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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

How to Make Waste-Free Nutritious School Lunches

If you?re like us, you start the school year with enthusiastic plans to send your kids to school with lunches that are nutritious, affordable, a ...
31-08-2017 22:01

Tomato garlic dip recipe | Easy tomato garlic chutney

Tomato garlic dip recipe with step by step photos. Quick to make no tempering required tomato garlic dip for parathas, nachos etc. This tomato garlic ...
31-08-2017 22:05

3 Child-Friendly Noodle Dishes

When my kids were really young, my idea of meal planning during those truly frantic days was to rush into the kitchen at six o-clock, thinking: ...
31-08-2017 22:01

Back to School Gooey Chocolate Cake

We have a tradition in our house. I started it when Cooper started school and we continue on with it each year. On Cooper\'s first day back at school ...
31-08-2017 22:04

Easy Tofu Recipes for Kids That the Whole Family Will Love

Getting tofu to taste greatis simple when you have just the right recipes and tips. Here are easy tofu recipes for kids that the whole family w ...
31-08-2017 22:01

Old-Fashioned Vegan Banana Cake with Creamy Cashew Frosting

I have a thing for banana in baked goods?any baked goods. Cookies, cake, muffins, quickbread, blondies, you name it. I’ve always loved bananas, and ...
31-08-2017 22:01

Khara bhath recipe | Mtr khara bhath recipe | Masa

Khara bhath recipe with step by step photos. Mtr style khara bhath recipe is a very popular Indian breakfast recipe from Karnataka. Khara bhath or mas ...
31-08-2017 22:05

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Zucchini Cake

Thank you JaM Cellars for sponsoring this post. Looking for Butter Chardonnay or JaM Cabernet near you" Check out our Store Locator! Just pop in your ...
31-08-2017 22:05

Vegan Green Chile Stew

I am a bonafide New Mexico Green Chile addict…. (hey don’t judge…I DID live there for 10 years, waddya expect") And one of my FAVORITE ways t ...
31-08-2017 22:05

20 Best Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes to Make For Dinne

Ditching both gluten and meat" That can make meal planning tough! That\'s why we\'ve rounded up 20 of the best vegetarian and gluten-free recipes to m ...
31-08-2017 21:58

Peanut-Glazed Sweet Potatoes + A Quinoa Buddha Bowl

When you think of sweet potatoes, peanut butter might not be the first thing you think to pair with them, but I recently discovered that the two could ...
30-08-2017 22:07

Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Waffles

Vegan Gluten-free Chocolate Waffles that are decadent, yet healthy, oil-free, dairy-free and made with oat flour and almond butter. These are just 8 e ...
30-08-2017 22:06

Konjac Spaghetti Stir-fry with Vegetables & Tempeh in H

Konjac spaghetti (or shirataki noodles) is perfect in a stir-fry where their delightful bouncy texture delivers a pasta-like bite similar to al dente. ...
30-08-2017 22:07

Sweet Potato Bhel Recipe ? Indian Snack Salad with Mint and

Sweet Potato Bhel Recipe – Indian Street Food style Snack Salad with sweet potato and Mint and Tamarind Chutney. Puffed Rice tossed with cooked ...
30-08-2017 22:02
30-08-2017 22:16

Vegan Slow Cooker Pinto Bean Enchiladas

These pinto bean and corn stuffed enchiladas can be assembled in minutes and cook up easy and hands free in the slow cooker. ...
30-08-2017 22:02

WIAW: Chocolate Oatmeal & Sushi Plates

I’ve found some weird things in my produce since moving to china. One day I was washing lettuce and out popped a coin! But unfortunately the other d ...
30-08-2017 22:06


DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK ?? Today\'s video, I partnered up with Lisa from The Viet Vegan to bri ...
30-08-2017 22:20

Mysore pak recipe | How to make mysore pak recipe |

Mysore pak recipe with step by step photos. Easy homemade soft mysore pak recipe similar to Krishna sweets. Mysore pak is a popular south Indian swee ...
30-08-2017 22:07

How To Make The Switch To Vegan Cruelty-Free Fashion

Making the switch to cruelty-free fashion isn\'t as hard as you think. Humane fabrics and cosmetics are available in stores everywhere. So why don\'t ...
30-08-2017 22:07

Best Vegetarian Restaurants: New York

Planning to visit New York" Be sure to take advantage of the abundance of vegan and vegetarian fare! Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants ...
30-08-2017 22:02
30-08-2017 22:16

Falafel and Apple Salad Sandwich Recipe

I don\'t share many sandwich recipes, but I seem to make plenty of them and I\'m always looking for new ideas, so I figured you might enjoy some new s ...
30-08-2017 22:06

kara kuzhambu recipe | How to make easy kara kuzhambu w

Kara kuzhambu recipe with step by step photos. Spicy, tangy and delicious easy no grind kara kuzhambu recipe with pearl onions. Easy kuzhambu recipes ...
30-08-2017 22:07

Where’s the Beef"

I’ve got a beef with veggie burgers, but not for their vegetable content. Red meat was never held much allure for me prior to taking the vegan plung ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Asian Burger Summer Rolls with Spicy Hoisin Peanut Dipping S

I suspect I’m not the only one who’s feeling the change of seasons keenly this week. Some friends have mentioned to me that they’re feeling mel ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Vegan Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Brownies with PB Glaze

These vegan gluten-free peanut butter brownies with pb glaze require just 9 ingredients (plus sea salt). A dense, gooey peanut butter brownie is made ...
29-08-2017 22:03

17 Delicious Quiche Recipes

With savory fillings and flaky crust, homemade quiche is irresistible as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Here are 17 of our favorite quiche recipes ...
29-08-2017 22:00

Spiced Summer Squash Salad with Chickpeas

In the summer months, summer squash plays second fiddle to their zucchini cousin. It’s zucchini this and zucchini that but in reality, summer squas ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Peanut Butter Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus. It sounds a little wacky and earthy-crunchy at first. When I was working on this recipe, I fully ex ...
29-08-2017 22:00

Beetroot Hummus

By Janet Kearney, Guest Contributor Janet Kearney / ...
29-08-2017 22:04

Paan ladoo recipe | How to make paan coconut ladoo

Paan ladoo recipe with step by step photos. A very easy to make rich and delicate coconut ladoo recipe with condensed milk and paan leaves. If you lov ...
29-08-2017 22:04

Shout-Worthy Vegan Sheet Cakes (Instructions on Sheet Caking

Namely MarlyCheck out these delicious, Shout-Worthy Vegan Sheet Cakes, along with instructions on sheet caking, aka taking your stress-eating protest ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Vegan Molasses Muffins

Inspired by traditional Pennsylvania Dutch shoo-fly pie, molasses and a crumb topping team up in delectably wholesome vegan molasses muffins. Ba ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Vegan Kebab

We always have a laugh in the happy pear and most recently we were messing with Marty one of our Baristas about kebabs. Marty loves a good old fashion ...
29-08-2017 22:15

Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes, Olives + W

?Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a ...
29-08-2017 22:03

Akki roti recipe, how to make Karnataka akki rotti recipe &#

Akki roti recipe with step by step photos. Akki roti is a delicious, vegan and gluten free Karnataka special breakfast. It is an everyday staple food ...
29-08-2017 22:04

10 Vegan Asian-Style Recipes

You can make a plant-based version of any recipe you like, so veganize Asian food is pretty easy and it’s still delicious. These are my favorite ...
29-08-2017 22:03

18 Zucchini Bread Recipes Everyone Will Love

Got an abundance of zucchini" Bake it into a loaf of sweet, tender zucchini bread! Here are 18 of our favorite recipes to help you use your stash. ...
28-08-2017 22:00

Raw Vegan Lemon Raffaellos

Yum Here?s a delicious raw vegan lemon coconut truffle recipe that is also very nutritious. If you want to make the truffles taste more like real Raf ...
28-08-2017 22:13

No-Bake Peach Cobbler Chia Pudding Parfaits

Confession time: I can’t get enough of the peaches. I had to get in one more peach focused recipe before the summer ended. I thought it would be fun ...
28-08-2017 22:03

Peanut Butter Cookies (No Added Sugar)

Peanut Butter Cookies with no added sugar. I wanted to make my flourless peanut butter cookies the other day, but I was out of maple syrup. I did hav ...
28-08-2017 22:03

Gulab jamun recipe with milk powder | How to make milk

Gulab jamun recipe with milk powder with step by step photos. Gulab jamuns are the most popular Indian dessert/ sweet that is loved by every one. Gula ...
28-08-2017 22:04

Easy Vegan Kimchi Hash

Kimchi Hash – a Flavor Explosion It’s always nice to have friends who are also passionate about delicious vegan food, blogging, and spreading the ...
28-08-2017 22:13

Labor Day Treats

Well, that went fast! Summer is just about over and we are already seeing signs of Fall with Back-to-School and Halloween decor slowly creeping its wa ...
28-08-2017 22:04

Mushroom Bolognese with Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini, zucchini. Everywhere. Zucchini, zucchini. Not one to spare. I didn’t plan it this way, but I’ve got three zucchini recipes FOR YOU in a ...
28-08-2017 22:04

Weekend Reading, 8.27.17

This is the last Sunday before the first day of my fall semester, which I can’t believe is here already; I’ve got my first class, Ethnic and Ther ...
28-08-2017 22:03

Summer Egg and Veggie Bake with Cheese

This veggie-packed egg and cheese casserole cooks up in one skillet and makes a delicious dinner or savory breakfast. ...
28-08-2017 22:00

Chettinad potato roast recipe | Potato roast with chett

Chettinad potato roast with step by step photos. A very tasty and easy to make side dish for rice. Potato roast with chettinad masala is a different y ...
28-08-2017 22:04
28-08-2017 22:13

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms. Nut-free

The Best Vegan Mushroom Garlic Alfredo with no nuts. Garlicky, Creamy, Amazing Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo. Nut-free, Easily Gluten-free, soy-free. ...
28-08-2017 22:00

Vegan Zucchini Bread Pancakes

These hearty, whole-grain Vegan Zucchini Bread Pancakes came in so helpful this past weekend when my stomach wasn’t doing too well after lots of Ch ...
28-08-2017 22:03

Vegan Fresh Tomato and Tortellini or Ravioli Soup

This hearty vegan fresh tomato soup with tortellini or ravioli is filling far served with a fresh corn on the side.It’s a wonderful choice fo ...
28-08-2017 22:03


DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK ?? Welcome to an EPIC vegan what I eat in a day video! Earlier this mo ...
28-08-2017 22:16

Fried Dandelions Turns FIVE and Top 5 Reader Fave Recipes!

Fried Dandelions Five years ago, as a new vegan growing accustomed to hearing “wait, you’re vegan, what do you even eat"”, I decided to start Fr ...
28-08-2017 22:03

Sabudana khichdi recipe | how to make sabudana khichdi

Sabudana khichdi recipe with step by step photos. Masharastrian Sabudana khichdi recipe for vrat. Sabudana khichdi is a delicious snack prepared with ...
27-08-2017 22:10
27-08-2017 22:19

Fancy Vegan Lasagna from Scratch

I’m so excited! My vegan lasagna recipe is the culmination of dozens of trials and taste tests and I’m thrilled to share it. Made with thr ...
27-08-2017 22:19

Growing Your Own Herbs Indoors

Have you ever thought about growing your own herbs" I don?t just mean the usual candidates like rosemary and thyme – though you should definit ...
27-08-2017 22:09

Pineapple Teriyaki Chickpea Zoodles

Pineapple Teriyaki Chickpea Zoodles! A fun and easy dish that is delicious and healthy. Serving it up on a pretty platter doesn?t hurt either! This ma ...
27-08-2017 22:09

Sesame Ginger Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

These healthy lettuce wraps are stiffed with savory stir-fried veggies and tempeh in a savory sesame ginger sauce. ...
27-08-2017 22:04

Herbed Zucchini Summer Rolls

I love cooked zucchini when done well. Grill it, roast it, or saut it- there’s so many options. However, I often forget how great zucchini is raw, ...
27-08-2017 22:10


Watch our taste test video on Lisa\'s channel - SUBSCRIBE to The Viet Vegan - DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 ...
26-08-2017 22:19

Simple Vegan Lo Mein

Lo Mein is made with wheat flour noodles and some animal protein, but we’ve used mushrooms and rice noodles to make a vegan, gluten-free version ...
26-08-2017 22:06

Silent Saturday: Dining with the Ravens

Dining with the Ravens at The Stanford Inn Coast Hwy. & Comptche Ukiah Rd. Mendocino, CA 95460 ...
26-08-2017 22:06
26-08-2017 22:16

20 Vegan Recipes That Will Wow Non-Vegans!

I receive a lot of messages and questions and I think, by far, one of the most popular requests I receive is this, "Give me your best recipe to wow so ...
26-08-2017 22:06

Eating Vegan in Costa Rica?Part II

By Kimberly Moffatt, Outreach Coordinator Hidden Beach at Manuel Antonio National Park A few weeks ago, I detailed my vegan food adventures for the e ...
25-08-2017 22:10

Babymoon: Prague, Czech Republic

Today I’m sharing with you all some highlights from our second stop on our babymoon: Prague! This was definitely one of our top 3 favorite cities o ...
25-08-2017 22:09

26 Creative and Delicious Turmeric Recipes

Turmeric is a great way to add an anti-inflammatory boost and vibrant golden hue to your dishes! Here are 26 creative and delicious turmeric recipes t ...
25-08-2017 22:06

Chip Shop Battered Tofu Recipe

There\'s nothing better in the summer than walking along a beach or sitting in a harbour watching the boats and eating a bag of hot fluffy chips with ...
25-08-2017 22:09

Vegan Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

Ever had Vegan Gyros"! (by the way – they’re pronounced (y?-?r?s)…….not JIROS …and that sauce" It’s pronounced zat-ZEE-kee) However you p ...
25-08-2017 22:10

Amazon Will Lower Prices On Vegan Food At Whole Foods Market

No matter what side of the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods Market “debate” you’re on, lower prices on healthy vegan food is good news for all! ...
25-08-2017 22:10

Drink Good, Do Good

This post is sponsored by Naked Juice and the #DrinkGoodDoGood Campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m typically notone for selfies (or ...
25-08-2017 22:09

Chocolate Oreo Vegan Blizzard

By Lori Stultz, Communications Manager Here’s another example of a fast food favorite that no one has to “give up” when you choose to not cons ...
25-08-2017 22:10

Orange Risotto with Tofu, Winter Squash and Apricot

This is one of our favorite meals and since our red kuri squash is ready early this year we can soon have it again. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 11 ...
25-08-2017 22:10

Vegan Meal Plan | Grilled Tofu, Vegan Greek Salad &

This week\'s vegan meal plan includes: cedar plank grilled tofu with cherry salsa; vegan Greek salad with tofu feta; Thai fried rice with mushrooms an ...
25-08-2017 22:06

NMP#48: China Study Plant-Based Diet with Del Sroufe

Namely MarlyToday\'s guest, Del Sroufe, lost 200 pounds using the China Study Plant-Based Diet. We talk about his weight loss and his recent cookbook ...
25-08-2017 22:09
25-08-2017 22:20


One time Steve went to a birthday party and stuffed his pockets with so many millionaire squares that Mam had to get a scissors and cut them out becau ...
25-08-2017 22:22

Izy Hossack’s Falafel Smash

I turn to Izy Hossack’s blog, Top with Cinnamon, for delicious and vegan friendly recipes. But more often than that, I read it for culinary guidanc ...
25-08-2017 22:08

Black Lentil Enchiladas with Zucchini

Post sponsored by See below for more details. In wrapping up my three-series post highlighting black lentils with, I wanted to sha ...
24-08-2017 22:09

Delectable Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving is the Mother of All Holidays, according to many vegans. There are few special occasions that can compare when it comes to amazing ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Instant Pot Aloo Gobi ? Curried Potato Cauliflower

Instant Pot Aloo Gobi – Curried Potato Cauliflower. 1 Pot Aloo Gobhi. Gobi Aloo Masala. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Nut-free Recipe Aloo Gobi or ...
24-08-2017 22:05


Hey, y'all. I have been making this chocolate multiple times a week for the past month because ya KNOW I need it daily, and this recipe has extra ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Bombay ice halwa recipe, how to make bombay ice halwa recipe

Bombay ice halwa recipe with step by step photos. A very unique and easy to make melt in mouth ice halwa, a popular sweet from Bombay (Mumbai). Ice ha ...
24-08-2017 22:10

Basic Vegan Mozzarella (Cashew Based)

After referencing it multiple times over my 4(!) years of blogging, I figured it was time to officially share my go-to cashew “mozzarella” ...
24-08-2017 22:20

What’s In My Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup Bag

Chatting it up with my friend Kelly from Apple Seed Cuisine, it came to my attention how absent I’ve been from sharing lifestyle content on here. We ...
24-08-2017 22:09

17 of the Best Vegetarian Casseroles

Cozy, hearty, and baked up to bubbly perfection ? casseroles are the ultimate comfort food! Here are 17 of our favorite vegetarian casserole recipes. ...
24-08-2017 22:05

Avocado Hummus Toasts with Chickpeas

These avocado hummus toasts with chickpeas are a tasty, healthy and nutritious option for breakfast or snack and also for a quick and light lunch or d ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

As a vegan, you probably care deeply about where your food comes from. It should be responsibly sourced, sustainable and free from harmful chemi ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Pina Colada Protein Smoothie

The best way to look forward to a workout is to have a delicious treat ready for after. This pina colada smoothie bowl definitely feels like a celebr ...
24-08-2017 22:16

Creamy Tomato Basil Tartlets

Summer is coming to an end, so use up some of those tasty, garden-fresh tomatoes in these delicious, gluten-free, soy-free, Creamy Tomato Basil Tartle ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Wild Rice Mason Jar Salad with Basil Pesto

This post is sponsored by Lundberg Family Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.  Fall is coming.  I feel it moving in with the crisp morning air, the s ...
24-08-2017 22:10
24-08-2017 22:20

2-Ingredient Watermelon Gelato (dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-

I hope summer has been treating you well, with warmth, fun days, and… ice cream! It’s no secret that ice cream is one of my favorite foods. I’ve ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Vegan Khao Pad (Thai Fried Rice)

Our Vegan Khao Pad and Vegan Nam Pla Prik are really simple recipes inspired by our travels to Thailand and our passion for Thai cuisine. This straigh ...
24-08-2017 22:08

Oat Milk Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches + Honey

The idea of oat milk ice cream has been in my head for a while now. I made a batch of golden milk with oat milk last winter and decided to turn it in ...
24-08-2017 22:09

Indian-Inspired Lentil & Eggplant Curry

This cozy eggplant curry is made with hearty lentils, juicy tomatoes and Indian spices, served over rice with a sprinkling of fresh cilantro. ...
23-08-2017 22:02

Vegan Bircher Muesli

This vegan bircher muesli is a delicious, healthy, quick and easy breakfast recipe, but you can also have it as a snack or dessert. It’s reall ...
23-08-2017 22:05

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