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Carnival Squash

After dinner last night I sliced a carnival squash into wedges and steam-baked it in the oven (fill the bottom of the baking dish with water, cover wi...
26-06-2016 00:22

Mirror Image Acorn Squash Supreme

Hi! Long time no post! A lot of changes have been going on in my life, not the least of which is that I now aspire to the label "nutritarian" rather t...
26-06-2016 00:22

Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup

One of my favorite soups of all times! I first heard about Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup on Dr. Fuhrman\'s Member Center Forum, where people were r...
26-06-2016 00:22

Food Revolution Virtual Summit

John Robbins was one of the first inspirational figures in my young adult life. His book helped shape me into a young vegetarian and environmental act...
26-06-2016 00:22

Lemon Rice and Peas

Today I made Lemon Rice and Peas from Last night I had leftover cooked brown rice, so it only took a few minutes to toss it together with Indian spic...
26-06-2016 00:22

Summer Refrigerator

Yes, I\'m still alive! Not blogging, but working, single parenting, dating, selling my house, and now moving to a new house. If life gets any busier I...
26-06-2016 00:22

Switching Lunch & Dinner

Sometimes it\'s a struggle finding time to work, shop, cook, clean, and still make it to the gym and have some time to relax. Planning meals and cooki...
26-06-2016 00:22


How cool is this"" I just found out about PlanetBox, a stainless steel lunch box for kids, and I\'m so excited I just had to break my bloggy silence a...
26-06-2016 00:22

Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

This year it was just my girlfriend and me at home on Thanksgiving, so I got to enjoy a quiet, simple-yet-festive all-vegan, salt-free, sugar-free mea...
26-06-2016 00:22

Buckwheat Tabbouleh Wraps

Today I started a brand new full-time job! That\'s right, I finally get to pack lunches for myself!Lunch Number One: an avocado with a tiny container ...
26-06-2016 00:22

Pita & Pomegranate

My lunches were either boring or repeats most of this week, so I didn\'t take any pictures until today: green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata...
26-06-2016 00:22

Pineapple Cranberry Salad

Here\'s a great Pineapple Cranberry Sauce recipe someone shared at Dr. Fuhrman\'s Member Support Center: cook 1 package of cranberries with 1 can of c...
26-06-2016 00:22

Broccoli Piccata

I never thought I would actually CRAVE broccoli, but it\'s true! I\'ve been craving Broccoli Piccata, steamed broccoli with lemon and capers from ...
26-06-2016 00:22

Lentil Beet Orange Salad

This was a great salad! I was looking for something fun to do with leftover cooked lentils when I came up with the idea for a Lentil Beet Orange Salad...
26-06-2016 00:22

I Know My Momma Loves Me... do I know" Because her curry tells me so!My mom has been watching the shmoo for me in the afternoons when he gets home from school. Last night ...
26-06-2016 00:22

Homestyle Favorites Made Meatless

Those of you with my second book might notice my friend Renee Pottle\'s book Homestyle Favorites Made Meatless listed in the Recommended Resources. I\...
26-06-2016 00:22

Okra & Lima Bean Masala

Excitement! Time to introduce a brand new lunch box!I love my To-Go Ware tiffins and use them almost every day to pack our lunches for work, but latel...
26-06-2016 00:22

Confetti Salad

Confetti Salads are the newest addition to my diet! They\'re a great way to get a higher volume of raw vegetables and fruits packed into a small servi...
26-06-2016 00:22

Cabbage Rolls

Today was my first 9 hour day, so I had to pack enough to get me through!I packed the last of my Thanksgiving Cabbage Rolls in a wide-mouthed insulate...
26-06-2016 00:22

Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets

I leave for work a little after 6:00am, and by the time my break rolls around at 9:30 I\'m ready for a breakfasty snack. Fruit is good, but having acc...
26-06-2016 00:22

Strawberry Salad

Last night I invited my friends over for a "Happy Healthy New Year Party", to kick off all our healthy eating resolutions with fresh fruits and veggie...
26-06-2016 00:22

Bean Chili with Zucchini

I\'m having fun with my new lunch boxes. The insulated stainless steel bowl is topped by a small plate before you put the lid on -- just the perfect ...
26-06-2016 00:22

Mango & Grape Tomato Salad

When you eat like a nutritarian "salad is the main dish".  I eat salad at least once or twice every day, and I  have to keep coming up with new sal...
26-06-2016 00:22

Holiday Cabbage Rolls

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for, especially our good health and the health and well-being of those aroun...
26-06-2016 00:22

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Plant-Based Shopping List For A Healthy New Y...

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Maple Dijon Vegan Cheese Ball

Maple Dijon Vegan Cheese Ball

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How to Make Plant-Based Sausage Crumbles

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34 Best Plant-Based High-Fiber Foods

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Yummy NYE

Yummy NYE

We’ve made yet another trip around the sun, it’s time to reflect on the year behind us as well as look forward to the year ahead. And that kind of stuff build up an appetite! This New Year’s Eve celebrate with some of my tasty treats and enjoy... -

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