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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Instant Pot Vegan Sweet Potato Soup

This easy Instant Pot Vegan Sweet Potato Soup is bursting with flavor and is naturally gluten-free, oil-free, dairy-free healthy, just 8 simple ingred ...
30-04-2021 22:14

Basil pesto and pasta with salad

Homemade vegan basil pesto and pasta with salad. Selbstgemachtes veganes Basilikumpesto und Nudeln mit Salat. ...
30-04-2021 22:23

Pasta Soup- Vegetable Soupy Pasta

Pasta soup recipe is a comforting, delicious and flavorful dinner you can fix easily. This vegetable pasta soup is a perfect dinner for monsoon or win ...
30-04-2021 22:15

Cumin Powder- How To Make Ground Cumin

cumin powder known as bhuna jeera powder is a quintessential Indian spice powder. Cumin both as whole and powdered is very widely used in Indian cooki ...
30-04-2021 22:15

Spring rolls and salad

Spring rolls with cashew and spinach and salad. Frühlingsrolle mit Spinat und Cashewkerne und Salat. ...
30-04-2021 22:23

Dal Makhani Recipe-Creamy And Buttery

Dal makhani- Creamy black lentils cooked in butter with flavorful masala. Delicious, rich and comforting! This delicious dal or lentils curry is one o ...
30-04-2021 22:15

Vegan Bulgogi Recipe

Namely MarlyThis Vegan Bulgogi features tender and juicy vegan Korean bulgogi style tofu that you can serve over rice, noodles, or even sandwiches.Thi ...
30-04-2021 22:14


Some of the best dinners are the ones you make when you\'re tired and need something satisfying and fast. This creamy umami noodles is the brain child ...
30-04-2021 22:26

No Harm, No Fowl

To anyone who still hasn’t tried any of the myriad chicken alternatives on the market now, I must ask: What are you, chicken" Ten years ago, I would ...
30-04-2021 22:14

WFPB Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate cold weather snack. These WFPB Cinnamon rolls (whole food plant based Cinnamon Rolls) are modified to take out the dai ...
30-04-2021 22:26

Wordless Wednesday: But Where Do You Get Your Protein"

Opera Cafe – Birria Taco Hodo – Tofu Nuggets Citizen Eatery – Citizen Scramble ...
28-04-2021 22:15

Recipe: Raspberry Gin

I\'m linking this post with the CookBlogShare challenge, hosted this week by Karen at Lavender & Lovage. The post Recipe: Raspberry Gin appeared ...
28-04-2021 22:12

Vegan Creamy Sweet Potato Soup (Oil-free)

This Creamy Vegan Sweet Potato Soup is rich and unique in flavor by using both sweet and gold potatoes. Easy to make, just 8 ingredients and is dairy- ...
28-04-2021 22:16

Eggless Pancakes With Whole Wheat Flour

Eggless pancake recipe– anyone, even beginners can make this soft, fluffy and delicious egg free pancakes with whole wheat flour in no time. Easiest ...
28-04-2021 22:17

31 Vegan Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our 31 vegan desserts. They are absolutely delicious! Comforting and sweet, here you’ll find a dessert for every o ...
28-04-2021 22:16

I Ate Like a MODEL For a Day (Eating Like SANNE VLOET but Ve

?? Offer: Join Thrive Market today to get 25% off your first order AND a FREE gift! ? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS ( ...
28-04-2021 22:29

Easy Homemade Twix Bars (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

The Twix of your youth reinvented in vegan, gluten-free form but with all the flavor and texture of the real deal! Gluten-free shortbread layered with ...
27-04-2021 22:18

Cherry Vegan Jello Shots

Namely MarlyAdd a little fun to your weekend with these Cherry Vegan Jello Shots, made with a vegetarian version of gelatin and only 6 ingredients!Thi ...
27-04-2021 22:18

Mango Squash- No Preservatives

Mango squash recipe without preservatives or colorants. Made with just four ingredients, this homemade mango squash gets ready in 20 minutes and stays ...
27-04-2021 22:19

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Garlicky Mushroom &

A crispy & delicious vegan cauliflower pizza crust recipe that’s easy to make and full of plant-based goodness. Top with garlicky mushrooms and sun- ...
27-04-2021 22:27

Onion Chutney -Restaurant Style Recipe

Onion chutney recipe is a tasty, easy to make spicy and tangy chutney made with onions, red chilies, some spices and tamarind. It is a wonderful alter ...
27-04-2021 22:19

Vegan CHEAT DAY MUKBANG! Truffle Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noo

? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Recipes eBooks + NEW How To Go Vegan Guide!) - Eat with me! Today is another delicious ...
26-04-2021 22:27

Vegan goulash and pasta with salad

Vegan goulash with pasta and salad. Veganes Gulasch mit Nudeln und Salat. ...
26-04-2021 22:22

20-Minute Mac and Cheese (Vegan)

Ever wanted mac and cheese but like, right now" This is the recipe for you! This easy vegan mac and cheese requires just 20 minutes from start to fini ...
26-04-2021 22:14

Vegan Chocolate Milk

Namely MarlyThis vegan chocolate milk is ready in minutes and makes a tasty glass of vegan milk you can enjoy any time! It\'s a great after-school sna ...
26-04-2021 22:14

Strike Oil in Hill Country

As one of, if not the single most important pantry staple in kitchens worldwide, olive oil is big business. Production has more than tripled in the la ...
26-04-2021 22:14

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Breakfast Muffins (GF!)

Made with a base of whole grains and naturally sweetened, these healthy, jumbo Vegan Chocolate Breakfast Muffins (gluten-free!) are an awesome way to ...
26-04-2021 22:14

Spicy Cauliflower Tacos

These mouth-watering cauliflower tacos are made with tender cauliflower florets smothered in spices and roasted to perfection! Bursting with flavor a ...
26-04-2021 22:14

5-Ingredient Super Healthy Chocolate Pudding

You won’t believe how yummy this 5-Ingredient Super Healthy Chocolate Pudding is until you try it! Creamy, rich, and downright delicious, this desse ...
26-04-2021 22:15

Gluten-Free Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies – Healthy Deca

These amazingly delicious gluten-free peanut butter cookies aren’t just vegan, they’re also sugar-free and keto-friendly! A health food disguised ...
26-04-2021 22:23

Sweet Sour Tofu Veggie Stir Fry

Sweet and Sour Tofu Veggie Stir Fry is as simple and easy as it gets! The tofu is baked to crisp perfection with a perfect meaty texture and the sweet ...
26-04-2021 22:10

Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan cheesecake, one of my favorite desserts ever. It’s sweet, delicious, and creamy, and the contrast with the topping and the crust makes it ...
25-04-2021 22:09

Baingan Bharta- Roasted Eggplant Mash

Baingan bharta is a delicious mashed eggplant stir fry or relish. A very popular north Indian, Punjabi baingan or eggplant recipe. Smokey roasted eggp ...
25-04-2021 22:10

Rasmalai- How To Make Best Rasmalai

Rasmalai is one of the most popular Indian milk based sweets. Soft, juicy, melt in mouth with a heady flavor of saffron and cardamom, what’s not to ...
25-04-2021 22:10

Bhatura Recipe- How To Make Bhature

Bhatura is an Indian leavened fried bread made with all purpose flour or plain flour. It is soft with a slightly chewy texture and a unique flavor. Ta ...
25-04-2021 22:10

Easy Peanut Butter Bliss Balls – Naturally Vegan &

Peanut butter bliss balls are one of the easiest healthy & protein-packed snacks you can make! With just 5 ingredients, you can whip up these family f ...
24-04-2021 22:19

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad

 A colourful roast vegetable Mediterranean Salad topped with vegan feta and served on a bed of couscous. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...
24-04-2021 22:11


New and returning customers will get a discount OFF their iHerb order with no minimum purchase by clicking at: Pro ...
24-04-2021 22:23

Vegan Oatmeal Cookies (GF)

The search for the BEST oatmeal cookie is over! And it just happens to be vegan and gluten-free. These chewy oatmeal cookies are studded with raisins, ...
24-04-2021 22:09

Good to Grow

Like painting or or singing, some people have an innate gift for gardening. Call it a natural talent that’s given at birth, I’ve seen sickly plant ...
23-04-2021 22:16

Golden Milk Vegan Chia Seed Pudding

Full of warming spices and anti-inflammatory properties, this easy Golden Milk Tumeric Chia Seed Pudding is a delicious vegan breakfast or snack! I’ ...
23-04-2021 22:17


We feel like The Happy Pear and The Happy Accidents are very closely linked. We have a very positive disposition and like to find the good in things. ...
23-04-2021 22:29

Vegan Potato Tacos

These Mexican inspired Vegan Potato Tacos make the perfect healthy plant-based meal for dinner! They are gluten-free, oil-free and loaded with crispy ...
23-04-2021 22:17

Vegan Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

Raw carrot gives this filling and healthy Carrot Cake Chia Seed Pudding a boost of nutrition and a beautiful, natural color. I’m a huge fan of using ...
23-04-2021 22:17

Vegan Lemon Sauce (5 Ingredients)

This Vegan Lemon Sauce is the perfect addition to so many plant-based meals, including veggies, pasta, salads, burritos or tacos and used in place of ...
23-04-2021 22:17

Herbed Tofu Feta Cheese

Herbed tofu feta cheese is a flavorful, healthful, DIY vegan take on traditional feta cheese. It’s a perfect addition to any grain bowl, salad, wrap ...
23-04-2021 22:16

Chole Bhature- Punjabi Chana Bhatura

Chole bhature or chana bhatura is a popular Punjabi dish and most sought after one too. It is actually a delicious combination of two dishes chole and ...
23-04-2021 22:18

Almond Butter Balls

Namely MarlyThese almond butter balls are studded with chocolate chips and made with lots of healthy ingredients. It\'s a great healthy pick-me-up sna ...
23-04-2021 22:17

Best-Ever Vegan Banana Cake

If you’ve been looking for an upgrade from banana bread to use up those overripe bananas, I have just the solution for you. My Vegan Banana Cake is ...
22-04-2021 22:13

Key Lime Sugar Cookies

I had some limes leftover from making a key lime pie recently so I was trying to come up with something delicious to make with them. Of course limead ...
22-04-2021 22:13

No-Bake Sugar Cookie Bites

While recently testing a gluten-free pie crust using almond and oat flour, we made a delicious discovery. While the crust didn?t turn out so well once ...
22-04-2021 22:12

Beet and Rye Bread Panzanella

We really enjoyed this salad. The rye bread is a great accompaniment to the beets. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 2 large beets, cleaned 1 red onion ...
22-04-2021 22:13

30-Minute Pecan Bread

This easy pecan bread is subtly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, then baked to a golden perfection. And it\'s simple to throw together in just 30 minu ...
21-04-2021 22:08

Curried Tofu Lettuce Cups

With warmer weather here, it’s nice to have a filling, flavorful, and refreshing lunch or appetizer option. That’s where these Curried Tofu Lettuc ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Vegan Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

The yummiest vegan vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting! This cake is super indulgent, fun to make, and even more fun to eat. You only need one bow ...
21-04-2021 22:08

Gluten-free Vegan Quinoa Bread Rolls

These gluten-free vegan quinoa bread rolls make a great snack, or side dish for a hearty bowl of soup. Savory, on the crumblier side, and full of flav ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Gingerbread Waffles

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these gingerbread waffles are packed with festive flavor from cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Yum! Nothi ...
21-04-2021 22:08

Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit tacos, simple, easy, and vegan. They are delicious, savory, and ready in just 25 minutes. Even meat-eaters will be absolutely shocked by the ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Wordless Wednesday: Stop Asian Hate, Eat Asian Food

B-Dama – Futomaki Sushi Stop Asian Hate The post Wordless Wednesday: Stop Asian Hate, Eat Asian Food appeared first on BitterSweet. ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Podcast #97: Mushrooms: The Health Benefits with Jeff Chilto

Mushrooms are one of the hottest wellness trends of 2021. From weight management to cognitive health, the mushrooms\' health benefits are abundant. ...
21-04-2021 22:13

Homemade Chocolates With Dried Apricots And Hazelnuts

These homemade chocolates with dried fruit and hazelnuts are a deliciously healthy indulgence. With either dried apricots or prunes, these easy 3-ingr ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Vegan Baked Oatmeal with Apples and Pecans

Try this vegan baked oatmeal as a delicious, hearty, and healthy family breakfast or group brunch. It’ll keep you well-nourished and full for hours! ...
21-04-2021 22:21

Vegan Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

These vegan carrot cake bliss balls taste like an indulgent dessert, but are healthier, oil-free, and sweetened with dates. You can expect a perfect f ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Recipe: Carrot and Swede Mash with garlic butter

I\'m linking this post with the CookBlogShare challenge, hosted this week by Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist. The post Recipe: Carrot and Swede Ma ...
21-04-2021 22:08

30 Earth Day Recipes (+ Tips to Reduce Plastic)

In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing recipes you can make at home instead of buying packaged, store-bought alternatives. Yay for reducing plastic! A ...
21-04-2021 22:12

Gluten-free Vegan Bread

My favourite gluten-free vegan bread! This loaf is soft and fluffy, with an indulgent texture and a crunchy outside. Perfect served with avocado, vega ...
21-04-2021 22:08

Boozy Chocolate Bread Pudding (Vegan)

This chocolate bread pudding has a show-stopping molten lava center, flavored with chocolate and whiskey. This festive dessert is a surefire crowd ple ...
21-04-2021 22:12

5 LAZY VEGAN FISH-FREE RECIPES! (Easy Sushi, Ceviche, Vegan

?DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Recipes eBooks + NEW How To Go Vegan Guide!) - Today\'s video is inspired by Seaspiracy ...
21-04-2021 22:24

Vegan Chocolate Tart

This indulgent vegan chocolate tart is rich, creamy, and totally delicious. The chocolate avocado mousse filling is wrapped in a homemade crust. This ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

These simple vegan chocolate chip cookies are made with just a handful of ingredients in under 20 minutes! These make a perfect plant based dessert or ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

These Banana Oatmeal Cookies are flavorful, soft, chewy, and naturally sweetened with banana. They make a perfect breakfast, snack or dessert alike. I ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Strawberry Chocolate Bars

Namely MarlyThese strawberry chocolate bars are made with two layers, including chocolate and strawberry cake mixes. These tasty bars are easy to make ...
20-04-2021 22:11

Gobi Masala- Restaurant Style Cauliflower Masala

Gobi masala is a delicious restaurant style cauliflower masala that you can serve with rice or roti. Vegan, gluten free and ready in 30 minutes, moder ...
20-04-2021 22:12

Vegetable Terrine

This vegetable terrine is loaded with roasted veggies like eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers - all topped with a homemade garlicky tomato sauce. It ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Vegan Lemon Tart

This vegan lemon tart is the perfect summery dessert. The creamy lemon filling is bursting with flavor from fresh lemons and maple syrup - all wrapped ...
20-04-2021 22:07

One-Bowl Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

These vegan peanut butter cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, and packed with flavor from tahini and dark chocolate chips. Plus ...
20-04-2021 22:07

The Ultimate Vegan Brownies

These vegan brownies are rich, fudgy, and drizzled in a decadent salted caramel sauce. And they\'re easy to make in just 30 minutes! This is the ultim ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Four-Ingredient Vegan Fudge

This easy vegan fudge is rich, creamy, chocolatey, and only requires four simple ingredients to throw together. This sweet, plant based treat is perfe ...
20-04-2021 22:07

No-Bake Vegan Cake Pops

These no-bake vegan cake pops are easy to make with just 5 ingredients. They make for a great indulgent, yet healthy, dessert or snack. These are guar ...
20-04-2021 22:07

Cinnamon Apple Chickpea Cake

Made with chickpeas as the ?secret? ingredient, this Cinnamon Apple Chickpea Cake is fudgy, delicious and healthy at the same time! It?s the perfect h ...
19-04-2021 22:12

Berry-Almond Polenta Cake

This polenta cake is perfect for breakfast, dessert, or snacking on the go! It\'s fudgy and dense, incredibly delicious and perfect topped with a thic ...
19-04-2021 22:08

Protein Chocolate Smoothie Bowl & Cookie Dough Bites

This protein-packed vegan chocolate smoothie bowl is the definition of dessert for breakfast! Serve it with the chewy secret ingredient cookie dough b ...
19-04-2021 22:12

Greek Chickpea Burgers - Recipe & Video!

Packed with juicy Kalamata olives, zippy lemon, and fresh herbs, these Greek-inspired chickpea burgers are like a Mediterranean flavor party in your ...
19-04-2021 22:13

The Ultimate Vegan Oatmeal

A perfect bowl of vegan oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to get you leaping out of bed in the morning, energized to start your day. This simple step-b ...
19-04-2021 22:08

Massaged Kale Salad with Orange-Miso Dressing

This massaged kale salad is packed with healthy greens, protein rich black beans, hearty rice, and fresh veggies. All topped with a savory and sweet o ...
19-04-2021 22:12

Easy Teriyaki Tofu (Vegan & GF)

This crispy, golden, pan-fried tofu is tossed in a delectably sticky sweet sauce for a completely crave-worthy main dish. Try my vegan Teriyaki Tofu o ...
19-04-2021 22:13

Protein-Packed Strawberry and Banana Vegan Smoothie Bowl

This strawberry and banana vegan protein smoothie bowl is not only delicious and naturally sweet, but also filling thanks to a few secret ingredients. ...
19-04-2021 22:08

Cheese Paratha- Cheese Stuffed Flatbread

Cheese paratha is a delicious and rich Indian flatbread, a variation of plain paratha with grated cheese stuffing. It is a filling and wholesome meal ...
19-04-2021 22:13

Broadly Speaking

What’s in a name" Broad beans are a confounding classification that encompasses a whole swath of the legume population. Some use the term interchang ...
19-04-2021 22:12

Lemony vegetable stir-fry with millet

Lemony vegetable stir-fry with millet. Zitronen-Gemüse Stir-Fry mit Hirse. ...
19-04-2021 22:21

Lemon Loaf Cake (Vegan/GF)

If you?re a lover of lemon cake like we are, this recipe is a must-try! It?s fluffy, perfectly sweet, and plenty tart thanks to lots of fresh lemon ju ...
18-04-2021 22:14

Asparagus, potatoes and sauce hollandaise

White asparagus, new potatoes and homemade vegan sauce hollandaise. Weißer Spargel, neue Kartoffeln und selbstgemachte vegane Sauce hollandaise. ...
18-04-2021 22:22

Vegan Tofu Eggs in Purgatory

Change up your morning routine with this vegan eggs in purgatory recipe. Quick homemade tofu eggs simmered up in a fiery, garlicky, chunky tomato sauc ...
18-04-2021 22:11

I Made Mac & Cheese w/ Cauliflower WITHOUT a Recipe! (Cook W

?DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS (Recipes eBooks + NEW How To Go Vegan Guide!) - Today I\'m attempting to make a Vegan Mac ...
18-04-2021 22:25

Best Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake (Gluten-free)

A Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake made in the microwave that is so rich, so decadent and so perfect, it is hard to believe it is gluten-free, oil-free and ha ...
18-04-2021 22:15

Sausage Oatmeal Pancakes

Makes 6 big pancakes Some recipes make you question everything you thought you knew. Who am I" How did I get here" Is it a good place to be" T ...
17-04-2021 22:07

Aloo Beans- Spiced Potatoes With Green Beans

Aloo beans ki sabzi is a traditional Punjabi side dish with French beans and potatoes. An easy vegan gluten free, no onion garlic side dish that you c ...
17-04-2021 22:08

Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese

This baked vegan mac and cheese is comfort food at its best. It\'s rich and creamy, totally cheesy, and topped with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. Ther ...
17-04-2021 22:02

24 Delicious Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa is a super nutritious pseudo-grain (technically a seed!) that originated in the Andean region of South America. It’s packed with phosphorous, ...
17-04-2021 22:07

Falafel, wraps and potato fries

Homemade falafel with salad, vegan tsatsiki, tortilla wraps and potato fries. Selbstgemachte Falafel mit Salat und veganem Tsatsiki in Tortilla Wraps ...
17-04-2021 22:15

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News most viewed Today

Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo

These vegan Togarashi Fries with Ichimi Miso Mayo are an indulgent, spicy favorite of ours lately. Fries are a bit of a blank canvas. You can top, dip or season them with just about anything. The same is true of vegan mayo, the neutral creaminess of... -
Homemade Fudgesicles (dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

Homemade Fudgesicles (dairy-free, vegan, glut...

Were fudgesicles part of your childhood" They were definitely part of mine. Along with “big foot” ice creams (anyone else"), creamsicles, and pudding pops (I remember how hard it was to choose between vanilla – butterscotch –... -
The Buffalo Tempeh Ranch Wrap

The Buffalo Tempeh Ranch Wrap

One of my favorite flavor combos in the whole world is buffalo + ranch, but this is surprisingly my first attempt at putting those two flavors together in one of my own recipes. I couldn’t be happier with it. The spicy buffalo-coated tempeh strips... -
Spaghetti Piccata with Lemon and Capers

Spaghetti Piccata with Lemon and Capers

If you’ve never heard of piccata, it’s basically an Italian dish of a buttery lemon garlic reduction poured over meat and sometimes pasta. Although piccata is a cream sauce like Alfredo, the two couldn’t be further apart. Alfredos are thick... -
Cactus Hummus Dip

Cactus Hummus Dip

Here at Fork and Beans, we are standing behind our friends at Sabra to celebrate #nationalhummusday on May 13th, and what better way to thank this snacking staple than with your very own Cactus Hummus Dip"! You are going to LOVE the idea of eating... -
Vegan Japanese Curry in Instant Pot (Saucepan Option)

Vegan Japanese Curry in Instant Pot (Saucepan...

Vegan Japanese Curry made in Instant Pot Pressure cooker. Flavorful, Comforting, Vegetable Rich Curry for Weekday Dinner. Saucepan Option. Vegan, glutenfree, nutfree Recipe. Can be soyfree, oil-free It is starting to warm up, but I love a bowl of... -
No-Bake Vegan Coconut Mango Tart For Two

No-Bake Vegan Coconut Mango Tart For Two

  Here?s a delicious vegan no-bake mango tart recipe. If you want to make your tart completely raw, use raw mangoes. However, I didn?t have any, so I used canned mangoes. It was delicious, regardless. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||... -
Tofu Quiche Cupcakes with Avocado “Frosting”

Tofu Quiche Cupcakes with Avocado “Fros...

This weekend, my mother-in-law invited us to brunch and I volunteered to bring a dish to share.  Meals can be a little tricky with my family because my mother-in-law and I are vegan and my brother-in-law is gluten-free.  Needless to say, I... -
Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan fried rice recipe with chockfull of vegetables and quick homemade schezwan sauce. This is a vegan recipe and can be easily made gluten free too. Schezwan fried rice is super easy to make at home and it takes less than 15 minutes to make if... -

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