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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Indian Dal Recipes | Delicious Healthy Dal Recipes

Indian dal recipes collection for main course or side dish. Dal or lentils is the staple Indian food and cooked almost daily in all Indian homes. Ther...
22-01-2019 21:33

Indian Dinner Recipes Collection

Veg Indian dinner recipes collection for you to plan and execute a good dinner. These vegetarian recipes are good to serve for both lunch and dinner. ...
21-01-2019 21:33

Cabbage Pakoda Recipe | How To Make Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage pakoda recipe with step by step photos. Quick and easy snacks recipe with cabbage, gram flour and other indian spices. This pakoda recipe is s...
21-01-2019 21:33

Medhu Vadai Recipe | Cabbage Medu Vada Recipe

Medhu vadai recipe is a popular south Indian snack or breakfast often during festivals like Diwali, Pongal also. These are round shaped deep fried fri...
21-01-2019 21:33

Garlic rasam recipe | No grind garlic rasam | Poon

Garlic rasam recipe or poondu rasam recipe with step by step photos. Sharing a very easy recipe for garlic rasam/poondu rasam, a rasam with medicinal ...
21-01-2019 21:33

Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe | How To Make Spicy Paniyaram

Kuzhi paniyaram recipe is one of those easy south Indian breakfast that tastes delicious as well. You can make this super addictive breakfast or snack...
21-01-2019 21:33

Bisi Bele Bath Recipe | Karnataka Style Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi bele bath recipe from Karnataka cuisine is a delicious one pot meal with rice and lentils. This is one of those complete healthy and wholesome me...
20-01-2019 21:32

Kashmiri Methi Chaman Recipe

Methi chaman recipe is a traditional kashmiri side dish with methi leaves and paneer. This is a very delicious and comforting winter special recipe yo...
20-01-2019 21:32

Vegan Mango Cake Recipe | Egg Free Mango Cake

Vegan mango cake recipe– a delicious, moist and fruity egg free mango cake you can make during mango season with simple ingredients. This is a one b...
20-01-2019 21:32

Easy paal payasam recipe| How To Make Paal Payasam

Paal payasam recipe is a delicious south Indian milk kheer with rice. This quintessensial south Indian dessert is made for all festivals like Diwali, ...
19-01-2019 21:32

Milagu Rasam Recipe | How To Make Milagu Rasam (Pepper

Milagu rasam recipe or pepper rasam is a south Indian recipe that you can serve with rice. This pepper rasam also tastes very good as clear soup durin...
19-01-2019 21:32

Chilli Idli Fry Recipe | How To Make Chilli Idli |

Chilli idli recipe is a delicious street style snack you can do with leftover idli. This spicy and crispy snack is all you need on a cold winter eveni...
19-01-2019 21:32

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe (No Churn)

This no churn strawberry ice cream recipe is absolutely creamy, smooth without ice crystals and you can make this with 4 ingredients. With bold flavor...
17-01-2019 21:32

Almond Strawberry Milkshake Recipe | Strawberry Milksha

Almond strawberry milkshake recipe is a quick, healthy and delicious drink you can make with fresh strawberries. This delicious beverage is your bet d...
16-01-2019 21:33

Avial Recipe | How To Make Avial

Avial recipe is a south Indian mixed vegetable curry in coconut sauce. This flavorful and delicious curry is a signature of Tamilnadu and Kerala cuisi...
16-01-2019 21:33

mirchi bajji recipe | Milagai bajji recipe | Chill

Mirchi bajji recipe with step by step photos. Sharing a very popular, tasty and addictive Indian street food/ snack recipe today. Mirchi bajji/milagai...
16-01-2019 21:33

Best Peas Pulao Recipe | Matar Pulao Recipe

Peas pulao recipe or matar pulao is a quick and easy one pot pulao with fresh seasonal peas. This is one of those recipes that turns out too good for ...
15-01-2019 21:31

Coriander Rice Recipe | Indian Cilantro Rice Recipe

Coriander rice recipe with step wise directions. Indian style coriander rice or cilantro rice with fresh coriander leaves and vegetables. This easy on...
15-01-2019 21:31

Paneer Manchurian Recipe | How To Make Paneer Manchuria

Paneer manchurian recipe is a delicious indo Chinese starter recipe popular across all Indian restaurants. You can make this paneer starter easily at ...
15-01-2019 21:31

Capsicum Rice Recipe | How To Make Capsicum Rice

Capsicum rice recipe is a delicious and easy rice recipe for lunch box. You can make this delicious bell pepper rice in 15 minutes easily. Serve warm ...
15-01-2019 21:31

Mango Chutney Recipe | Indian Style Mango Chutney

Mango chutney recipe, sharing an easy  chutney recipe with mangoes that can be served as side dish for idli, dosa or with steamed rice too. There are ...
15-01-2019 21:31

Instant Rava Vada Recipe | How To Make Rava Vada

Rava vada recipe is a quick, easy and instant vada recipe you can make for festivals. These vadas are so crispy and delicious, tastes just like tradit...
14-01-2019 21:32

Tandoori Aloo Tikka Recipe | How To Make Tandoori Aloo

Tandoori aloo tikka recipe is a tasty and easy potato snack you can make for parties. Aloo tikka is a preparation of grilled baby potatoes after marin...
14-01-2019 21:32

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe | How To Make Matar Ka Nimona

UP style matar ka nimona recipe. With fresh green peas found everywhere in markets here is a very delicious fresh peas curry you can make in no time. ...
13-01-2019 21:31

Eggless French Toast Recipe | How To Make French Toast

Eggless french toast recipe is a quick and delicious vegetarian variation for classic french toast. Serve this hearty and sweet toast for breakfast wi...
13-01-2019 21:31

Potato Fry Recipe | How To Make Crispy Potato Fry |

Potato fry recipe or aloo fry recipe – easy to make delicious and crispy potato fry or aloo fry recipe with less oil. This easy potato fry will make...
12-01-2019 21:31

Bread Dosa Recipe | How To Make Instant Bread Dosa

Bread dosa recipe is an easy and instant way of preparing dosa with leftover bread slices. If you want to make delicious dosa but no time to grind bat...
12-01-2019 21:31

Tawa Paneer Recipe | How To Make Tawa Paneer

Tawa paneer masala recipe is delicious semi dry paneer curry with onions and capsicums. The whole recipe is made in a tawa or griddle here. You can ma...
11-01-2019 21:32

Babycorn Fritters Recipe | How To Make Babycorn Fritter

Babycorn fritters recipe– crispy, flavorful and absolutely delicious fritters with babycorns to munch with a hot cup of adrak chai. These babycorn f...
10-01-2019 21:32

Veg Cheese Recipes | Collection of Tasty Cheese Recipes

Cheese recipes– Love cheese" me too, here in this post you will find collection of tasty cheese recipes. Ranging from cheese balls to cheese toasts ...
10-01-2019 21:32

Paneer Dosa Recipe | How To Make Paneer Dosa

Paneer dosa recipe is a delicious variation of dosa recipe with paneer filling. If you love dosa for breakfast you will like this masala dosa with pan...
09-01-2019 21:31

Healthy Oats Khichdi Recipe | How To Make Oats Khichdi

Healthy oats khichdi recipe with veggies is a perfect breakfast loaded with goodness of oats and veggies. You can make this comforting khichdi easily ...
08-01-2019 21:33

Vegetarian Snacks Recipes | Collection of Spicy Snacks

Vegetarian snacks recipes collection that you can also serve as starters. This super easy spicy snacks recipes collection will come handy for you to p...
08-01-2019 21:33

Paneer Chatpata Recipe | Chatpata Paneer Recipe

Paneer chatpata recipe is a delicious and easy Indian paneer curry. It stays true to its name, this paneer chatpata is a spicy paneer curry with myria...
07-01-2019 21:30

Pesto Braided Bread Recipe | Braided Bread Recipe

Braided bread recipe with pesto and cheese filling is an easy bread recipe you can make at home. Tear big chunks of this super delicious pesto braided...
06-01-2019 21:30

Veg Makhanwala Recipe | How To Make Veg Makhanwala

Veg makhanwala recipe is a delicious north Indian mixed veg curry popular in restaurants. You can make this rich and yummy veg curry with fresh winter...
03-01-2019 21:29

Easy Potato Chips Recipe | How To Make Potato Chips

Potato chips recipe- sharing my easy tried and tested recipe for making homemade potato chips. crispy, light and very delicious potato chips that you ...
03-01-2019 21:29

Easy Pizza Muffins Recipe | How To Make Pizza Muffins

Pizza muffins recipe– a very easy to make fun and delicious snack you can bake during holidays. These muffin pizzas are small bite size snack that w...
02-01-2019 21:28

Easy Pizza Recipes Collection | Collection of 14 Pizza

Pizza recipes collection. Love pizza" Me too ? Here in this post I am sharing a collection of 14 homemade pizza recipes with you all along with pizza ...
31-12-2018 21:31

Fruit Juice Recipes | Collection of fruit juices and mo

Fruit juice recipes collection. Sharing with you all a cooling and refreshing collection of  fruit juice recipes you can easily make at home. This col...
30-12-2018 21:30

Rava Idli Recipe | How To Make Rava Idli (Mtr Style)

Rava idli recipe- Quick and easy to make instant idli with rava or suji. This Mtr style rava idli is the popular south Indian breakfast from Karnataka...
30-12-2018 21:30

Bread Recipes For Snacks | Bread Snacks Recipes

Bread recipes for snacks, here is a delicious collection of bread snacks recipes for that evening hunger pangs. These snacks recipes made with bread a...
29-12-2018 21:29

Peshawari Chole Recipe | How To Make Pesahwari Chole Re

Peshawari chole recipe is a very delicious and flavorful chole recipe made with white chickpeas. Piping hot pesahwari chole goes very well with bhatur...
29-12-2018 21:29

Easy Vegetable Pulao In Pressure Cooker | Easy and Quic

Easy vegetable pulao made in pressure cooker for busy mornings. If you love veg pulao but don’t find time to make it often, this keeper vegetable pu...
29-12-2018 21:29

Thin Crust Pizza Recipe | How To Make Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizza recipe. Crispy thin crust with crispy veggies and cheese toppings this is the best thin crust pizza you will ever make at home. Read ...
28-12-2018 21:30

Easy Bread Kulfi Recipe | How To Make Bread Kulfi

Easy bread kulfi recipe is a quick and yummy kulfi you can make with leftover bread slices. This kulfi tastes exceptionally delicious and you will not...
28-12-2018 21:30

Sprouts Sandwich Recipe | Mixed Sprouts Sandwich Recipe

Sprouts sandwich recipe– easy and tasty sandwich recipe for breakfast or snacks with mixed sprouts.  You will love how quickly this sandwich comes t...
28-12-2018 21:30

Homemade Bhel Puri Recipe | Mumbai Bhel Puri

Bhel puri chaat recipe is a popular Indian street food made with puffed rice, papdi, chutneys and raw veggies. If you love sweet and spicy recipes wit...
25-12-2018 21:29

Strawberry Recipes | Collection of 20 Delicious Strawbe

Strawberry recipes collection. As you find plump and luscious strawberries flooding the markets it only helps to have some delicious recipes with stra...
25-12-2018 21:29

Winter Special Veg recipes | Best Winter Recipes

Winter special vegetarian recipes collection. Come winter all we crave is food that nourishes and comforts the soul am I right" Here I have got you co...
24-12-2018 21:29

26 Easy Cutlet Recipes | Tikki Recipes | Veg Patti

Cutlet recipes collection- sharing a collection of 22 easy and tasty veg cutlet or tikki recipes. Tikki, cutlet and patty are veg or meat based snack ...
20-12-2018 21:29

Best Homemade Thandai Recipe | Holi Recipes

Thandai recipe- thandai or sardai recipe is a popular Indian cold drink made with dry fruits, nuts and few spices. While sardai is predominantly made ...
20-12-2018 21:29

Aloo Gobi Masala Recipe Restaurant Style

Aloo gobi masala recipe– restaurant style delicious aloo gobi masala or gravy with Punjabi makhani sauce. This sauteed cauliflowers and potatoes in ...
20-12-2018 21:29

Parrupu Urundai Kuzhambu Recipe | Kuzhambu Recipes

Paruppu urundai kuzambu recipe is a classic Tamil recipe made with lentils. This urundai kuzhambu is made in various ways and here I am sharing Tambra...
19-12-2018 21:29

Aloo 65 recipe | Crispy potato 65 Recipe

Aloo 65 recipe- an easy to make delicious south Indian street food snack you can make with potatoes. Potato 65 is one more vegetarian variation you ca...
19-12-2018 21:29

30 Best Rice Recipes | Popular Indian Rice Recipes

30 best rice recipes collection from Indian and Asian cuisine. Rice is the staple grain of south India but very widely consumed across India and other...
19-12-2018 21:29

Vegetable cheese straw recipe | Baked cheese straw reci

Cheese straw recipe with vegetables. A healthy and flavorful twist to your traditional cheese straws with veggies and whole wheat flour. These crispy ...
19-12-2018 21:29

Chocolate Recipes | 35 Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate recipes collection– chocolate is synonyms with celebration and holidays. So for this holidays season I present before you a delicious coll...
18-12-2018 21:30

Spicy Bun Recipe | Bakery Style Masala bun

Spicy bun recipe- Soft, delicious and flavorful iyengar bakery style khara buns are a top favorite in south India. You can bake these buns very easily...
18-12-2018 21:30

Best 30 Breakfast Recipes | Collection of Best Indian B

Collection of 30 best Indian breakfast recipes for your easy reference. Breakfast is the starting act of the day and it is the most important day of t...
17-12-2018 21:32

Easy Chocolate Biscuit Balls Recipe- No Bake

Easy chocolate biscuit balls recipe is a delicious no bake treat that you can make during holidays. If you arebeginner cook then this tasty chocolate ...
17-12-2018 21:32

Aloo paneer kofta recipe | Easy paneer kofta recipe

Aloo paneer kofta recipe- very easy to make rich and delicious kofta with potatoes and crumbled paneer. These koftas are a crispy covering with melt i...
17-12-2018 21:32

12 Pasta Recipes Collection – Vegetarian

Love pasta" Here I have got you covered with 12 delicious and easy pasta recipes. Simple and quick pasta recipes that you can whip up at home right no...
16-12-2018 21:30

Tandoori Gobi Tikka Recipe | Stove top Tandoori Gobi

Tandoori gobi recipe or gobi tikka is a delicious and easy starter recipe with cauliflower. This dry cauliflower snack is the perfect starter you can ...
15-12-2018 21:31

Butter Corn Pasta Recipe | Creamy Corn Pasta Recipe

Corn pasta recipe– delicious and creamy corn pasta recipe with butter. A perfect pasta treat for toddlers and kids that you can whip up in flat 15 m...
14-12-2018 21:29

Sindhi Aloo Tuk Recipe | How To Make Aloo Tuk

Sindhi aloo tuk recipe is a crispy and delicious potato snack from Sindhi cuisine. Par boiled potato slices or wedges are double fried with select spi...
14-12-2018 21:29

Nutella hot chocolate recipe | How To Make Hot Chocolat

Nutella hot chocolate recipe– best ever hot chocolate recipe you will make at home with nutella, everyone’s favorite ? This yummy rich and creamy ...
14-12-2018 21:29

Easy Veg Fried Rice Recipe (Vegetable Fried Rice)

Veg fried rice recipe with video. Flavorful and delicious vegetable fried rice made easily in Indian style. Veg fried rice is the most popular vegetar...
13-12-2018 21:29

Bread Upma Recipe | How To Make Bread Upma

Bread upma recipe is a quick and tasty variaition of south Indian upma. Got few stale bread slices" upma with veggies is your best bet. All it takes a...
13-12-2018 21:29

Veg Momos Recipe | How To Make Veg Momos Recipe

Veg momos recipe with step by step photos. Easy veg momos recipe from scratch at home. This popular Indian street food originally from Tibetan cuisine...
12-12-2018 21:33

Chocolate Mocha Recipe With Nutella

Chocolate mocha recipe is that perfect drink for winters you can make at home. Far better than the hot chocolates you get at cafe, this homemade choco...
11-12-2018 21:34

Spicy Trail Mix Recipe | Trail Mix Ideas

Trail mix is a healthy and tasty mix of assorted nuts, seeds and cereals. A snack that you can munch anytime that too all wit healthy ingredients. The...
10-12-2018 21:29

Eggless Carrot Muffins Recipe

Carrot muffins recipe– an easy to make one bowl egg free carrot muffin that you can serve warm for breakfast or as dessert at room temperature with ...
07-12-2018 21:29

Mirchi Vada Recipe | Rajasthani Mirchi Bada Recipe

Mirchi vada recipe is a delicious and popular Indian street food originating from Rajasthan. Crispy and yummy chili fritters bajii with a sweet and so...
06-12-2018 21:29

Poha idli recipe | Instant aval idli

Poha idli recipe– How about a quick and easy breakfast that takes 10 minutes for prepping and 10 minutes for cooking. This instant aval idli is so s...
06-12-2018 21:29

Honey Roasted Almonds Recipe In Oven

Honey roasted almonds recipe- a favorite snack among many, these sweet and spicy roasted almonds are that perfect nibble with a drink or a snack to mu...
01-12-2018 21:29

Easy Granola Recipe on Stove Top With Jaggery

Easy granola recipe on stove top with jaggery instead of sugar. If you like granola or museli types for breakfast then you will love this homemade eas...
29-11-2018 21:30

Pineapple Rasam Recipe | How To Make Pineapple Rasam

Pineapple rasam recipe is a delicious south Indian rasam or clear soup with fresh pineapple. This yummy and flavorful rasam is so popular in Tambram w...
29-11-2018 21:30

Lasooni Dal Tadka Recipe | How To Make Lasooni Dal

Lasooni dal tadka recipe is a delicious Indian dal recipe with garlic flavor. Dal or lentils is a staple in Indian homes and we do have a lot of varia...
27-11-2018 21:33

Easy Carrot Pancakes Recipe

Carrot pancakes recipe is an easy and quick breakfast you can make in 20 minutes. Made with seasons best sweet red carrots, these eggfree carrot panca...
25-11-2018 21:31

Gujarati Dal Recipe | How To Make Gujarati Dal

Gujarati dal recipe is a mildly spiced sweet and sour dal that is a staple in Gujarati cuisine. If you are looking for different yet yummy tasting dal...
18-11-2018 21:33

Aloo Gobi Methi Tuk Recipe

Aloo gobi methi tuk recipe is a dry curry from Sindhi cuisine. You can easily make flavor packed potatoes, cauliflower and fenugreek leaves curry in 2...
15-11-2018 21:32

Easy Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe

Roasted bell pepper sauce recipe is an easy and delicious sauce or dip that you can make under 30 minutes. I have been making this on repeat mode in t...
15-11-2018 21:32

Murungakkai vatha kuzhambu recipe | How to make murunga

Murungakkai vatha kuzhambu-drumstick vatha kuzhambu is a yet another classic authentic recipe from Tamilnadu. Made with drumstick pieces this vata kuz...
15-11-2018 21:32

Dates Energy Balls Recipe | Bliss Balls Recipe

Dates energy balls recipe or bliss balls recipe is a quick and easy snack recipe that you can make in 10 minutes. These little balls are vegan, gluten...
12-11-2018 21:30

Paneer Do Pyaza Recipe | How To Make Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer do pyaza recipe is a rich, delicious and flavorful mughlai curry made with paneer and onion as main ingredients.  Looking to make some deliciou...
09-11-2018 21:32

Dhaba Dal Fry Recipe | How To Make Dhaba Dal

Dhaba dal fry recipe is a flavorful and tasty dal fry with bold flavors. A delicious mix of lentils cooked and seasoned with selective spices, this da...
07-11-2018 21:29

Pressure Cooker Cake Recipe | Orange Cake Without Oven

Cooker cake recipe for all those who want to bake a cake without an oven. You can bake a soft, spony and moist cake without an oven using a pressure c...
07-11-2018 21:29

Roasted Phool Makhana Recipe

Roasted phool makhana recipe is an easy and quick snack tat you can make in 10 minutes. This is a low cal and gulit free snack gaining popularity in I...
05-11-2018 21:31

Maa Laddu Recipe | How To Make Maa Laddu

Maa laddu recipe is an easy, quick and beginners sweet that you can make for this Diwali in 15 minutes. This laddu recipe is as easy powdering sugar a...
04-11-2018 21:29

Kara Chutney Recipe | How To Make Kara Chutney

Kara chutney recipe– tangy and spicy tomato chutney served in Tamil nadu hotels that is truly delicious. This spicy kara chutney goes best with all ...
03-11-2018 21:28

Sabudana Kheer Recipe (Indian Sago Kheer)

Sabudana kheer recipe or sago kheer recipe is one popular, easy and most loved kheer recipe across India. You can prepare this tasty kheer as dessert ...
03-11-2018 21:28

Chocolate Nankhatai Recipe

Chocolate nankhatai recipe is a tasty and yummy take on traditional nankhatai with cocoa flavor. Crispy, flaky and yummy ghee flavored cookies that ar...
02-11-2018 21:28

Spiced Apple Chutney Recipe

Apple chutney recipe is that perfect condiment you can prepare to make apples last longer! With the best of season’s apples, few spices and some bro...
01-11-2018 21:31

Bengali Angoori Rasmalai Recipe

Angoori rasmalai recipe is that perfect and delicious dessert you will want in your Diwali feast menu. Tiny cottage cheese balls resembling angoor dun...
31-10-2018 21:28

Kesar NanKhatai Recipe | Saffron Shortbreads

Nankhatai recipe with saffron and cardamom flavor for Diwali. These melt in mouth crumbly cookies with brilliant saffron flavor is your best bet to sw...
30-10-2018 21:28

Vegan Savory French Toast Recipe

Savory french toast recipe is a very popular and tasty breakfast option loved by most of the people. Here I am showing you how to make the vegan versi...
29-10-2018 21:29

Fifty Diwali Snacks Recipes 2018.

Diwali snacks recipes collection- a helpful collection of 50 easy and tasty diwali special snacks recipes for Diwali 2018. All the recipes are easy, t...
29-10-2018 21:29

Indian Ginger Tea Recipe | Adrak Wali Chai Recipe

Ginger tea recipe is one of the most popular beverage across India. It is a very tasty beverage made with freshly minced ginger, teas leaves, milk and...
28-10-2018 21:28

Diwali Sweets Recipes Collection 2018

Diwali sweets recipes collection– a collection of 100 plus easy and popular diwali sweets recipes for you to enjoy. Diwali or Deepavali also known a...
28-10-2018 21:28

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