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Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta

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Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta

Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta

I’m trying to get caught up on my cookbook backlog and this smoky roasted red pepper and chickpea pasta is inspired by Maya of Dreamy Leaf‘s second cookbook, Power Vegan Meals. The dish in the book is “red bell pepper and chickpea pasta”. I thought the pictures looked tasty and went to the store to...
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The post Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta appeared first on Yup, It's Vegan!.

I’m trying to get caught up on my cookbook backlog and this smoky roasted red pepper and chickpea pasta is inspired by Maya of Dreamy Leaf‘s second cookbook, Power Vegan Meals.

The rest of Power Vegan Meals is supposed to be focused on high-protein meals that don’t require a lot of prep. There are many appealing recipes in the book although I found that I wanted to make some changes to the flavor profiles of most of them to suit my taste. I found the “high-protein” aspect of this book really misleading and disappointing. For example, a taco recipe states that it contains 32g of protein per serving, but each serving is 1180 calories, with 167g of carbohydrates and 45g of fat. Those nutritional specs are definitely not high-protein: in this recipe, per calorie and per gram, protein is vastly outweighed by carbohydrates and fat. To enjoy these 32g of protein, some would need to eat most of their calories for the entire day. Scaling up the serving size for the purpose of meeting a target protein quantity makes no practical sense, is misleading, and was done frequently in other recipes throughout the book.
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Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta Smoky Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta


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Fecha de publicación: 19-02-2018 21:23
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