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Derniers Articles Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Delicious And Nutritious Vegan Grilled Carrot-Dogs

You should see carrot for what they can become, for example, the perfect ?hot? dog. Begin with 6 or 8 kinds of straight carrots, and slice off the top...
31-05-2018 21:19

Behold! The Best Vegan-Cheddar Cheese Formula You Can Prepar

This time we present Vegan Cheese Recipe the ?Cheddar Cheese Recipe? a very rich and simple recipe, with which we can accompany a host of preparations...
29-05-2018 21:18

What Differentiates The Plant Based Diet From The Vegan Diet

Vegan, veggie, reducetarian, or plant-based eating regimens are some of the various ways of life people turn to when in need of a healthy diet. Most p...
26-05-2018 21:17

Whopping $31 Million Investment In ?By Chloe? -The Vegan Fas

Whopping $31Million Investment In ?By Chloe? -The Vegan Fast Food Chain Breaks Records ANew York City-located, laid-back vegan restaurant chain ?By Ch...
25-04-2018 21:18

The Ultimate 30 Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Blogs Of Year 2

The trick to leading a healthy lifestyle is sticking to a plant-based eating regimen. Throughout the past couple of years plant-based recipe websites ...
07-04-2018 21:21

Weight Watchers Offer Vegan Support – Promote Senegale

It happened quite recently that Weight Watchers publicly announced their support in favor of vegans. They have come to a decision that even their memb...
06-04-2018 21:21

Top 10 Foods That Fight Water Retention

Water retention, otherwise known as edema, happens when excess fluids get stored within your body. This causes your hands, feet, legs, and ankles to s...
12-12-2017 21:17

10 High-Protein Veggies You Ought to Immediately Include in

Our organism requires protein for the purpose of building and repairing tissues, boosting the immune system function, generating energy and supporting...
24-11-2017 22:21

God Himself Sent it to People: An Antibiotic, Anti-Oxidant,

Choosing a natural treatment before taking any prescription drug is always a good idea. People use all types of herbs to help treat all sorts of healt...
05-11-2017 02:28

Finger-licking Potato Bread Rolls (Vegan)

Bread Rolls are the simplest snack to prepare that apart from being tasty and crunchy, can be an amazing party appetizer. It is also a very flavorful ...
05-11-2017 02:28

One Myth Less: Combination of Proteins

Vegetarians know the idea that they need to combine in the same meal two different sources of proteins, such as beans and rice, to get a “completeâ€...
05-11-2017 02:28

The Avocado Dill Dip Crunchy Zucchini Fritters Recipe (Reade

Zucchini Fritters In case you were never presented  with the opportunity to try zucchini wastes then this is the perfect recipe for you! These wastes ...
05-11-2017 02:28

Battling fuzzy thinking" 8 Vegan Foods to Help Beat Bra

Boost cognitive powers, enhance memory and protect against neurodegenerative diseases with these powerful ?brain-protecting foods. Cocoa  Cocoa is hig...
05-11-2017 02:28

Green Potato! They Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Health!

No cuisine can leave potatoes out of its meals. They play such an important role in our diet, they?re simply irreplaceable. There are also different t...
05-11-2017 02:28

The 3-Day Soup Cleanse: Eat as Much as You Want and Fight In

We?re all fans of the occasional detox. Unfortunately, not all detoxes are created equal. In the case of our soup cleanse, however, you can rest assur...
05-11-2017 02:28

Turmeric Enriched Tomato Soup Treats Chronic Disease And Inf

Despite of knowing that aggravation is an inevitable part of your insusceptible reaction to real threats to your health, if it doesn?t have any releva...
05-11-2017 02:28

10 Medicinal Plants Native Americans Used To Cure Everything

The Cherokee Indians believed that the Creator has provided all the needed herbs for all kinds of natural healing of various health issues. Their exte...
05-11-2017 02:28

Top 5 Vegetarian Foods You Should Avoid

It is a very common misconception that all vegetarians are on a healthy diet. You can find a great deal of high calorie vegetarian processed foods tha...
05-11-2017 02:28

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News most viewed Today

25 Easy Chickpea Recipes that are not all Curries. Healthy Vegan Garbanzo Bean Recipes

25 Easy Chickpea Recipes that are not all Cur...

25 Easy Chickpea Recipes. Healthy Vegan Chickpea Recipes from curries, soups, and stews to bowls and pasta. Easy and delicious. Gluten-free and soy-free options.  Chickpeas are such an easy ingredient to work with that you can practically... -
Summer Root Vegetable Soup

Summer Root Vegetable Soup

Calling this a summer root vegetable soup may be a misnomer. Are these summer root vegetables" Well no, but they are pretty much year round crops in Scotland. They are grown or available in the summer, this is the summer and it is such a colourful... -
Potato Pesto Pizza with Basil Spinach Pesto, Garlic and Pepper

Potato Pesto Pizza with Basil Spinach Pesto, ...

Easy Potato Pesto Pizza with Thin Crust. Basil Spinach Pesto makes for a refreshing Pizza base topping with thin potato slices, onion and garlic. Bake or make on the grill. Vegan Soyfree Recipe.  Its not really pizza season with the crazy heat, but... -
Spicy Almond Butter Udon Noodles

Spicy Almond Butter Udon Noodles

Today I’m pressing the pause button on the macro bowls I’ve been eating on repeat because it’s been super snowy and cold lately and all I want is a giant bowl of spicy almond butter noodles!... -
Easy Vegan Ice Cream Cake with Oreo Crust

Easy Vegan Ice Cream Cake with Oreo Crust

Thanks to Brett, I will always laugh when I think of this Vegan Ice Cream Cake with Oreo Frosting. Last weekend, my sister-in-law’s family (the family we’ve been living with since we came back from China) had another family over for dinner.... -
Smoky Tofu Dumplings with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Smoky Tofu Dumplings with Sweet Chili Dipping...

These smoky tofu dumplings are pan-fried to a delicious crisp and served with spicy sweet chili dipping sauce that whips up in minutes. It looks like this week’s theme is dishes inspired by accidents where people accidentally ate meat. This... -
Coffee-Cardamom Bread Pudding w/ Warm Mocha Sauce. Oil-free.

Coffee-Cardamom Bread Pudding w/ Warm Mocha S...

Before we get into the comforting, seasonal recipe below – I wanted to let you know about a recent post I contributed to Healthline called Favorite Healthy Finds: An Unrefined Vegan’s... The post Coffee-Cardamom Bread Pudding w/ Warm Mocha... -
Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour

Without sourness, there could be no sweetness, and vice versa. Experiencing one creates the perspective necessary to appreciate the other, to truly recognize the full spectrum of flavors between the extremes. Finding balance between such starkly... -
Cauliflower & Chickpea Creamy Polenta Bowls with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

Cauliflower & Chickpea Creamy Polenta Bo...

A hearty mix of cauliflower and chickpeas is simmered up in smoky, spicy sauce and served over creamy polenta to make these scrumptious and comforting vegan bowls. It’s been a while since I posted a polenta bowl recipe. I never realized I had... -
Coconut Greens and Chickpea Loaded Sweet Potato

Coconut Greens and Chickpea Loaded Sweet Pota...

Jump to Recipe | Print Recipe These coconut greens and chickpea loaded sweet potatoes were the highlight of my Thanksgiving meal. So much so, that I got text messages after asking for pointers on how to recreate the dish. And several requests to put... -

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