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Supernatural Supper

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Supernatural Supper Supernatural Supper

Supernatural Supper

Night slowly descended and glowing orange lights flickered on as the witching hour drew nearer. We donned capes and pointed hats, impractically sloped heels and brittle broom sticks, preparing to take the town by storm. It was Halloween night, better than Christmas Eve in my young mind’s eye, and it was almost time for the show to begin. Untold treasures awaited at every turn, the thrill of the hunt pushing caravans of candy-crazed children deeper into the bowels of the city, seeking a sugar high that comes but once a year. Oversized empty bags at hand, we were ready to cause mayhem.
But then the doorbell rang. It wasn’t an early batch of trick-or-treaters beating us to the chase, but the pizza man. One can’t plunder on an empty stomach, after all.
Equally important to the ritual and tradition, my family always ordered pizza before embarking on the annual Halloween candy crawl. Turns out I wasn’t alone; the busiest night of the year for pizza delivery and takeout is Halloween, beating out even Super Bowl Sunday.
Like ordering Chinese takeout on Christmas Day, I thought it was something quirky and unique to my family, but it turns out everyone else was hip to the trend all along. Of course, these old school pies were nothing special; just your average cheese and/or pepperoni options. Maybe it would have been more remarkable if there was a more thematic meal to suit the moonlit masquerade ahead.

Something with a mysterious, mischievous black crust, d...
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Supernatural Supper Supernatural Supper


Fuente de la noticia: bittersweetblog
Fecha de publicación: 23-10-2020 22:06
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Pasta with tomato sauce and pesto

Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and basil pesto. Nudeln mit selbstgemachter Tomatensoße und Basilikumpesto. ...
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Butter Kulcha Recipe

Kulcha is a popular and one of the most sought after north Indian flatbread just like naan bread. These flatbreads are loved for their soft texture wi ...
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Vegan Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

For Thanksgiving, part of the tradition at my house is to always have some fabulous desserts. Pumpkin pie is traditional, but sometimes I like to swi ...
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Learning to cook is an adventure that never ends, there are new things to learn everyday if you\'re open to them. Since joining YouTube and uploading ...
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What I Ate on a BUSY DAY (VEGAN) + How I Count My Calories

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Mawa Cake (Eggless Easy Recipe)

Mawa cake is a delicious Indian tea cake with mawa or milk solids as main ingredient. This is an egg free, super rich, dense cake studded with nuts an ...
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Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Pie

This chocolate hazelnut pie is a vegan and gluten free treat that is perfect for the holidays. It’s like a classic pecan pie made vegan and with haz ...
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Recipe: Vegan Cheese Sauce

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