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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Vegan Baked Beans in a Pressure Cooker

Homemade vegan baked beans with a spicy spin on the flavours?a very versatile recipe that you can tweak to your liking. It?s easily made in a pressure...
19-02-2020 21:33

Onion Stuffed Paratha

Delicious soft stuffed paratha or roti flatbread filled with lightly spiced caramelized Spanish Sweet Onions, then cooked on a griddle until golden an...
22-01-2020 21:32

Vegan Sticky Date Pudding

English | Cliquez ici pour la version française Rich delicious vegan Sticky Date Pudding, mostly sweetened with gorgeous Medjool dates, has just the r...
11-12-2019 21:31

Pouding collant aux dattes végétalien

Français | Click here for English version Un délicieux pouding collant aux dattes végétalien, principalement sucré avec de magnifiques dattes Medjoul,...
11-12-2019 21:31

Stripetti Squash Quiche

Vegan gluten-free quiche uses stripetti squash or spaghetti squash as an encasing for the filling. It?s lighter than traditional quiche, low in carb, ...
09-11-2019 21:35

Orange & Chocolate Marble Bundt Cake

Easy vegan Marble Bundt Cake with a zesty kick for a delightful chocolate and orange flavour combo, simply delicious! This recipe results in a moist m...
13-10-2019 21:34

Fried Hot Peppers in Sweet & Sour Vinaigrette

Fried hot peppers in sweet and sour balsamic vinaigrette is a tasty side dish that can be made in little time to complement any meal. Roasted or fried...
25-09-2019 21:32

Curried Vegan ‘Tuna’ Patties

Vegan ?Tuna? Patties made with cannellini beans, hinted with subtle seaweed flavours and light curry flair. Delicious! Crispy on the outside, moist te...
14-09-2019 21:33

Vegan Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies

Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies, blanketed with a crisp coating of sugar, are light and cakey, wonderful savoured with a cup of tea or coffee. These vega...
31-08-2019 21:30

How to Make Spiced Chai Tea

Brewed to perfection, black tea or spiced chai tea, deliciously fragranced with cardamom, cinnamon, fresh ginger and a touch of vanilla, then creamed ...
25-08-2019 21:32

Ditali Pasta with Courgette (Zucchini) and Hot Chilli Oil

Simple pasta recipe for weeknights?Spicy Ditali with Courgette (Zucchini) and Hot Chilli Oil?when you want dinner to be delicious and nutritious, in r...
18-08-2019 21:31

Vegan Red Curry with Tofu & Vegetables

Flavourful vegan red curry made from scratch with carefully selected highly aromatic herbs and spices, seasonal vegetables and tofu. This curry is so ...
10-08-2019 21:30

Spiced Pear Chutney Recipe

Sweet and spicy pear chutney is probably not one that instantly comes to mind, but it?s definitely worth making. Chunks of juicy fresh California Bart...
03-08-2019 21:32

Vegetable Shao Mai

Shao Mai or Sui Mai are Asian dumplings that are usually filled with meat. Vegetable Shao Mai, sans meat, are equally scrumptious and full of flavour....
16-07-2019 21:33

Cherry Rhubarb Pie & How to Avoid Soggy Pie Crust

Zesty Cherry Rhubarb Pie with a wonderfully flaky crust that doesn?t come out soggy! The natural sweetness of luscious cherries mingles with the vibra...
01-07-2019 21:31

Tarragon Purple Potato and Mixed Bean Salad

Light and zesty Purple Potato Salad, dressed with an aromatic tarragon vinaigrette for a delightful spin on the classic Summer potato salad. Mixed bea...
23-06-2019 21:31

Pressure Cooker Butter Beans Stewed in Tomato Sauce

Creamy butter beans, also known as gigantes or giant lima beans, are stewed in the pressure cooker in a spiced tomato sauce. This quintessential Mauri...
15-06-2019 21:32

Tandoori Tofu Jackfruit Kebabs – Vegan Sheet Pan Dinne

Spicy vegan kebabs with tofu and jackfruit in a tandoori masala marinade are perfect as part of sheet pan dinners for busy weeknights or Summertime ve...
02-06-2019 21:32

Tagliatelle Pasta with Artichoke Hearts and Lentils

Warm spices like cumin and paprika, create a deep flavour undertone, which is then enlivened with a touch of bright orange juice and dried apricots to...
16-05-2019 21:35

Pineapple Pie Recipe – No Added Sugar?

A vegan Pineapple Pie recipe with no added sugar and homemade flaky pie crust. The texture is somewhat similar to a creamy custard pie but woven with ...
30-04-2019 21:34

North African Spiced Vegan Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Warmly infused with North African spices – ras el hanout, this Vegan Spaghetti Squash Casserole with crispy tempeh can be served as a side dish or l...
11-04-2019 21:36

15 Scrumptious Plantain Recipes

A list of 15 plantain recipes that will make you start cooking with plantains right away. These scrumptious recipes are more than just fried plantain ...
30-03-2019 21:35

Cheesy Nooch Tomato Fried Rice

Cheesy Nooch Tomato Fried Rice is a beautiful version of the classic vegetable fried rice dish with amazingly complex flavours from the tomato, nooch ...
27-03-2019 21:33

Vegan Butternut Squash Gratin with Kamut Berries

A vegan version of the gratin dish with no butter or cream, this butternut squash gratin is yet wonderfully creamy and delicious. Kamut berries delive...
13-03-2019 21:31

What is Kamut khorasan wheat" How to Cook Kamut"

Kamut is an ancient grain that is much easier to digest than conventional wheat. Kamut khorasan wheat has a better nutrient profile compared to modern...
09-03-2019 21:33

40+ Vegan Pantry Recipes to Make from Pantry Staples

A list of vegan recipes that you can make, mostly from pantry staples when you are running low on fresh produce in the fridge. A well-stocked vegan pa...
02-03-2019 21:32

Garibaldi Biscuits Recipe – Currant Raisin Cookies

Garibaldi biscuits are crunchy buttery cookies, neither too rich nor too sweet, filled with soft currant raisins sandwiched inside. Every bite of thes...
14-02-2019 21:32

Easy Vegan Pizza Recipe – No Yeast Pizza Dough

Easy Vegan Pizza Recipe topped with Tikka Masala Smoked Tofu and dolloped with creamy Vegan Cheese Sauce. The spelt pizza crust is made with a no-rise...
10-02-2019 21:31

Delicata Squash and Fava Bean Stew

A warmly spiced delicata squash and fava bean stew makes the ultimate comfort food meal for chilly weeknights. It?s the kind of stew that makes you fe...
22-01-2019 21:33

Smoky Tempeh Crustless Quiche with Eggplant ‘CrustR

This vegan quiche is somewhat crustless in that there is no pastry involved, with thick sturdy slices of eggplant arranged to encase the filling in li...
11-01-2019 21:32

Vegan Cassoulet – French White Bean Stew

Originating from southern France, the cassoulet is a white bean stew that is traditionally simmered over a long period of time. Since white beans are ...
05-01-2019 21:33

Creamy Corn Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup

Creamy red lentil soup with corn, pumpkin and turmeric is especially warming and healing for this time of the year. This is an easy soup recipe that n...
30-12-2018 21:30

Water Kefir – Healthy Home-brewed Soda

Water kefir is a fermented probiotic beverage full of beneficial bacteria and is so simple, easy and fun to prepare at home. It is slightly tangy and ...
18-11-2018 21:33

Five-Spice Sticky Tofu & Mushroom Wrap

A simple easy recipe for Five-Spice Sticky Tofu & Mushroom served in a tortilla. This Chinese five spice tofu comes together in 20 minutes or less and...
04-11-2018 21:29

Red Kidney Beans & Zucchini in Pumpkin Curry Sauce

Traditional flavours of the Mauritian curry are captured with red kidney beans and zucchini in rich pumpkin curry sauce. This tomato-based curry recip...
26-10-2018 21:33

One-Pot Smoked Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff with Green Beans

When chilly autumn nights beckon a nourishing bowl of comfort food to warm the heart, this Smoked Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff with Green Beans might just...
18-10-2018 21:31

Free Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

Today we have something other than a recipe to share. If you’ve enjoyed the printable Meal Planner – Chirpy Set, we’re pretty sure you’ll love...
13-10-2018 21:30

Pumpkin Besan Burfi {Chickpea Fudge}

A delicious seasonal vegan besan burfi treat revealing the mellow sweetness of pumpkin married to the earthy flavours of besan or chickpea/gram flour....
07-10-2018 21:27

Vegetable Moussaka

An easy vegetable moussaka dish that consists of juicy veggie meatless mince sauce mingling with layers of sweet eggplant (aubergines) and a velvety c...
02-10-2018 21:30

Printable Meal Planner – Chirpy Set

As much as possible, we enjoy coming up with ways to render each aspect of our everyday life more enjoyable and easy, but the best part is when we sha...
28-09-2018 21:31

Lentil Pasta Salad with Balsamic Dill Vinaigrette

Lentil Pasta Salad with radish, cucumber, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas and aromatic balsamic fresh dill vinaigrette. Vegan soy-free and nut-free re...
22-09-2018 21:29

Roasted Eggplant Steaks with Veggie Mince Sauce

Delectable Roasted Eggplant Steaks slathered with a flavoursome veggie meatless mince sauce – a tasty simple dinner that is low in carb and vegan ke...
15-09-2018 21:31

Spiced Beetroot Relish {Naturally Sweetened}

A tangy sweet spiced beetroot relish with no added sugar. Simple and easy to make, this beet chutney is naturally sweetened with ripe pears and wonder...
08-09-2018 21:29

Packed Lunch Ideas: 18 Portable Veggie Lunches

A list of 18 creative packed lunch ideas or potable veggie lunches, many of which can be made from dinner leftovers. Delicious and nutritious homemade...
31-08-2018 21:31

Olive and Herb Scones

Light and fluffy olive and herb scones – great for meal prepping breakfasts and snacks. They are moist and aromatic with complex savoury flavours, d...
28-08-2018 21:29

Pear Chocolate Cake in a Pressure Cooker

Chocolate and pear lovers should find much joy in this cake â€” whole sweet juicy California Bartlett pears cushioned inside deliciously moist and mel...
28-07-2018 21:31

Homemade Soy Yogurt

Thick creamy soy yogurt that sets like a charm without any yogurt maker and is delicious! With only two ingredients, the process is much simpler than ...
20-07-2018 21:29

Coconut Cherry Brown Rice Protein Shake

A flavourful sprouted brown rice protein smoothie naturally sweetened with cherries. Coconut milk produces a creamy texture and a sweet refreshing aro...
11-07-2018 21:29

Tandoori Jackfruit Bao (Pao)

A little twist on the traditional Mauritian bao, also known as pao, with a mouthwatering spicy tandoori jackfruit filling. These tender fluffy steamed...
01-07-2018 21:30

Cherry Sugar Free Muffins

Moist wholesome sugar free muffins that are not your usual butter/sugar filled muffin, yet they taste delicious! These Cherry Muffins are naturally sw...
09-06-2018 21:32

Red Bean Mochi Balls Recipe

Soft delicate mochi balls filled with sweet homemade adzuki or red bean paste make a delicious dessert or snack. This red bean mochi recipe also inclu...
02-06-2018 21:32

Creamy Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts & Marinated Mush

Brussels sprouts with mushrooms in a one pot creamy spaghetti dish makes an easy simple weeknight dinner for when you still want to eat something heal...
19-05-2018 21:30

Harissa Tempeh Pizza with No Knead Pizza Dough

A spicy flavourful harissa tempeh pizza with a simple no knead pizza dough that rises in almost no time. Add a vegan cheesy sauce for variation. Some ...
05-05-2018 21:29

Vegetable Pasties with Vegan Mince

Delicious flaky vegetable pasties with vegan mince filling – these savoury hand pies can be enjoyed for any occasion. They are convenient to carry a...
02-05-2018 21:30

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