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Celine Steen’s Harira

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Celine Steen’s Harira Celine Steen’s Harira

Celine Steen’s Harira

There aren’t too many things I love more than a giant, hearty pot of soup, especially at this time of year. When that soup is packed with fiber and nutrition, pantry-friendly, and boldly flavored, so much the better. All of those qualities apply to Celine Steen’s harira, which I’m so happy to be sharing today.
Celine Steen’s blog, Have Cake Will Travel, was one of the earliest vegan blogs I found. I was drawn in by Celine’s clearly written and scrupulously tested recipes, her knack for baking, and her commitment to the vegan lifestyle, which shone through her words.
Over the years, I’ve built up a steady collection of her cookbooks, some of which are co-authored, some of which aren’t: The Great Vegan Protein Book, The Great Vegan Grains Book, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions, and Vegans Go Nuts. There are many, many more; Celine is a prolific author, and the range of books she’s written speaks to how thorough her knowledge of vegan cookery is. You can count on her recipes to work exactly as written, to boast user-friendly instructions, and to taste consistently excellent.

Another one of my favorite qualities of Celine’s food is that it’s bold, diverse, and globally inspired. The Great Vegan Grains book introduced me to a number of spice blends I hadn’t tried before, and Celine’s new book, Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking, follows suit.
Celine begins by noting that there are few worse scenarios for a home cook than serving bland food to friends; she also notes that vegan food has long been misperceived as dull and boring. “If only they knew,” she writes, “and now they can! Creating big, bold, exciting flavors for vegan and vegan-friendly cooks is what this book is all about.”
Celine makes good on that promise. The book is divided into four sections: savory (umami-rich), spicy, sweet, and staples. The chapter names are fairly self-explanatory, and the recipes are appropriately rich in seasoning. As someone who came to home cooking with a pretty timid palate?I didn’t grow up eating heavily seasoned or boldly flavored food, so it was very foreign to me for a long time?the book has been a particularly great and informative resource.

Some of my favorite recipes?or rather, the ones I’m most excited to make at home?include the smoky kale and chickpeas with miso peanut drizzle, the gochujang kimchi bowl, red chana dal mujaddara, and red curry scramble with lime-y broccoli. And those are just the savory ones: I’m also intrigued by Celine’s miso sweet cookies and peachy tamari creamy farina (what an unusual breakfast!).
In the meantime, I’m loving this spicy, thick, textured Harira, or Moroccan soup. The recipe is filed under spicy, and it certainly can be, but Celine invites readers to adjust the harissa paste to taste. I kept mine relatively mild, but there’s plenty of room to kick the flavor up further. The sou...


Fuente de la noticia: thefullhelping
Fecha de publicación: 05-10-2017 22:02
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If you live in the US be sure to check out Thrive Market to get $60 of FREE organic groceries + free shipping: ...
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Coconut dosa recipe | Thengai dosa | Dosa recipes

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New Vegan Food At Trader Joe’s For The Holidays!

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Maple Dijon Vegan Cheese Ball

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Weekend Reading, 11.19.20

A couple weeks ago, a reader passed along Carrie Arnold’s Saline?a most basic medical supply?is running short since manufacturing facilities were da ...
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4 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menus

Food brings people together. No American Holiday emphasizes this more than Thanksgiving. But sometimes, dietary restrictions make menu planning a litt ...
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EASY VEGAN MEAL PREP (I spent NO money lol)

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We flew to Lisbon to host the creative stage at web summit, it was a huge honour and we thought no better time to see what vegan spoils we could find ...
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Sweet Potato Wedges with Peanut Sauce

One of the challenges I love when cooking for others is to help change the narrative a bit around indulgent food. I eat decently 90% of the time but ...
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Coffee-Cardamom Bread Pudding w/ Warm Mocha Sauce. Oil-free.

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