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Simple Vegan Stuffing

9-ingredient simple vegan stuffing. A plant-based version of this classic recipe, that is so healthy and low in fat. It’s a must-have Thanksgivi...
17-11-2017 22:09

Vegan Green Bean Casserole (Gluten Free)

This 30-minute vegan green bean casserole is gluten-free and perfect for the holidays. It’s so creamy, tasty and super healthy. Only 10 ingredie...
15-11-2017 22:03

Baked Onion Strings (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Easy homemade, vegan, gluten-free baked onion rings. Enjoy them as a snack, appetizer, on your burgers, salads or on top of green bean casseroles. He...
14-11-2017 22:08

Simple Vegan Meatloaf

Simple vegan meatloaf, which is also gluten-free and made with easy to find ingredients. A delicious plant-based version of a classic recipe. Here...
11-11-2017 21:59

Simple Vegan Gravy

Simple vegan gravy ready in just 15 minutes. It’s also gluten-free, low in fat and only requires 9 ingredients. It’s great with vegan mash...
04-11-2017 22:07

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Simple, tasty, vegan stuffed peppers made with just 9 ingredients. They’re also gluten-free, super healthy and a great entree or side dish. I&#...
02-11-2017 22:03

Vegan Baked Pumpkin Donuts (Gluten-Free)

Vegan baked pumpkin donuts made in just 25 minutes. They’re gluten-free, low in fat and so delicious. It’s a super healthy breakfast recip...
01-11-2017 22:11

How To Make Pumpkin Pie Spice

How to make pumpkin pie spice. Making your own spice blend costs less, besides, it’s super easy to make. You only need 5 minutes and 5 spices to...
29-10-2017 22:08

How To Make Vegetable Stock (Oil-Free)

How to make oil-free vegetable stock at home. It’s healthier and more affordable than store-bought and also low in fat. Feel free to use any veg...
24-10-2017 22:02

Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes

7-ingredient vegan mashed sweet potatoes. They’re so tasty, smooth, creamy and ready in about 30 minutes. It’s the perfect side dish! I r...
21-10-2017 22:04

Vegan Yakisoba

Our vegan yakisoba is a low-fat, plant-based, healthy version of this typical Japanese dish and is made in just 30 minutes. Yakisoba means “fri...
19-10-2017 22:03

Vegan Gluten Free Banana Bread

This vegan gluten banana bread is so delicious, healthy, moist, satisfying and made with simple ingredients. It’s the perfect breakfast or desse...
17-10-2017 22:05

Baked Avocado Fries (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

These 7-ingredient baked avocado fries are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s a delicious, vegan, gluten-free appetizer or snac...
13-10-2017 22:04

Aloo Gobi Matar (Potato, Cauliflower and Pea Curry)

Aloo gobi matar is an Indian curry made with potato, cauliflower and peas. It’s ready in 20 minutes and our recipe is low in fat. We spent a fa...
11-10-2017 22:10

Quinoa Flake Porridge

Quinoa flake porridge is a great alternative for those of you who can’t eat oats and a delicious, warm and satisfying 5-minute breakfast recipe....
08-10-2017 22:05

Easy Chickpea Scramble (10 Minutes)

This easy chickpea scramble is the perfect recipe for a delicious, quick and easy meal. It’s high in protein and ready in just 10 minutes! I...
06-10-2017 22:03

Vegan Spanish Beef Stew

We’ve created a vegan version of Spanish beef stew, that is also gluten-free, low in fat and high in protein. It’s a delicious dinner reci...
03-10-2017 22:04

Simple Vegan Ramen

Making vegan ramen at home is so easy. Feel free to use the veggies you have on hand or what’s in season. It’s a super comforting and sati...
02-10-2017 22:06

Simple Vegan Jambalaya

This simple vegan jambalaya is a super tasty, satisfying and nutritious dish. It’s a delicious dinner recipe, which is also oil-free and very lo...
27-09-2017 22:14

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (Gluten-Free)

These Buffalo cauliflower wings are baked, not fried and also gluten-free. They’re so easy to make and a super healthy snack, appetizer or side....
23-09-2017 22:11

Simple Vegan Ranch Dressing

This simple vegan ranch dressing is a healthier alternative to the classic recipe. It’s perfect for salads or as a dip with tortilla chips, crud...
21-09-2017 22:09

Vegan Gluten-Free Berry Crisp (Low-Fat)

This vegan gluten-free berry crisp is a delicious and low-fat dessert or breakfast recipe. Feel free to use any fresh or frozen fruit you like. We...
20-09-2017 22:17

10 Vegan Asian-Style Recipes

You can make a plant-based version of any recipe you like, so veganize Asian food is pretty easy and it’s still delicious. These are my favorite...
29-08-2017 22:03

Simple Vegan Lo Mein

Lo Mein is made with wheat flour noodles and some animal protein, but we’ve used mushrooms and rice noodles to make a vegan, gluten-free version...
26-08-2017 22:06

Avocado Hummus Toasts with Chickpeas

These avocado hummus toasts with chickpeas are a tasty, healthy and nutritious option for breakfast or snack and also for a quick and light lunch or d...
24-08-2017 22:08

Vegan Bircher Muesli

This vegan bircher muesli is a delicious, healthy, quick and easy breakfast recipe, but you can also have it as a snack or dessert. It’s reall...
23-08-2017 22:05

Simple Vegetable Curry

This simple vegetable curry is a delicious side dish. I usually serve it with some white rice, but any grain or legume will do. It’s ready in 20...
20-08-2017 22:00

Vegan Zucchini Alfredo

We’ve developed this vegan zucchini Alfredo recipe, which is inspired in two of our most popular dishes. It’s super creamy and tastes like...
18-08-2017 22:01

Vegan Caramel Frappuccino

You just need 4 ingredients to make this refreshing vegan caramel frappuccino and is ready in less than 5 minutes. It’s so good! Alberto and I ...
15-08-2017 22:04

1-Pot Lentil Chili

This 1-pot lentil chili is so nutritious, satiating and spicy so it’s perfect for beat the heat or to keep you warm. We serve it with some rice ...
09-08-2017 22:07

Instant Raspberry Chia Pudding

This super creamy raspberry chia pudding is made with just 4 ingredients and as it’s instant, you can eat it immediately, so you don’t hav...
04-08-2017 22:05

10 Vegan Pasta Recipes

10 vegan pasta recipes. Everybody loves pasta and these recipes are so easy to make. Learn how to make delicious plant-based pasta recipes at home! P...
02-08-2017 22:02

Vegan Pasta Carbonara

You can enjoy a delicious and creamy vegan pasta carbonara in just 25 minutes. This is a gluten-free version, which is also healthier and lower in fat...
31-07-2017 22:02

Eggplant Bacon

I’ve never been a bacon lover myself, so I haven’t missed it since I went vegan, only a few times when I tried to make some recipes that ...
25-07-2017 22:07

Vegan Breakfast Tacos

These 30-minute vegan tacos are perfect for breakfast. You can also eat them for lunch or dinner, they’re so delicious, healthy and satisfying. ...
22-07-2017 22:02

Vegan Leche Merengada Pops

These delicious vegan leche merengada pops are made with just 5 ingredients. They also are naturally sweetened and a super healthy dessert. It’...
20-07-2017 22:02

Guasacaca and Baked Plantain Chips

Guasacaca is a delicious Venezuelan savory sauce, pretty similar to guacamole. It’s ready in 5 minutes and we serve it with some baked plantain ...
18-07-2017 22:12

Simple Chana Masala

Chana masala is an Indian dish made with chickpeas (chana) and garam masala. This 30-minute recipe is so simple, tasty and also oil-free. Chickpeas a...
13-07-2017 22:08

Simple Spanish Sangria

This simple Spanish sangria is so delicious, healthy, refreshing and perfect for the summer. It only requires 7 ingredients and is so easy to make. I...
11-07-2017 22:03

10 Vegan Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

You just need 15 minutes (or less) to make healthy, nutritious, simple, vegan recipes, that also taste amazing. These are some of our favorite 15 min...
06-07-2017 22:06

No Bake Granola Bars

These no bake granola bars are made with just 8 ingredients. They’re a delicious and healthy snack and also so convenient to eat on the go. I a...
04-07-2017 22:07

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cooking is one of my passions. I’ve always enjoyed making savory dishes, but baking was not my thing because I thought it was so hard. Thanks t...
22-06-2017 22:06

How To Make Tahini (1 Ingredient)

How to make tahini at home using just one ingredient: sesame seeds. It’s so easy to make and also healthier and more affordable than store-bough...
20-06-2017 22:05

Vegan Ceviche

This vegan ceviche is so refreshing. Traditional ceviche is quite popular in some countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, but it’s made wi...
17-06-2017 22:02

Vegan Tuna Sandwich

This vegan tuna sandwich is ready in less than 10 minutes. It’s a delicious, simple and healthy lunch recipe, perfect to bring to work or school...
15-06-2017 22:12

Vegan Pesto Risotto

We’ve come back from Italy after 9 amazing days. The food was AWESOME and it’s so easy to find vegan food there. We’re going to mis...
12-06-2017 22:01

Vegan Thai Salad

Alberto really loves Thai food and it’s perfect for summer because is so refreshing and easy to make. We’ve been making this vegan Thai s...
08-06-2017 21:57

Vegan Iced Matcha Latte

It’s almost summer, yay! I’m craving fruit, smoothies, salads and refreshing drinks, like this vegan iced matcha latte. I tried matcha la...
06-06-2017 22:03

Vegan Spinach & Artichoke Dip

I had seen this recipe on so many blogs, but I’ver never tried it before. Most recipes were not vegan and so high in fat, but I wanted to make ...
03-06-2017 21:59

Vegan Noodles Singapore

Asian food is super popular on the blog and I understand why, it’s so delicious, healthy and easy to make. That’s why I want to share mor...
01-06-2017 22:05

10 Vegan Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn’t like chocolate" I think everybody loves it! Besides, it’s a super healthy food if is made with natural ingredients (no m...
30-05-2017 22:01

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Going vegan was one of the best choices I’ve ever made, but I missed ice cream so much, until I tried this amazing recipe. It’s hard to f...
28-05-2017 22:04

Vegan Patatas Alioli (Aioli Potatoes)

Aioli is so popular here in Spain and also one of the most delicious sauces I’ve ever tried. My two favorite Spanish dishes with aioli were pat...
25-05-2017 22:05

Vegan Aioli (Oil-Free)

Aioli was my favorite sauce when I wasn’t vegan and also after I went vegan because I learnt how to make an egg-free version using soy milk ins...
23-05-2017 22:04

Marinated Tempeh Wraps

I?ve realized we only have three tempeh recipes on the blog: tempeh bacon, vegan Cobb salad and vegan tempeh meatballs. Just in case you don?t know, ...
20-05-2017 22:03

Vegan Malaga Salad (Ensalada Malagueña)

I eat salads all year long, but I make them more often in the spring and summer because it’s so hot here in Spain. I usually add some leafy gre...
18-05-2017 22:02

Easy Açai Bowl

I tried an açai bowl for the first time last month in Edinburgh and I really enjoyed it. I shared a picture on Instagram stories asking you guys if y...
16-05-2017 22:05

Vegan Pinchos Morunos (Spanish Skewers)

We don’t share many Spanish recipes on the blog, because we enjoy making international dishes. I know you guys like Spanish food, so I want to ...
13-05-2017 22:05

Vegan Lemon Cake (Gluten Free)

You guys loved our vegan carrot cake, so we’ve decided to make cakes more often and here it is a new recipe, this delicious lemon cake. I could...
11-05-2017 22:08

How To Make a Flax Egg

There are so many ways to replace eggs in vegan cooking, but my favorite choice for baking and making sweet recipes is flax egg because it has a cons...
09-05-2017 22:03

Chole Palak (Spinach with Chickpeas)

Spinach with chickpeas is a popular recipe on the blog and it’s also a popular tapa here in Seville, we usually eat it and some salmorejo when w...
06-05-2017 22:03

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (5 Ingredients)

I don’t know why I haven’t tried this recipe before, I think I was afraid because traditional macaroons are not easy to make and so time ...
04-05-2017 22:32

Vegan Burrito Bowl

We used to eat burritos very often, especially for lunch, but it’s hard to find healthy tortillas here in Spain, they’re usually made of ...
02-05-2017 22:10

Fat Free Vegan Refried Beans

I love Mexican food so much, so I’ve wanted to make this recipe for a long time. This is a healthier and vegan version and I’m so happy b...
28-04-2017 22:07

My Go-To Salad Dressing (5 Ingredients)

I don?t know why I haven?t shared this amazing recipe with you guys yet because I make it almost every single day. Well, I posted my simple salad with...
27-04-2017 22:01

Eating Vegan in London

I?ve been so busy after our travel to London, but finally the post is ready. These are the vegan places we visited. We wanted to make a post to help y...
27-04-2017 22:01

Vegan Crostini

This is another recipe you can make using our low fat vegan mozzarella. These vegan crostini are so delicious and they?re ready in less than 10 minute...
24-04-2017 22:01

Vegan Protein Shake

Non vegans are so worried about where we vegans get our protein from. I think every single vegan has answered this question SO MANY times because many...
21-04-2017 22:05

Simple Vegan Gluten Free Pizza

We posted our low fat vegan mozzarella first, then our 3 ingredient gluten free pizza crust and finally we?re so excited to share this delicious pizza...
19-04-2017 21:59

3 Ingredient Gluten Free Pizza Crust

You have asked us for a vegan pizza crust so many times, so here it is. It requires only 3 ingredients and is yeast and fat-free, yay! We shared our l...
17-04-2017 22:00

Low Fat Vegan Mozzarella

I?m so happy because I?ve made vegan mozzarella for the firs time! It?s so delicious cold and hot and is low in fat. We used it to make the pizza you ...
14-04-2017 21:56

Low Fat Vegan Garlic Bread

We?re back from Scotland! I?ve been sharing some pictures of the places and the restaurants we?ve visited on Instagram Stories, but I could share them...
12-04-2017 22:09

Pea Puree

When I was a child, I was a picky eater. There were so many things I didn?t like, especially plant based foods and now I?m vegan. Funny, right" S...
10-04-2017 22:00

2-Ingredient Vegan Coconut Yogurt

It?s impossible to find coconut yogurt here in Spain, so when I went to London I tried it and although it tasted good, it was too thick and greasy for...
07-04-2017 21:53

Easy Lentil Falafel

I?m in love with falafel, it was love at first sight. I think it?s my favorite legume recipe and it has been so helpful for eating on the go because T...
06-04-2017 22:03

Vegan Waldorf Salad

It?s salad time! I?ve never tried a non vegan version of Waldorf salad. In fact, I?ve only eaten twice in my life and both times the salad were plant ...
03-04-2017 21:59

Vegan Lasagna Soup

As I told you on my previous post, I found a lasagna soup recipe I wanted to try, so I made a vegan and healthier version inspired by Laura in the kit...
31-03-2017 21:53

Vegan Tofu Ricotta

We?ve shared some dairy-free cheese recipes on the blog and they?re quite popular because cheese is one the things that people who goes plant based mi...
29-03-2017 22:05

Vegan Carrot Cake (Gluten Free)

Here it is! The most delicious cake we?ve ever made. This recipe is not as simple as most of our recipes are, but is quite easy to make considering it...
27-03-2017 21:57

Vegan Cashew Frosting

We?re back from London with a delicious vegan cashew frosting recipe for you guys. What an amazing city! I think it?s the most beautiful place I?ve ev...
24-03-2017 21:54

10 Vegan Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

Our recipes are really simple, at least most of them. They?re usually ready in 30 minutes or less, so today we want to share with you some of our favo...
22-03-2017 22:01

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

The first thing Alberto and I ate together was a McDonald?s burger, it was exactly nine years ago. We weren?t vegans and our health was not important ...
20-03-2017 21:57

Vegan Quesadillas

We?re going to London tomorrow! Don?t worry because we?ve scheduled a couple of posts for you guys. If you know any vegan place we should visit, pleas...
17-03-2017 21:55

Pico de Gallo

Mexican food is awesome and pico de gallo is a great appetizer or salad because is super healthy and tastes SO good. We usually eat it with some torti...
15-03-2017 21:59

Vegan Lasagna

Who doesn?t love lasagna" I do! And it?s really easy to make a vegan version, I don?t know why I haven?t shared this recipe with you guys yet. Me...
14-03-2017 21:57

Vegan Thai Soup

We love Thai food, especially Alberto, he wants to go to South East Asia badly because of the weather, landscapes and of course because of the food. I...
10-03-2017 21:51

Pasta Primavera

It?s been a year since we moved to Cologne for 3 months, time flies! We were so happy there and also travelled a lot, it was one of the best experienc...
08-03-2017 21:56

Vegan Gluten Free Donuts

If you ask me if a dish is good, I?ll tell you most of the times that it?s the best dish I?ve ever tried. Maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but you kno...
06-03-2017 22:00

How To Make Oat Milk

We use oat milk all the time and although we have a delicious recipe in our FREE 10 Easy Vegan Recipes E-Cookbook, here you have another delicious oat...
28-02-2017 22:01

Cauliflower Rice Risotto

This is the delicious recipe I promised you on the previous post, where I showed you how to make cauliflower rice. I couldn?t live without regular ric...
27-02-2017 21:56

3-Ingredient Vegan GF Pancakes

Hi! Alberto here again. In case you didn?t read the previous post, I?ll put you in the picture: Iosune has got a cold and I?m in charge of publishing ...
18-02-2017 21:52

Vegan Sloppy Joes

I?ve wanted to try Sloppy Joes for a long time and I finally did it a few weeks ago. Oh my god! I think it?s one of the best sandwiches I?ve ever trie...
13-02-2017 22:09

Immune Booster Juice

It?s cold and flu season and there?s no better way to treat and prevent them that eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Juices are perfect because ...
12-02-2017 22:26

Easy Butternut Squash Soup

Soups are a great way of nourishing our beautiful bodies and make us feel great. They?re so easy to make, just place some seasonal veggies in a large ...
08-02-2017 21:59

Post Workout Smoothie

Leading an active life and exercising more are two of the most popular New Year?s resolutions, so I want to share with you my favorite post workout sm...
06-02-2017 21:56

10 Healthy Vegan Snacks

Fresh fruits, nuts and seeds are great snacks to eat on the go, but if you prefer something cooked or just different, there are many delicious, simple...
05-02-2017 22:03

Quinoa Edamame Salad

When we lived in Germany we bought Asian food at least once a week, sometimes at the supermarket, sometimes at a take away restaurant. It was there wh...
01-02-2017 22:01

Simple Vegan Bean Soup

The weather in Spain is so warm, especially here in the south. It?s sunny most of the year, but as I?m not used to the cold weather, I don?t like it a...
31-01-2017 22:01

Quinoa Stir Fry with Vegetables

We make Asian food all the time because we love the taste and how simple it usually is. This quinoa stir fry with vegetables is not an exception, it?s...
27-01-2017 22:00

5-Minute Lentil Dip

I?m so glad I?ve discovered this 5-minute lentil dip, it?s a super quick recipe, but tastes so good! I usually have a smoothie or oatmeal for breakfas...
25-01-2017 21:55

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