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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Oil-free Vegan Macaroni Salad

One of my favorite summer-time sides is a creamy Macaroni Salad, just slightly sweet and definitely tangy. For this recipe, I give you an oil-free may ...
31-05-2021 22:11

Chocolate Protein Blended Baked Oats (TikTok Recipe!)

Made with oat flour, chocolate protein powder and sweetened with banana, this single-serve, TikTok-famous blended baked oats recipe will make you feel ...
30-05-2021 22:13

Vegan Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookies (1 Bowl)

When we were creating recipes for Girl Scout Cookies (specifically these Tagalongs), we loved the cookie base so much we wanted to turn it into shortb ...
30-05-2021 22:13

Lazy Vegan Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

For busy weeknights pick any of these Lazy Vegan Recipes to get a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the table in no time! These easy plant-based m ...
30-05-2021 22:08

It's Wrong to be Vegan Because... CULTURAL APPROPRIATION&quo

? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS - ? Ultimate Bundle (Includes all 3 of my eBooks at a discount!) - ...
30-05-2021 22:25

31 Vegan Sandwiches

Here you’ll find all the vegan sandwiches that work best for you! Delicious, nutritious, and super convenient if you want to level up your sandw ...
30-05-2021 22:13

Roasting Tin Balti Potato Bake

 A simple roasting tin recipe for balti potatoes with added chickpeas for protein. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. [[ This is a content summary ...
29-05-2021 22:15

38 Plant-Based Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day marks the start of summer cookouts, grilling season, and warmer weather (our favorite)! To help you craft your menu, we’ve compiled eas ...
29-05-2021 22:15

Are Tortillas vegan"

Yes- tortillas are indeed vegan. If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle and have been wondering if tortillas are vegan, you might be happy to know tha ...
28-05-2021 22:09


We love the idea of vegan baking and finding plant based or vegan solutions to traditional baking methods. This Molten Chocolate Lava Cake is the late ...
28-05-2021 22:21

Cooking on Acid

How on earth did I end up with so much vinegar" Surveying the state of my pantry, you’d think I was in the pickling business. Rice vinegar, white vi ...
28-05-2021 22:09

Vegan Buffalo Sauce

Namely MarlyThis vegan buffalo sauce is the best because it\'s made with just the right amount of spice. It\'s perfect for homemade Cauliflower Wings. ...
28-05-2021 22:09

Creamy Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

Friends, this vegan strawberry ice cream is the only ice cream you need this season. Fresh ripe strawberries infused into our classic vegan vanilla ic ...
28-05-2021 22:08

Vegan Breadsticks

Namely MarlyBetter than Olive Garden! For the best Vegan Breadsticks experience make this recipe to serve alongside your favorite plant-based dinners. ...
27-05-2021 22:08

Vegan Mac And Cheese Taco Bake ? Mac Taco Casserole

Vegan Mac and Cheese Taco Bake with Walnut Taco Meat and Vegan Cashew Queso combines two family favorites into one epic vegan casserole that comes tog ...
27-05-2021 22:04


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27-05-2021 22:21

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I love cookie dough more than actual baked cookies.  Maybe I am weird, but that is the part of the cookie baking process that I enjoy most, eating th ...
27-05-2021 22:08

Saganaki, greek salad, focaccia and tsatsiki

Vegan feta saganaki, Greek salad, homemade focaccia and vegan tsatsiki. Veganer Feta Saganaki, griechsicher Salat, selbstgemachtes Focaccia und vegan ...
26-05-2021 22:22

Easy Tempeh Bacon

Of all the vegan bacons, tempeh bacon may be king. Why" It?s hard to compete with the health perks of tempeh, mainly the protein, which makes it a tru ...
26-05-2021 22:14

Zesty Vegetable Fajitas

These delicious vegetable fajitas are made with seared asparagus, portobello mushrooms, bell peppers and onions in a zesty cumin lime sauce! ...
26-05-2021 22:14

Vegan Grilled Cheese

Vegan grilled cheese, super soft, flavorful, and absolutely delicious! It’s cheesy and super easy to prepare, and it requires simple ingredients ...
26-05-2021 22:14

Recipe: Vegan Bread & Butter Pudding

The post Recipe: Vegan Bread & Butter Pudding appeared first on The Veg Space. ...
26-05-2021 22:10

Preventing Disease "Cancer is not cause by a lack of Le

We have had the pleasure of knowing Zach Bush for a while now and we have followed him for years. We couldn\'t believe we would get to sit down and ch ...
26-05-2021 22:27


What’s better than bulletproof" Avocajoe is your indestructible, unbeatable, ironclad warrior in a sleek aluminum can. We’ve met this caffeinated ...
26-05-2021 22:14

Fudgy Vegan & Gluten-Free Brownies

Ooey-gooey, super chocolatey, over-the-top Fudgy, Vegan AND Gluten-Free Brownies! They are pure dessert perfection on a plate. Just make sure you donâ ...
24-05-2021 22:10

Pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto and Asparagus

Wild garlic pesto is incredible! It is only available for a few weeks in early spring. We enjoyed this as a spring holiday meal with a mixed salad and ...
24-05-2021 22:10

Love Notes to Oats

Oats are no joke. No longer mere breakfast fodder, they’re the biggest thing since soy, almond, and cashew combined. Where other alternative milk on ...
24-05-2021 22:09

Coconut Protein Balls

Namely MarlyThis coconut protein balls recipe delivers delicious protein-infused treats you can make in minutes. These treats are addictively tasty!Th ...
24-05-2021 22:10

Easy Vegan Paella (1 Pan!)

If you think paella is too difficult to make, think again! This one pan wonder is surprisingly approachable, incredibly flavorful, and customizable ba ...
24-05-2021 22:09

25 Nutritious Vegan Chickpea Recipes

You can create so many fast, flavorful vegan meals with a humble can of chickpeas! Here are 25 of my favorite, nutritious vegan chickpea recipes for l ...
24-05-2021 22:09

Are Pop Tarts Vegan"

Yes – they can be. If you’ve just recently begun a vegan diet and are wondering the who, what, where, when, and why of pop tarts, you’ve come to ...
24-05-2021 22:10

Vegan Butter Chicken Lasagna Bake

Vegan Butter Chicken Lasagna Bake – an easy Indian Italian Fusion recipe the whole family will love! This easy vegan lasagna bake is made in one ...
24-05-2021 22:06


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24-05-2021 22:24

Potato Wedges

Potato wedges, a delicious, vegan, and gluten-free side dish that only requires 7 ingredients and 30 minutes. They’re so flavorful and crisp on ...
23-05-2021 22:09

Cucumber avocado salad

Cucumber avocado salad is an easy, healthy & refreshing dish that you can easily make in minutes. Creamy avocado and crunchy cucumber pairs up beautif ...
23-05-2021 22:10

Vegan meatballs, potato salad and vegetable stir-fry

Vegan meatballs, homemade potato salad and vegetable stir-fry. Vegane Fleischbällchen, selbstgemachter Kartoffelsalat und Gemüse Stir-Fry. ...
23-05-2021 22:17

Easy Vegan Chorizo

We recently tried a store-bought vegan chorizo sausage and couldn?t believe how much it tasted like the real thing (or dare we say, even better)! But ...
22-05-2021 22:04

Shake and Go Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

You know when you first discover a new recipe and can?t stop making it"  That is me with these Mini-Mason Jar Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats; I ...
22-05-2021 22:05

Curried Mango Chickpea Salad

Initially this was going to be just a curried chickpea salad, but when I saw the mangos at the fruit market it very quickly became a mango chickpea sa ...
22-05-2021 22:05


? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS - ? Ultimate Bundle (Includes all 3 of my eBooks at a discount!) - ...
22-05-2021 22:17

Chia Oatmeal ? 3 Ways!

Adding chia seeds to your regular hot oatmeal will boost the nutrition and keep you full longer! These are 3 of our favourite chia oatmeal recipes to ...
22-05-2021 22:05

Healthy Carrot Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, that?s right healthy and cookie are in the same sentence!  These vegan carrot cake oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips are gluten-free and made ...
22-05-2021 22:05

Vegan Grilling Recipes

It\'s grilling season again! But there\'s no reason for us plant-based folks to be left out. I\'ve gathered up all my favorite vegan grilling recipes ...
21-05-2021 22:04

?Turn Up The Beet? Antioxidant Smoothie

Welcome to January; freezing cold weather, fresh starts, packed gyms?and even more freezing cold weather! Although it was a bit of a shock to the syst ...
21-05-2021 22:04

Mango Sorbet

Mango sorbet is a delightfully refreshing and tasty frozen dessert made with mangoes, sugar, lemon juice. No ice cream maker required. If you are look ...
21-05-2021 22:05

Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzel Bark

With the first day of December comes the first holiday recipe; vegan chocolate candy cane pretzel bark!  Think of it of as a salted caramel hot choco ...
21-05-2021 22:04


Indian food is the perfect combo of amazing indulgent food and quick easy recipes. We love Chana Masala and growing up in Ireland it was one of the fe ...
21-05-2021 22:17

Apple-Carrot Brussels Sprout Bake

This roasted vegetable side is the perfect addition to a cozy winter dinner.  It combines brussels sprouts, carrots and onions with the sweet tartn ...
21-05-2021 22:04

Cranberry-Stuffing Savoury Holiday Cupcakes

Whether it is Chrismas or Thanksgiving, stuffing  has always been my absolute favourite part of the traditional holiday feast. Literally I remember ...
21-05-2021 22:04


How do you make cacio e pepe, without butter, cheese, or cream" Just add joy. Joi, your new best friend for creamy comfort food. Though these bases ar ...
21-05-2021 22:04

Homemade Nutella Recipe

Homemade nutella recipe- 4 ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need to make this chocolate spread at home. Made with pure cocoa powder, roasted nut ...
21-05-2021 22:05

Vegetarian Grilling Recipes

It\'s that time of year again?grilling season! And there\'s no reason for us vegetarians to be left out. From fresh veggie kabobs to hearty plant-base ...
21-05-2021 22:02

50+ Vegan holiday recipes by finding vegan bloggers

Since I started this blog I?ve been honoured to be featured on Finding Vegan and today I am beyond excited to share over 50 amazing holiday recipes f ...
21-05-2021 22:04

Panko-Crusted Squash Tacos With Creamy Jalapeno Lime Sauce

Crunchy.  Spicy.  Creamy.  Those are probably my three favourite food descriptives and these vegan squash tacos are deserving of all three.  Panko ...
21-05-2021 22:04

Vegan Danish with Blueberry Filling

Namely MarlyThis vegan danish features a crispy, buttery crust, and a delightful berry filling, topped with a vanilla infused glaze. It\'s so indulgen ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Creamy Mushroom Kale and Chickpeas

This kale and chickpea dish combines onion, garlic, mushrooms and zucchini with a luxurious cashew cream sauce. It is a go-to weekday dinner at our ho ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Simple Red Lentil Soup

I?m not sure if I ever had lentils before I met Mr. Pea.  Now lentil soup is one of my favourite weekday meals.   This dairy-free soup spiced with c ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Vegan Spinach & Mozzarella Cheese Melts

Move over grilled cheese, my Vegan Spinach Cheese Melts are here to curb even the most serious cravings for a cheesy, melty and comforting lunch sandw ...
20-05-2021 22:05

Mayan Chocolate Chia Pudding

Mostly sweet with a little bit of spice and everything nice!  That could describe me (ha!) or this vegan chocolate chia pudding recipe?which I love. ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Multigrain Tomato Rosemary Focaccia

I can?t believe we are sharing this recipe! I?m so excited because it is one of my favourites.  Over the past year Mr. Pea has become somewhat of a ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Easy Tomato Chickpea Curry

This vegan chickpea curry is one our favourite go-to dinner recipes. Chickpeas, tomato paste, onions and indian spices make a simple but flavourful pl ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Cinnamon Okra Masala

Okra is such a beautiful vegetable. I always stop for a moment and marvel at how these unassuming plants are filled with such hidden beauty.  Okra i ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Vegan Cherry Pie Cups

These sweet-tart Vegan Cherry Pie Cups are perfectly portioned for outdoor potlucks and barbeques but good luck eating just one! Their buttery flaky c ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Thai Coconut Squash Soup

This creamy rich soup combines butternut squash with coconut milk and thai red curry.  It?s perfect for fall (and all this cold rainy weather we are ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Lemon-Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins

It?s the kick-off of the holiday season today: the Toronto Santa Claus Parade + decorating our Christmas Tree.  It was also extremely cold when I wok ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Cranberry-Lemon Kale Salad With Pinenuts

This salad is simple yet fancy at the same time.  The combination of cranberries, pinenuts and lemons sometimes make me dream about this salad.  I k ...
20-05-2021 22:09

Vegetable curry with basmati and poppadums

Vegetable curry with chickpeas, spinach and tofu, basmati rice and poppadums. Gemüsecurry mit Kichererbsen, Spinat und Tofu, Basmatireis und Poppadum ...
19-05-2021 22:19

The importance of "What should I eat" in the 21st

We had the pleasure of having our dear friend and gut guru Dr. Alan Desmond on our podcast this week. Al works incredibly hard to make the information ...
19-05-2021 22:22

Hit the Snooze Button

Don’t sleep on Snooze AM Eatery. As the name would imply, the door of this establishment open bright and early, but you’ve still gotta be quick to ...
19-05-2021 22:11

Recipe: Vegan Toad in the Hole

I\'m linking this post with the CookBlogShare challenge, hosted this week by Melissa Traub Plant Based Nutrition. The post Recipe: Vegan Toad in ...
19-05-2021 22:07

Vegan Rhubarb & Custard Sponge Pudding

 An easy recipe for vegan rhubarb and custard sponge pudding baked in the oven. Serve with more custard or vanilla ice cream for a comforting dessert. ...
19-05-2021 22:11

Roasted Veggies with Vegan Cheese Sauce

Serve up these Roasted Veggies with Vegan Cheese Sauce for dinner tonight. This vegetable side dish will blow you away! In this recipe, onions, brocco ...
19-05-2021 22:11

Vegan Whipped Cream

Vegan whipped cream, the fluffiest ever! It is light, soft, and sweet, super satisfying, and easy to prepare. You only need 4 ingredients and 10 minut ...
19-05-2021 22:11

White Chocolate Mousse

White chocolate mousse is an easy to make elegant dessert perfect for summers. This egg free mousse is made with just 4 main ingredients and you can g ...
19-05-2021 22:12

Fiber Deficiency costing BILLIONS W/ Dr Alan Desmond #Shorts

We had the pleasure of having our dear friend and gut guru Dr. Alan Desmond on our podcast this week. Al works incredibly hard to make the information ...
19-05-2021 22:22

5 REALLY LAZY Vegan "Recipes" For ONE! High Protei

? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Recipes eBooks + NEW How To Go Vegan Guide!) - RECIPES (blogpost) - ...
19-05-2021 22:22

Portobello Mushroom Steak

This Portobello Mushroom Steak recipe makes a delicious vegan steak that is incredibly easy to whip up. Make this vegan steak and potatoes recipe for ...
19-05-2021 22:11

Vegan Cheese Sauce (No Nuts!)

Looking for a nut-free Vegan Cheese Sauce" This creamy cheese sauce is delicious poured over roasted veggies, tofu, and more!  This simple Vegan Chees ...
18-05-2021 22:14

Vegan Banana Recipes

Namely MarlyHere are some tasty vegan banana recipes so you can go all bananas at dessert time! Enjoy vegan banana bread, banana shakes, cakes, and mo ...
18-05-2021 22:14

Golden Milk Overnight Oats

If you love golden milk ? the traditional Indian, Ayurveda-inspired beverage ? you?ll love these overnight oats! Rolled oats and chia seeds are infus ...
18-05-2021 22:14

Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe – Cholesterol Free

This bright and creamy vegan egg salad is just as good as the real thing! Made with tofu, turmeric, vegan mayo, and mustard, it\'s healthy and simple ...
18-05-2021 22:15

Vegan Pesto Pasta with Arugula

This Vegan Pesto Pasta is a symphony of flavors – fresh basil, peppery arugula, tangy sun-dried tomatoes, and sweet, buttery pine nuts. As a bonus, ...
17-05-2021 22:13

How to Make Coconut Rice

Learn how to make coconut rice using only 4 ingredients and minimal hands-on time! What usually is considered a side dish, this rich and creamy Coconu ...
17-05-2021 22:12

Peach of Perfection

The permanent nature of conventional cookbooks is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, there’s some wiggle room for updated editions with future editio ...
17-05-2021 22:12

How to Steam Broccoli

Namely MarlyYou can add broccoli as a side for so many dishes, but it can seem like a lot of work. Learn how to steam broccoli in a microwave in minut ...
17-05-2021 22:12

Rutabaga vs Turnip: What’s the Difference"

When temperatures drop and winter sets in, the go-to for every homebody is a steaming hot bowl of something delicious and enriching. While potatoes ar ...
17-05-2021 22:12

No-knead Overnight Spelt Bread

Overnight spelt bread is quite a common occurrence at our place, since dough that is left to ferment all night doesn?t require a whole lot of kneading ...
16-05-2021 22:14

Vegan Nut-Free Queso

The most delicious and easiest Vegan Nut-free Queso ever! This vegan queso is creamy, rich, authentic, dairy-free, oil-free, no cashews and takes just ...
16-05-2021 22:13

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Date Caramel Snack Bars

These Vegan Date Caramel Bars are the best grab-and-go snack for all lovers of oatmeal bars, chocolate, and caramel. Easy & delicious oatmeal choc ...
16-05-2021 22:10

Crispy Gluten-Free Graham Crackers (Vegan)

Behold: The ultimate vegan gluten-free graham cracker that?s easy to make, naturally sweetened, and tastes just like the real thing! After several ro ...
16-05-2021 22:13

Avial Recipe- How To Make Aviyal

Avial or aviyal recipe is a quick, tasty and easy to make dish with mixed vegetables, coconut, curd and some basic spices. Popular in Tamil Nadu and K ...
15-05-2021 22:11

Trying VEGAN YOUTUBERS' Cookbook Recipes!

?? Offer: Join Thrive Market today to get 25% off your first order AND a FREE gift! (this video is kindly s ...
15-05-2021 22:22

32 Delicious Plant-Based Berry Recipes

Berry season is here! And to celebrate, we’ve gathered 32 delicious, plant-based berry recipes to enjoy the season’s harvest. Smoothies, desserts, ...
15-05-2021 22:10

Cassava Flour Pizza Crust

Namely MarlyThis vegan pot pie features a buttery crust filled with your favorites, like vegan chicken and vegetables in a creamy gravy-like sauce. Th ...
15-05-2021 22:10

Pasta parcels, tomato sauce and garlic bread

Herb and spinach pasta parcels with homemade tomato sauce and garlic bread. Kräuter-Spinat-Maultaschen mit selbstgemachter Tomatensoße und Knoblauchb ...
15-05-2021 22:18

Chinese Sweet & Sour Tofu Rice Bake

 Sweet & sour tofu rice bake is a one-pot Chinese-style meal cooked in the oven. The tofu, vegetables, rice, and sweet and sour sauce are all cooked t ...
15-05-2021 22:11


Life is like a box of CSA produce: You never know what you’re gonna get. Simple grapefruit supremes would be a fine topper for a simpler finish, bu ...
14-05-2021 22:15

Vegan Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

I always liked neapolitan ice cream.  It seemed kind of fancy with its 3 flavors layered together and it meant that you didn\'t have to simply choose ...
14-05-2021 22:15

Pav Recipe – Homemade Ladi Pav

Pav or pao are fluffy, soft and delicious Indian dinner rolls or buns introduced by Portuguese in India. These fluffy warm rolls are served as delicio ...
14-05-2021 22:16

We've made THOUSANDS ??? selling this cake | Vegan Lemon Dri

When life gives you lemons, you make lemon drizzle cake. Running a cafe for 15 years we learned a few things, one being when lemon drizzle cake was on ...
14-05-2021 22:27

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Cactus Hummus Dip

Cactus Hummus Dip

Here at Fork and Beans, we are standing behind our friends at Sabra to celebrate #nationalhummusday on May 13th, and what better way to thank this snacking staple than with your very own Cactus Hummus Dip"! You are going to LOVE the idea of eating... -
Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

These vegan Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo are an indulgent, spicy favorite of ours lately. Fries are a bit of a blank canvas. You can top, dip or season them with just about anything. The same is true of vegan mayo, the neutral creaminess of... -
Homemade Fudgesicles (dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

Homemade Fudgesicles (dairy-free, vegan, glut...

Were fudgesicles part of your childhood" They were definitely part of mine. Along with “big foot” ice creams (anyone else"), creamsicles, and pudding pops (I remember how hard it was to choose between vanilla – butterscotch –... -
The Buffalo Tempeh Ranch Wrap

The Buffalo Tempeh Ranch Wrap

One of my favorite flavor combos in the whole world is buffalo + ranch, but this is surprisingly my first attempt at putting those two flavors together in one of my own recipes. I couldn’t be happier with it. The spicy buffalo-coated tempeh strips... -
Spaghetti Piccata with Lemon and Capers

Spaghetti Piccata with Lemon and Capers

If you’ve never heard of piccata, it’s basically an Italian dish of a buttery lemon garlic reduction poured over meat and sometimes pasta. Although piccata is a cream sauce like Alfredo, the two couldn’t be further apart. Alfredos are thick... -
Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan fried rice recipe with chockfull of vegetables and quick homemade schezwan sauce. This is a vegan recipe and can be easily made gluten free too. Schezwan fried rice is super easy to make at home and it takes less than 15 minutes to make if... -
Vegan Japanese Curry in Instant Pot (Saucepan Option)

Vegan Japanese Curry in Instant Pot (Saucepan...

Vegan Japanese Curry made in Instant Pot Pressure cooker. Flavorful, Comforting, Vegetable Rich Curry for Weekday Dinner. Saucepan Option. Vegan, glutenfree, nutfree Recipe. Can be soyfree, oil-free It is starting to warm up, but I love a bowl of... -
No-Bake Vegan Coconut Mango Tart For Two

No-Bake Vegan Coconut Mango Tart For Two

  Here?s a delicious vegan no-bake mango tart recipe. If you want to make your tart completely raw, use raw mangoes. However, I didn?t have any, so I used canned mangoes. It was delicious, regardless. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||... -
Tofu Quiche Cupcakes with Avocado “Frosting”

Tofu Quiche Cupcakes with Avocado “Fros...

This weekend, my mother-in-law invited us to brunch and I volunteered to bring a dish to share.  Meals can be a little tricky with my family because my mother-in-law and I are vegan and my brother-in-law is gluten-free.  Needless to say, I... -

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