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Avial Recipe- How To Make Aviyal

Avial or aviyal recipe is a quick, tasty and easy to make dish with mixed vegetables, coconut, curd and some basic spices. Popular in Tamil Nadu and K...
15-05-2021 22:11

Pav Recipe – Homemade Ladi Pav

Pav or pao are fluffy, soft and delicious Indian dinner rolls or buns introduced by Portuguese in India. These fluffy warm rolls are served as delicio...
14-05-2021 22:16

Bhindi Masala- Restaurant Style Okra Masala

Bhindi masala is a delicious, easy to make simple north Indian dish with okra, onions, tomatoes and basic spices. Vegan and gluten free. This Punjabi ...
13-05-2021 22:07

Dal Tadka Recipe – Stovetop & Instant Pot)

Dal tadka recipe is a healthy, delicious, comforting & easy to make lentil dish from Indian cuisine. It is a popular Indian food, a lentil curry made ...
12-05-2021 22:12

Cumin Cookies- Jeera Biscuits

Cumin cookies or Indian bakery style jeera biscuits are delicious, addictive & not overly sweet cookies perfect with your evening tea. Buttery, crispy...
10-05-2021 22:10

Kadai Paneer Recipe

Kadai paneer is a tasty paneer dish made with Indian cottage cheese, bell peppers and a special spice powder called kadai masala. In restaurants you w...
09-05-2021 22:06

Tandoori Roti Recipe

Tandoori roti recipe is a special roti or flat bread typically cooked in a tandoor or clay oven . You can easily make these delicious restaurant sty...
09-05-2021 22:06

Mango Cake Recipe

Mango cake recipe. An easy to make delicious, healthier and simple egg free vegan cake with mangoes & whole wheat flour. You do not even butter or con...
08-05-2021 22:14

Aloo Palak

Aloo palak is an absolutely delicious and nutritious Indian stir fried spinach potato recipe. Palak means spinach and aloo means potato in Hindi. In t...
06-05-2021 22:13

Kaju Katli- How To Make Kaju Barfi

Kaju Katli is a delicious Indian sweet, melt in mouth thin slices of cashew fudge sweetened with sugar. It is one of the most popular Indian sweets. D...
06-05-2021 22:13

Moong Dal Recipe (Stovetop Instant Pot)

Moong dal recipe with step by step photos. restaurant style moong dal fry recipe for roti, jeera rice. I often make north Indian style dal fry recipes...
05-05-2021 22:12

Pav Bhaji Recipe (Stovetop & Instant Pot )

Pav bhaji is a tasty and popular Indian street food. It is originally from Mumbai but loved alike across the country. Pav means buttery rolls or India...
04-05-2021 22:18

Paneer Fried Rice

Paneer fried rice recipe is a tasty and healthy variety rice dish you can make for kids lunchbox. You can make this fried rice easily in the lines of ...
02-05-2021 22:30

Dal Makhani Recipe-Creamy And Buttery

Dal makhani- Creamy black lentils cooked in butter with flavorful masala. Delicious, rich and comforting! This delicious dal or lentils curry is one o...
30-04-2021 22:15

Pasta Soup- Vegetable Soupy Pasta

Pasta soup recipe is a comforting, delicious and flavorful dinner you can fix easily. This vegetable pasta soup is a perfect dinner for monsoon or win...
30-04-2021 22:15

Cumin Powder- How To Make Ground Cumin

cumin powder known as bhuna jeera powder is a quintessential Indian spice powder. Cumin both as whole and powdered is very widely used in Indian cooki...
30-04-2021 22:15

Eggless Pancakes With Whole Wheat Flour

Eggless pancake recipe– anyone, even beginners can make this soft, fluffy and delicious egg free pancakes with whole wheat flour in no time. Easiest...
28-04-2021 22:17

Onion Chutney -Restaurant Style Recipe

Onion chutney recipe is a tasty, easy to make spicy and tangy chutney made with onions, red chilies, some spices and tamarind. It is a wonderful alter...
27-04-2021 22:19

Mango Squash- No Preservatives

Mango squash recipe without preservatives or colorants. Made with just four ingredients, this homemade mango squash gets ready in 20 minutes and stays...
27-04-2021 22:19

Bhatura Recipe- How To Make Bhature

Bhatura is an Indian leavened fried bread made with all purpose flour or plain flour. It is soft with a slightly chewy texture and a unique flavor. Ta...
25-04-2021 22:10

Baingan Bharta- Roasted Eggplant Mash

Baingan bharta is a delicious mashed eggplant stir fry or relish. A very popular north Indian, Punjabi baingan or eggplant recipe. Smokey roasted eggp...
25-04-2021 22:10

Rasmalai- How To Make Best Rasmalai

Rasmalai is one of the most popular Indian milk based sweets. Soft, juicy, melt in mouth with a heady flavor of saffron and cardamom, what’s not to ...
25-04-2021 22:10

Chole Bhature- Punjabi Chana Bhatura

Chole bhature or chana bhatura is a popular Punjabi dish and most sought after one too. It is actually a delicious combination of two dishes chole and...
23-04-2021 22:18

Gobi Masala- Restaurant Style Cauliflower Masala

Gobi masala is a delicious restaurant style cauliflower masala that you can serve with rice or roti. Vegan, gluten free and ready in 30 minutes, moder...
20-04-2021 22:12

Cheese Paratha- Cheese Stuffed Flatbread

Cheese paratha is a delicious and rich Indian flatbread, a variation of plain paratha with grated cheese stuffing. It is a filling and wholesome meal ...
19-04-2021 22:13

Aloo Beans- Spiced Potatoes With Green Beans

Aloo beans ki sabzi is a traditional Punjabi side dish with French beans and potatoes. An easy vegan gluten free, no onion garlic side dish that you c...
17-04-2021 22:08

Tomato Pickle Recipe | Tomato Pachadi

Tomato pickle recipe or Andhra tomato pachadi is a traditional pickle recipe made with season’s fresh tomatoes. The traditional method for making pi...
16-04-2021 22:11

White sauce pasta- Bechamel Sauce Pasta

White sauce pasta or pasta in béchamel sauce is one of our most favorite pasta recipes at home. Wonderfully rich and creamy with perfectly seasoned s...
12-04-2021 22:10

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Mango milkshake is a yummy milkshake recipe made with ripe sweet mangoes. Here I am sharing three delicious ways to make this beverage. Classic mango ...
12-04-2021 22:10

How To Make Ghee- Clarified Butter Recipe

Learn how to make ghee from butter in 20 minutes- A detailed step by step recipe or guide for making ghee that is tasty and flavorful with perfect tex...
11-04-2021 22:15

Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream recipe- To make this luscious homemade ice cream all you need are mangoes and a couple of simple ingredients. Deliciously rich, creamy...
10-04-2021 22:10

Mango Kulfi (Quick No Cook Recipe)

Mango kulfi is a delicious, easy to make variation of classic Indian kulfi with fresh mango puree. It is a quick, easy no cook recipe that requires ju...
09-04-2021 22:14

Mango Mousse Recipe

Mango mousse recipe made with just three ingredients. No eggs, gelatin or agar agar used for this light, airy, fluffy mango mousse. Just with enough s...
08-04-2021 22:10

Rose Ice Cream (No Churn, Egg Free)

Rose ice cream is a delicious, rich, creamy & flavorful homemade ice cream you can effortlessly make ? Just 4 ingredients, egg free and no ice cream m...
08-04-2021 22:10

Milagu Kuzhambu- Pepper Kuzhambu

Milagu kuzhambu is a delicious, flavorful south Indian gravy with black peppercorns, curry leaves and few more medicinal spices. No onion no garlic re...
04-04-2021 22:10

Jeera Rice (With Instant Pot Instructions)

Jeera rice- learn to make best restaurant style jeera rice recipe! The only recipe you will need to make Indian cumin rice or rice flavored with cumin...
02-04-2021 22:13

Chana Dal Recipe (Stovetop & Instant Pot)

Chana dal recipe is a delicious, healthy, protein rice Indian lentil curry with chana dal or split chickpeas or bengal gram. It is made in the same li...
01-04-2021 22:05

Masala Vada- Dal Vada

Masala vada or dal vada or paruppu vadai is a popular south Indian snack served with tea or as part of meals. These are also known as chana dal vada a...
31-03-2021 22:11

Rava Kesari

Rava kesari recipe is a traditional south Indian dessert or sweet semolina pudding with sooji, sugar and desi ghee or clarified butter It is easy to m...
29-03-2021 22:05

Kachori Recipe- Moong Dal Kachori

Kachori is a crisp, flaky and tasty fried pastry stuffed with savory lentil filling. It is a very popular breakfast or snack from north Indian cuisine...
28-03-2021 22:03

Vegan Naan- Easy Method

Vegan naan recipe- Love naan bread and missing takeaways" Fret not, with this super easy recipe you can make the best ever homemade naan that is fluff...
26-03-2021 22:04

Pesarattu Recipe (Moong Dal Dosa)

Pesarattu dosa is a popular dosa recipe from Andra cuisine, delicious and packed with protein. Pesara or pesalu means moong dal in Telugu. Atttu means...
25-03-2021 22:12

Mango lassi

Mango lassi is a traditional Indian beverage made with ripe mangoes, yogurt, sugar and a dash of cardamom, saffron. Thick, creamy and yummy, enjoy thi...
25-03-2021 22:12

Thandai Recipe

Thandai is a refreshing Indian drink made of nuts, spices and dry fruits specially for Holi festival & Maha Shivratri. It has a wonderful cooling effe...
24-03-2021 22:15

Best Easy Kulcha Recipe

Kulcha is a popular and one of the most sought after north Indian flatbread just like naan bread. These flatbreads are loved for their soft texture wi...
23-03-2021 22:48

Potato sandwich- Aloo Sandwich

Potato sandwich or aloo sandwich is a quick, delicious and easy to make breakfast or snack recipe that toddlers and kids will love. It is a vegan reci...
22-03-2021 22:19


Nankhatai recipe– egg free, crispy, flaky and tasty Indian shortbread cookies flavored with ghee, saffron or cardamom. These traditional eggless Ind...
18-03-2021 22:47

Homemade Mango Jam (Mango Preserves)

Easy homemade mango jam recipe without pectin. This mango preserve is made just with season’s best ripe sweet mangoes, sugar and dash of lemon juice...
18-03-2021 22:47

Badam Milk Powder

Badam milk powder for toddlers and kids that you can make and store for days. Indian almond milk is a delicious and healthy energizing drink for growi...
18-03-2021 22:47

Tomato Rasam – Thakkali Rasam

Tomato rasam is one of the most favorite and popular rasam recipes from south Indian cuisine. Rasam is a clear soup served as second course in south I...
15-03-2021 22:16

Coriander Tomato Chutney

Coriander tomato chutney is a delicious and flavorful variation with basic tomato chutney recipe. Adding fresh cilantro or coriander leaves lends a wo...
08-03-2021 22:09

Potato Curry (Easy Aloo Curry)

Potato curry or aloo curry recipe made easily with simple pantry staples. Vegan and gluten free. Thick, flavorful and hearty curry for weeknight famil...
05-03-2021 22:06

Dibba roti- Andhra Minapa Roti

Dibba roti or minapa roti is a traditional Andra breakfast or snack made with rice rava and urad dal batter. It is cross between crispy uthapam and so...
04-03-2021 22:01

Ghee Rice Recipe (NeyChoru)

Ghee rice is a delicious, rich and flavorful south Indian rice dish with fragrant rice, ghee or clarified butter and whole spices. It is a vegetarian ...
02-03-2021 22:04

Chickpea Cauliflower curry

This healthy chickpea cauliflower curry recipe is super easy to make, nutritious and so comforting. Vegan and gluten free, deliciously creamy and best...
01-03-2021 22:03

Carrot Juice Recipe In Blender & Juicer

Carrot juice recipe in a blender or juicer – a detailed guide to make delicious and healthy juice from fresh carrots at home. You can use a juice if...
01-03-2021 22:03

Aloo Biryani- Veg Potato Biryani

Aloo dum biryani is a delicious and flavorful veg dum cooked biryani made with potatoes, basmati rice, spices and herbs. It is a wonderful alternate f...
26-02-2021 22:03

Tomato Bath- Karnataka Tomato Pulao

Tomato bath recipe is a delicious one pot dish from Karnataka cuisine. It is a tasty variation of tomato rice with addition of vegetables and whole sp...
25-02-2021 22:02

Avocado Milkshake

Avocado milkshake with coconut milk- an easy to make, rich and creamy avocado shake in less than 10 minutes. Perfect summer breakfast or filling and f...
24-02-2021 22:04

Green Moong Dal (Sabut Moong Dal)

Green moong dal or green gram curry made in instant pot in 30 minutes. Comforting, simple, wholesome dish to serve with rice. Vegan and gluten free. T...
23-02-2021 22:04

Paratha Recipe (Atta Parantha)

Plain paratha is the most basic form of Indian parathas or paranthas. It is made with whole wheat flour, salt, oil and cooked with ghee or oil. These ...
22-02-2021 22:08

Garlic chutney

Garlic chutney recipe is a traditional Indian condiment or chutney with garlic cloves and red chilies. This is a super easy to make almost no cook chu...
21-02-2021 22:03

Pakora Recipe (Vegetable Pakora)

Pakora is a classic Indian snacks recipe made of gram flour, vegetables and few spices. Crispy, flavorful and absolutely addictive with tea. These are...
19-02-2021 22:01

Curried Rice (Vegan)

Curried rice or curry rice recipe is a delicious one pot rice dish that gets ready in 20 minutes. It is a very easy to make recipe where basmati rice ...
19-02-2021 22:01

Neer Dosa Recipe

Neer dosa is a traditional Mangalorean Karnataka breakfast dish made of just water, rice and salt as main ingredients. Tastes best with spicy curries ...
19-02-2021 22:01

Onion Tomato Chutney

Onion tomato chutney recipe is a traditional south Indian condiment or chutney for Idli, dosa, upma. It is made of onions and tomatoes along with red ...
16-02-2021 22:17

Green Peas Masala (Vegan)

Green peas masala or Punjabi matar masala recipe with green peas as star ingredient. This delicious restaurant style peas masala tastes wonderful with...
15-02-2021 21:59

Strawberry Milkshake (3 Ways)

Strawberry milkshake recipe with fresh or frozen berries. Make this best strawberry shake with few easy ingredients and 5 minutes. The post covers thr...
14-02-2021 22:05

Cucumber Raita- Vellarikka Pachadi

Cucumber raita recipe is an easy Indian yogurt sauce or dip with fresh yogurt, cucumbers, some herbs and spices. It is served as dip along with foods ...
13-02-2021 22:06

Thepla Recipe – How To Make Methi Thepla

Methi thepla is a healthy and popular Gujarati flat bread made of whole wheat flour, besan and fresh methi leaves. It is a wholesome and satiating bre...
11-02-2021 22:08

Paneer Do Pyaza Recipe

Paneer do pyaza is a popular restaurant style curry with paneer and onions as main ingredients. Pyaz means onions in Hindi. In this recipe soft paneer...
10-02-2021 22:08

Punjabi Chole Recipe

Punjabi chole masala is a delicious vegan chickpea curry from north Indian cuisine. This recipe shared here will help you make absolutely delicious, f...
10-02-2021 22:08

Dal Palak – Spinach Dal (Stove Top & Instant Pot)

Dal palak or spinach dal is a simple Indian dish of spilt pigeon peas and spinach leaves. Dal means lentils and palak means spinach and this dish is l...
09-02-2021 22:05

Sweet Tamarind chutney (Imli Chutney)

Tamarind chutney or imli chutney is a tasty Indian condiment or chutney recipe. It is made of tamarind, dates, chilies, jaggery and few spices. It has...
09-02-2021 22:05

Batata vada – Aloo Vada

Batata vada recipe for vada pav is a popular potato snack recipe or street food from Maharastra. Mashed and spiced up potatoes are dipped in a gram fl...
05-02-2021 22:05

Chocolate Banana Muffins (Vegan)

Vegan chocolate banana muffins made with whole wheat flour. These are dainty little treats that is also perfectly acceptable as breakfast ? These are ...
05-02-2021 22:05

Sweet And Sour Vegetables

Sweet and sour vegetables made with mixed vegetables. delectable sticky sweet and sour sauce and finished with crunchy sesame seeds. Vegan and can be ...
03-02-2021 22:08

Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara bhara kababs are healthy vegan and vegetarian kababs made with potatoes, spinach, green peas, gram flour and few spices. You will find these in m...
01-02-2021 22:08

Samosa Recipe- How To Make Perfect Samosa

Samosa recipe-best Indian Punjabi samosa recipe you will ever make at home. Crispy, flaky, with delicious aloo filling, perfect recipe from scratch! L...
01-02-2021 22:08

Bisi Bele Bath Karnataka Style

Bisi bele bath or bisi bele huli anna is a delicious & traditional Karnataka dish with rice and toor dal. Along with rice and lentils, few vegetables ...
30-01-2021 22:06

Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

Watermelon mojito is a delicious and refreshing drink with fresh watermelon, fresh mint leaves, soda water, simple syrup, lemon juice or lime juice as...
29-01-2021 22:06

Peas Pulao – Matar Pulao

Peas pulao or matar pulao is a delicious Indian rice dish with basmati rice, fresh or frozen green peas, few Indian whole spices and herbs. This one p...
28-01-2021 22:06

Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Scallion pancakes- crispy, flaky and outright delicious Chinese scallion or green onion pancakes with very few ingredients like flour, scallions, salt...
28-01-2021 22:06

Masala Papad

Masala papad is a delicious Indian starter or snack with papad and flavorful onion tomato salad. It is super easy to make, quick and you can whip up a...
22-01-2021 22:07

Onion salad

Quick and easy onion salad, simplest, tasty and flavorful salad with onions from north Indian cuisine. A humble salad that packs loads of punch and ca...
21-01-2021 22:06

Vangi Bath Recipe

Vangi bath recipe- Brinjal rice with homemade vangi bath powder from Karnataka or Maharashtra cuisine. Vangi means brinjal or egg plant and bath usual...
21-01-2021 22:06

Indian Dinner Recipes

Indian dinner recipes for the home cooks that can be made easily and efficiently. With this vast collection of vegetarian Indian recipes you will expe...
21-01-2021 22:06

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Kahwa is a soothing Kashmiri tea with green tea leaves, whole spices, saffron, almonds and dried rose petals. It is a no milk tea which always served ...
19-01-2021 22:20

Gujarati Handvo Recipe

Handvo is a Gujarati savory cake made with rice, lentils and veggies like bottle gourd. It is simple to make and outright delicious. You can make thi...
18-01-2021 22:04

Besan Papdi – Gluten Free Chickpea Crackers

Besan papdi are gluten free vegan savory chickpea crackers with a touch of Indian spices. These are so flaky, crispy, delicious and just perfect with ...
18-01-2021 22:04

Easy Dondakaya fry (Kovakkai Fry)

Kovakkai fry or dondakaya fry is a tasty, healthy and easy to make south Indian stir fry with ivy gourd or tindora. Ivy gourd is known as kovakkai in ...
17-01-2021 22:04

Easy Vegan Drunken Noodles

Drunken noodles (pad kee mao) is a delicious and ridiculously easy to make stir fry noodles recipe from Thailand. Make it with your choice of vegetabl...
16-01-2021 22:05

Easy Maa Ki Dal (Kali Dal)

Maa ki dal recipe or kali dal recipe is a delicious Punjabi dal recipe with whole black gram. This sabut urad dal preparation is nutritious, wholesome...
15-01-2021 22:06

Best Paneer Dosa

Paneer dosa is a delicious variation of dosa recipe with paneer filling. If you love dosa for breakfast you will like this masala dosa with paneer fil...
14-01-2021 22:07

Best Easy Achari Aloo

Achari aloo is a popular Punjabi side dish with potatoes and Indian pickling spices. This aloo recipe is a quick and easy stir fry made in less than 2...
14-01-2021 22:07

Easy Turmeric Rice

Turmeric rice is a delicious Indian dish where you saute rice with fresh or dried turmeric and some whole spices. This quick rice tastes wonderful wit...
13-01-2021 22:07

Methi Matar Malai

Methi matar malai is a winter special popular north Indian curry made with fresh green peas, cream and fenugreek leaves. Creamy, rich, tasty curry for...
12-01-2021 22:05

Baby Corn 65

Baby corn 65 or baby corn fry is a tasty, crispy addictive starter or appetizer with fresh baby corns. This is one of the popular vegetarian variation...
11-01-2021 22:08

Easy Strawberry Tea Recipe

Refreshing strawberry tea from scratch with fresh strawberries is the perfect warm drink you can sip through the day. Made with just three basic ingre...
09-01-2021 22:09

Easy Aloo Gobi – Potatoes And Cauliflower Curry

Aloo gobi is a popular Indian dish made with cauliflower and potatoes. This recipe I am sharing is a simple, easy to make, flavor packed and healthy d...
08-01-2021 22:00

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