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Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie

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Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie

Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie

I’m living in the shadows of a banana bread obsession. Or perhaps it’s just a banana obsession in banana bread’s clothes. Bananas have taken over my food choices and grocery list, and I’ve had little say in the matter other than, “gimme more”. In the past few weeks alone, I’ve made: OSG’s banana bread twice, banana pancakes,... Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie by Ashley of Blissful Basil | Healthy Plant-Based Vegan Recipes & Wellness Tips

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Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie Vegan Banana Bread Smoothie


Fuente de la noticia: blissfulbasil
Fecha de publicación: 23-03-2017 21:57
visto: 11

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In the Palm of My Hands

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Decadent, delicious, and piled high with coconut whipped cream! Oh, and this vegan strawberry shortcake has a twist: the strawberries are soaked in a ...
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Thai Curried TVP Pieces with Asparagus and Peas

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Sev Puri Recipe (How To Make Mumbai Sev Puri)

Sev puri Recipe  – Sev puri is a popular Indian chaat or street food. With this easy recipe you can make this chaat at your home easily! We all Indi ...
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Akki Roti Recipe (Karnataka Akki Rotti Recipe)

Akki roti recipe– Karnataka style flat bread made with rice flour. Akki means rice in kannada and rotti means flat bread. It is a healthy, vegan and ...
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Garlic Knots Recipe (Pizzeria Style Garlic Knots)

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Vegan Chicken Tikka Sandwich | Roz Purcell Collab

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Rice Cake Flowers

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Vegan Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Popsicles

It feels like Summer here, so I am craving popsicles.  When I was little, they were an essential item that we always had to have around in the freeze ...
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Vendakkai Puli Kulambu Recipe.

Vendakkai puli kulambu recipe -Tamil nadu style mildly spiced rich and tangy curry where ladies finger or okra are simmered in tasty tamarind gravy. T ...
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3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Flour Pancakes

I recently saw a bag of Sweet Potato Flour and […] The post 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Flour Pancakes appeared first on Masala Vegan. ...
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Avocado Pasta with Smoky Pecans

Avocado Pasta with Smoky Pecans. This 20 Minute Creamy Avocado Basil Sauce is great over spaghetti or zoodles. Serve with smoky spicy pecans for amazi ...
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Savory Spring Oats with Tofu, Spinach & Peas

I posted these savory spring oats on Instagram a month ago, without the intention of blogging about them, but a few folks immediately requested the re ...
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EWG?s 2018 Dirty Dozen? and Clean Fifteen? Produce List

VegKitchen regularly shares the Environmental Working Group?s annual lists of the Dirty Dozen? and Clean Fifteen? produce. The Dirty Dozen are t ...
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Vegan Tuna

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What I Ate This Week #20: Plant Based Meal Ideas

This week has had lots of emotional ups and downs. Somedays seems to fly by and I don’t have a care in the world. Other days drag by and I find myse ...
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Carrot and Spinach Crunch Lunch Wrap

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Recipes (and posts) by email and GDPR

Many of you receive my posts and recipes in particular by email. If you don\'t use this service and would like to, scroll to the bottom of the this pa ...
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Potato Chickpea Croquettes with Garlicky Sunflower Dip

I know I\'ve mentioned before that I have a penchant for fried foods. It\'s a once-in-awhile treat but there\'s just something kind of magical about ...
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Vegan Memorial Day Recipes

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Veggie Papas with Red Chile Sauce

#donation_buttons td{ border:medium none; background: inherit !important; } #dona ...
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Easy Vegan Zucchini Bread

A simple and delicious vegan zucchini bread that is filled with zucchini and walnuts in every bite. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, you’ ...
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Vegetarian Mexican Rice Recipe (Restaurant Style)

Mexican rice recipe with video and step by step photos. Mexican style fluffy rice loaded with corn and other veggies. Make Mexican rice easily at home ...
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Herbal Summer Detox Tea

A cooling, soothing, detoxing herbal tea that is gorgeous and delicious, I know what I am drinking all summer long! This recipe is a collaboration wi ...
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Get 25% off your first month of Care/of by going to DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK ?? http:/ ...
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Caterpillar Fruit Kebabs

 Turn this summery snack of fresh fruit into a fun piece of art! All you need is some melon, a zippy, zesty yogurt dip (instructions below!), and some ...
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Vegan Roasted Asparagus Garlic Flat Bread

Last weekend I ran the Foodie 4 Mile, a race to celebrate the opening day of the Minneapolis North East Farmer\'s Market.   It was a beautiful perfec ...
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Lemon Coffee Cake | Eggless Baking

Lemons are aplenty and after a week of Lemonade Recipes ?, I was ready to expand my recipe horizons ?!! So yesterday I baked my favorite Lemon Cake - ...
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Homemade Strawberry Milk Recipe (With Syrup)

Strawberry milk recipe with video and step by step photos. This homemade strawberry milk is full of fresh strawberry flavor and bits of real fruit. Yo ...
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