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You Had Me At Aloe

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You Had Me At Aloe You Had Me At Aloe

You Had Me At Aloe

New Year’s Day is the perfect opportunity to clean up your act and get a fresh start.
Diet culture be damned, there’s more to this concept than just what goes into our bodies. Fresh aloe is my secret weapon for happier, healthier skin and a glow that outshines the gloomiest winter days.
While lasting change starts from within, I strongly believe that aloe should be a topical ingredient only. There are proven benefits to drinking small amounts of pure aloe juice, but quite frankly, it tastes like straight poison to me. There is no amount of compelling research out there at would convince me I should drink the culinary equivalent of drain cleaner. Thus, when I found myself with a large leaf of fresh aloe on hand, I knew right away it was better suited for the bathroom than the kitchen.
What is aloe"
First things first, in case you’ve only seen the little bottles of goop in the cosmetics section before aloe is a succulent that is prized worldwide for its medicinal properties. There are well over 400 species of aloe with aloe vera being the most common. Dubbed the ?Plant of Immortality? by ancient Egyptians, the first record of the plant comes from 6,000-year old carvings within the tombs of deceased pharaohs. Its modern name comes from the Arabic word ?Alloeh?, which translates to ?shining bitter substance?, and the Latin word ?Vera?, which translates to ?true?.
What are the benefits of aloe"
Aloe is the Swiss army knife of skin care. Whatever ails...
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You Had Me At Aloe You Had Me At Aloe


Fuente de la noticia: bittersweetblog
Fecha de publicacin: 02-01-2023 22:14
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You Had Me At Aloe

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