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This page is a powerful tool for webmasters of very specific topics.

Our system, read the RSS of targeted blogs and publish the first paragraphs of the article, placing a link to read the rest of the article in the Original source.

Where are your visits coming from?

This system carries free traffic to the original blog, and the traffic we get comes from our social networks,
we invest in growing our social networks and we publish constantly in them, mainly on Twitter and Facebook, where more than 95% of our traffic comes.

The Other 5% comes from links that the blogs themselves that point to the system put ours.

Is it dangerous for the positioning of my blog?

Google does not take into account to us not being original source of the articles and so to say it in the source code of each article,
and only considers us in the cover of the web and categories, reason why our system does not dispose to the Blogs targeted at it and
if it offers them an extra traffic they would never have them.

Is it mandatory to put your logo on my blog?

Is not mandatory, but if you would appreciate it and you would help as many other blogs make us know, with a button that we give you, a link or any other way

Ok how can I register my blog?

Fill out the form with the url of your blog and if you know the RSS of your blog, to be the RSS ATOM and we take care of everything

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News most viewed Today

Sweet Chile Sauce

Sweet Chile Sauce

Sweet chili sauce (aka Thai Sweet chili sauce), or nam chim kai in Thailand, is an amazingly flavorful condiment in Thai, Malaysian, and Western cuisine. It\'s super easy to make with everyday ingredients and goes great on rice, lettuce... -
Fit To Be Thai’d

Fit To Be Thai’d

Mention a love for Thai food and most people envision fragrant curries, blistered stir-fried noodles, and chilies so hot they could make you cry. That’s not wrong, but there’s so much more to the cuisine that’s often omitted from overseas... -
General Tso?s Tofu (one-pot, nut-free)

General Tso?s Tofu (one-pot, nut-free)

General Tso?s tofu is a super quick weeknight dinner! Crispy tofu in sticky, mildly-spicy sauce comes together in one pan and is just packed with amazing flavor. The post General Tso?s Tofu (one-pot, nut-free) appeared first on Vegan Richa. -
How To Use Frozen Cauliflower Rice That’s Sitting in Your Freezer

How To Use Frozen Cauliflower Rice That’...

Frozen cauliflower rice is a healthy and convenient option for those looking for a quick and easy way to add more vegetables to their diet. It is simply raw cauliflower that has been processed into small, rice-like pieces and then... -
What I Ate This Week #20: Plant Based Meal Ideas

What I Ate This Week #20: Plant Based Meal Id...

This week has had lots of emotional ups and downs. Somedays seems to fly by and I don’t have a care in the world. Other days drag by and I find myself feeling more sad and down than usual. On the days I’m feeling down, I eventually realize... -
The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You’ll Cry

The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You’ll...

Being perpetually broke and terminally thrifty aren’t exactly qualities to brag about, but they have been an asset to my culinary creativity. When onions go on sale for $1 per 3 pounds, you’d better believe I’m already brainstorming ways to... -
Start Your Vegan Journey: 13 Must-Try Recipes for Beginners

Start Your Vegan Journey: 13 Must-Try Recipes...

Thinking about trying out a vegan lifestyle" Start with our list of 13 beginner-friendly recipes. These dishes will make your transition to plant-based eating easy and delicious. Dive in and explore the world of vegan cooking ? you might just find... -
Sesame Sautéed Swiss Chard

Sesame Sautéed Swiss Chard

Introducing our new favorite way to get our greens in: sautéed Swiss chard seasoned with garlic, sesame, and tamari. These greens are flavorful, tender, and restaurant-quality yet so EASY to make! Just 1 pan, 5 ingredients, and 15 minutes... -
Best Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Best Tropical Smoothie Recipe

This Tropical Smoothie Recipe is your go-to for cooling down and pepping up with lively flavors and nutrients. Ideal for breakfast, a snack, or after a workout, it blends coconut milk’s creaminess with the tropical zing of mango, pineapple,... -
THE BEST Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

THE BEST Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Coo...

The Best Vegan Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made with brown rice flour and almond butter, these are so soft, chewy and with a moist fudgy interior! You only need 8 ingredients and 20 minutes to make these! You would never guess they are... -

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