rich gravy cooked in a slow cooker. Slow Cooker Vegan Savoury Mince I use my slow cooker a lot more ...
26-01-2020 21:34

Soy Milk

Homemade soy milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk. It’s delicious, so inexpensive, easy to make and only requires 2 ingredients: wate ...
26-01-2020 21:34


DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Everyday Asian Recipes & Cheap Lazy Vegan Recipes) - OUR PODCAST (The SaVeg Podcast) - ht ...
25-01-2020 21:20

Midwinter III Meal Plan

While winter started awhile ago, I feel it most in January. The holidays are over and the sense of the long winter starts to set in. My penchant for ...
25-01-2020 21:33

Vegan Cheesesteak Sliders

These Vegan Cheesesteak Sliders are the perfect comfort food for the big game. Oh, and be sure and have extra napkins standing by ? Once a ...
25-01-2020 21:33

Vegan Chocolate Almond Mousse Tarts

I am in a chocolate dessert sort of mood lately. Maybe it is because Valentine\'s Day is just around the corner and chocolate just feels right, or be ...
25-01-2020 21:33

How to Cook Long Grain Rice in the Instant Pot

Rice is a weeknight staple for us?let me show you how to cook long grain rice in the Instant Pot!  You’re just a half hour away from perfectly cook ...
25-01-2020 21:33

Soya schnitzel with fries and endive salad

Soya schnitzel with potato fries and endive salad. Soja-Schnitzel mit Pommes und Endiviensalat. ...
25-01-2020 21:24

Vegan Breakfast Cookies (Gluten-free)

These Vegan Breakfast Cookies are satisfying with the oats, nuts, seeds. They are also gluten-free and have no added oil! Soy-free Recipe. These snack ...
25-01-2020 21:37

Oil-Free Vegan Mexican Brown Rice

Oil-Free Vegan Mexican Brown Rice Last weekend at a party I tried some vegan Mexican rice that the host had kindly put together for me. I loved the de ...
25-01-2020 21:20

Vegan Tuscan White Bean Soup in the Instant Pot

Farro, an ancient grain similar to barley, adds texture and creaminess to this vegan version of Tuscan white bean soup with carrots and kale. Use Alub ...
25-01-2020 21:34

Vegan Deviled “Egg” Potatoes

This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. Deviled potatoes are a delightful two-bite appetizer and a great vegan alternative to deviled eg ...
24-01-2020 21:36

Vegan Miso Soup with Noodles, Broccoli, Snow Peas & Bok

Today I celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Yearwith an Asian inspired vegan miso soup with noodles, broccoli, snow peas & bok choy. The Chinese New Ye ...
24-01-2020 21:35

The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cookies

These decadent vegan chocolate cookies are studded with crunchy pecans and rich chocolate chips! Easy to make and perfect for dunking in a big glass o ...
24-01-2020 21:35

Pasta and Chickpeas (Pasta e Ceci)

During a recipe testing and dinner one night, my son decided his tomato soup was boring and starting adding cooked pasta I had made for a different r ...
24-01-2020 21:35

All-Access Pass

This blog post is sponsored by Wine Access but as always, the opinions and experiences expressed in this post are my own. If the affordable labels gi ...
24-01-2020 21:35


Get the recipe here; The Katsu Curry is one of the most common aromatic Currys, not many mainstream Curr ...
24-01-2020 21:22

Vegan Peanut Butter and Jelly Sweet Rolls

I have made classic caramel rolls, and cinnamon rolls but I thought I would make something a little different last weekend as far as rolls went ...
23-01-2020 21:36

Potato noodles with sauerkraut, vegan bacon and caraway

Potato noodles with sauerkraut, vegan bacon and caraway. Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut, veganem Speck und Kmmel. ...
23-01-2020 21:26

Korean Japchae (Shirataki Noodles with Vegetables)

A slightly adventurous spin on fried rice, Korean japchae marries slurpy shirataki noodles and a blizzard of vegetables in a rich soy and mirin ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Perfect Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

You may be wondering how I’ve never made a vegan banana chocolate chip muffin before" I’m wondering too. I’ve made banana muffins, banana bread ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Mixed grill, potatoes and salad

Quinoa and sweet potato burger, veggie finger, spinach and cashew spring roll and potatoes with lamb?s lettuce salad. Quinoa- Skartoffel- Burger, G ...
22-01-2020 21:24

Pineapple Veggie Pita Bread Pizza

This pizza variation could not be easier. I have found the key to vegan pizza is loads of fresh toppings and contrasting flavors. In this pineap ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies (V/GF)

While attempting to create a more nutrient-rich brownie, we ended up creating our new favorite brownie recipe! It’s happening. Introducing super fud ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Vegan Cauliflower Pot Pie with Biscuits

This vegan cauliflower pot pie is a nutrient-dense take on the classic comfort food. Celery, carrots, tiny cauliflower florets, and peas are simmered ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Portobello Pizza with Roasted Garlic Sauce and Kale

Do I post too many pizza recipes" I hope the answer to this question is no, because I’m about to post another. A portobello pizza with garlic sauce ...
22-01-2020 21:37

Onion Stuffed Paratha

Delicious soft stuffed paratha or roti flatbread filled with lightly spiced caramelized Spanish Sweet Onions, then cooked on a griddle until golden an ...
22-01-2020 21:32

Lentil Cincinnati Chili

Lentils stand in for meat in this flavor-packed vegan Cincinnati chili! Serve over pasta with a sprinkling of onion and optional vegan cheese shreds f ...
22-01-2020 21:33

Vegan Tempeh Chili with Beans

It might be my midwestern upbringing, but I?m a chili fan. It?s warming and filling- you can?t ask for much more. This chili is using one of my favor ...
22-01-2020 21:33

Wordless Wednesday: Sichuan Specialties

Vegetarian Rice Roll Triple “C” Cauliflower (Spicy Caramelized Fried Cauliflower) Hot & Sour Fern Root Noodles Mama Ji’s 4416 18th Street San ...
22-01-2020 21:34

Vegan Tahini Chocolate Cake

I am a big fan of tahini. It is good in savory applications like hummus, dressing and sauces, but it is equally good in desserts. I had bought a bu ...
21-01-2020 21:35


Growing up in Ireland back in the day Chinese food wasn?t very common and we only had what was mass produced and whatever reached the Ireland, in rega ...
21-01-2020 21:20

Pasta parcels with spinach, mushrooms and crispy tofu

Pasta parcels filled with spinach and herbs, with mushrooms, garlic, spinach and crispy tofu. Vegane Maultaschen mit Spinat und Krutern gefllt, Cha ...
21-01-2020 21:26

Vegan Margherita Pizza

You’ll love this dairy-free version of a classic! This vegan margherita pizza is made with crusty homemade dough, zippy sauce, and cashew-based mozz ...
20-01-2020 21:33

Pearls of Wisdom

Some dishes just have no right to be so good. They’re too simple, too ordinary, too easy to yield such spectacular results. No matter how uninspired ...
20-01-2020 21:34

Sneaky Sweet Potato Brownies

These little vegan sweet potato brownies are a total powerhouse. They contain not one but two vegetables – there’s also zucchini hidden in ...
20-01-2020 21:24


DOWNLOAD MY RECIPE EBOOKS ?? I truly don\'t know why my intro music is not there... but not important! I hope ...
20-01-2020 21:20

Weekend Reading, 1.19.20

I didn’t use to be much of a procrastinator, but unfortunately it’s a tendency that seems to creep up on me more and more with each passing year. ...
20-01-2020 21:34

Chickpea Tofu Breakfast Scramble with Smoky Bits

Chickpea Tofu Breakfast Scramble with Smoky Bits. Chickpea tofu is chopped and cooked with smoky flavors to make a smoky topping. Vegan Nut-free Glute ...
20-01-2020 21:37

Roasted Broccoli Pasta Salad with Hemp Pesto (V/GF)

We recently realized that our favorite pasta salad had only been featured in a video and not as a recipe on the blog. That obviously needed to change. ...
19-01-2020 21:34

Vegan vegetable pizza

Vegan pizza with zucchini, asparagus and sweetcorn. Vegane Pizza mit Zucchini, Spargel und Mais. ...
19-01-2020 21:25

Vegan Jambalaya

This simple vegan jambalaya is a super tasty, satisfying and nutritious vegan recipe, and a delicious dinner dish made with beans instead of meat. Jam ...
19-01-2020 21:34

Chia Egg

Namely MarlyWanting to make some amazing vegan baked good" The Chia Egg can be your friend! It\'s easy to make and serves as great binder in your favo ...
19-01-2020 21:34

Midwinter II Meal Plan

When I first started planning meals, I found I would over plan and buy too much. I\'d schedule every weeknight dinner, but inevitably, something wou ...
18-01-2020 21:33

Homemade German potato soup

Homemade German potato soup with crotons. Selbstgemachte deutsche Kartoffelsuppe mit Crotons. ...
18-01-2020 21:24

Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon

Move over Julia, this Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon is every bit as delectable as your beef version and super simple to make. Truth be told, ...
18-01-2020 21:32

Vegan Brussels Sprout Tacos

These vegan Brussels sprout tacos are simple but mighty. They’re speedy enough to prepare for a flavorful weeknight meal and yet specialenough to b ...
17-01-2020 21:35


We\'re back on the sauce this week with this incredible Indian curry sauce. This one is vegetable based so its a great way to increase how many hidden ...
17-01-2020 21:21

Tempeh Bacon

Smoky marinated tempeh strips are pan-fried to delicious perfection to make this scrumptious tempeh bacon! Stuff it in a sandwich, sprinkle it on a sa ...
17-01-2020 21:34

Chickens Come Home to Roost

Wasn’t it hard to give up meat" Didn’t you crave your old favorite foods" Asked about my conversion to a plant-based diet, the questions are as pr ...
17-01-2020 21:35

Tofu teriyaki burger, coleslaw and fries

  Tofu teriyaki burger with homemade coleslaw and potato fries. Tofu- Teriyaki-Burger mit selbstgemachtem Rotkohlsalat und Pommes. ...
17-01-2020 21:24

Classic 10-Minute Vegan Miso Soup

A healing and immune-boosting vegan miso soup full of flavor and packed with green veggies and sprouted tofu for a wholesome vegan and gluten-free mea ...
16-01-2020 21:34

Slow Cooker Extra Vegetable Pasta

An easy vegetable pasta recipe, which is made in a slow cooker and packed with lots of vegetables. Slow cooker meals The slow cooker is a really ha ...
16-01-2020 21:35

Tagliatelle with lentils and zucchini

Tagliatelle with a creamy lentil and zucchini sauce. Tagliatelle und eine cremige Soe mit Linsen und Zucchini. ...
16-01-2020 21:24

Vegan Apple Custard Squares

These Vegan Apple Custard Squares have a shortbread like base topped with apples, then creamy custard and cinnamon sugar on top. Use a pie pan to make ...
16-01-2020 21:39

Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted caramel anything is amazing as far as I am concerned. There is just something about that balance between the saltiness and the caramel that ...
16-01-2020 21:34

Cozy Turmeric Porridge (1 Pot!)

When the weather cools down, warm and cozy breakfasts get added to our menu. This 1-pot oat and turmeric porridge is perfect for satisfying that crav ...
16-01-2020 21:35

Kung Pao Tofu with Eggplant

You’re going to love this Kung Pao Tofu. Tofu marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce and sauted with bell peppers, red chilis, and eggplant for an ea ...
16-01-2020 21:34

Harissa Farro Bowls with Spaghetti Squash and Hummus

When it comes to weeknight meals, some nights are a mash-up of all the components I prepped earlier in the week. My creativity takes a break, and I u ...
16-01-2020 21:35

Falafel Sandwich

Namely MarlyThis tasty Falafel Sandwich recipe features a pita stuffed with greens, hummus, falafel patties, and lots of favorite veggies. Drizzle fal ...
16-01-2020 21:35

What I Ate in a Day When I Film a Mukbang Video (Lazy Vegan

DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Everyday Asian Recipes & Cheap Lazy Vegan Recipes) - OUR PODCAST (The SaVeg Podcast) - ht ...
16-01-2020 21:20

The Best Vegan Pasta alla Vecchia Bettola

This recipe is delicious for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s a vegan spin on Pasta alla Vecchia Bettola, a Florentine reci ...
15-01-2020 21:33

Easy Black Bean Vegan Empanadas

These vegan empanadas are filled with zesty black beans and wrapped in flaky puff pastry. They’re packed with flavor and surprisingly easy to make! ...
15-01-2020 21:32

Wordless Wednesday: Step It Up

Hidden Garden Steps ...
15-01-2020 21:33

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News most viewed Today

Ottolenghi Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' & Butter Bean Mash

Ottolenghi Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' & But...

Portobello Mushroom 'Steaks' and Butter Bean Mash from Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi. Suitable for vegans and dairy-free diets. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] -
Sweet Potato Einkorn Porridge

Sweet Potato Einkorn Porridge

During the winter months, we eat porridge and oats at least three times a week. I switch up the grains, change the produce, and use as many toppings as possible. We always have sweet potatoes on hand and usually puree pre-made, making this... -
Vegan Chili

Vegan Chili

Vegan chili, the perfect cozy meal for chilly days, made in 1 pot with basic pantry ingredients. It’s a healthy, hearty, nutritious and high-protein meal. vegan chili Although I eat legumes and stews all year long, I especially enjoy them... -
Sicilian Cauliflower Pizza

Sicilian Cauliflower Pizza

Spicy and saucy braised cauliflower is piled onto a crispy flatbread with dollops of almond ricotta to make this delicious vegan Sicilian cauliflower pizza. I was recently gifted a Blue Apron Sicilian Cauliflower Pizza meal kit. Everything in it was... -
Creamy Chipotle Pecan Pesto

Creamy Chipotle Pecan Pesto

Oh boy, we really did it this time! We took inspiration from Bouldin Creek Cafe for this chipotle pecan pesto but ended up with something that, dare we say, we love even more. It?s undeniably addictive, versatile, and perfect for sandwiches, roasted... -
Israeli Couscous Salad with Roasted Cauliflower, Pistachios & Dates

Israeli Couscous Salad with Roasted Cauliflow...

Usually at this time of year, as the temperatures warm up, my salads become progressively lighter and more colorful, vegetable-centric rather than grain-centric (which is the winter norm).This hasn’t been the case lately. Whether because of... -
Stewed Chickpeas in the Instant Pot (stovetop method too)

Stewed Chickpeas in the Instant Pot (stovetop...

  I’ve been using an lunchovers“! Stewed Chickpeaslink to print/share 2-3 tbsp water (and more if needed; to saute) 2 large or 3 small-medium onions, chopped (about 3 – 3 1/2 cups) 1 1/2 tbsp smoked paprika (I like this brand) 1/2... -

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