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New Vegan Food At Trader Joe’s For The Holidays!

  As I mention in my book, The Vegan Way, Trader Joe’s truly IS a vegan oasis! Check out all of the new vegan holiday food that just arrived! I’...
19-11-2017 22:07

Seven HOT New VEGAN Books Perfect for Holiday Gifts!

It’s that time of year! Festivities are around the corner. Warm thoughts of peace and joy for the world, and how to cook the best vegan holiday feas...
26-10-2017 22:00

Exclusive Interview with Creator of Starbucks’ First V

Vegan cupcakes have arrived at Starbucks, and they’re selling like hotcakes! When I called one location early this afternoon, they were down to only...
19-10-2017 22:04

McDonald’s Launches McVegan Burger Slathered With Vega

If you can’t beat em’, join em! McDonald’s has launched a vegan burger, complete with vegan McFeast Sauce in Finland. McDonald’s will track th...
07-10-2017 22:02

Vegans Around The World Are Writing THIS Message On Starbuck

Happy National Coffee Day! Ever notice how many vegan sweets and treats there are at mainstream coffee shops, other than Starbucks"  I have. Well, le...
29-09-2017 22:13

Whoa! New Vegan Food For Fall Arrives At Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s really knows how to pumpkin spice it up when October rolls around, and this year is no exception! Check out all of these new tasty trea...
25-09-2017 22:22

Top 10 Vegan Moments At Natural Products Expo East!

Ready to smile" Check out all of these vegan goodies and happy moments at this year’s Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore EVERYone is going VEGA...
21-09-2017 22:10

Whole Foods Market Adds Vegan Fish To Sushi Bar!

Plant-Based Sushi Made From Tomatoes Yep! Whole Foods Market is now serving vegan sushi! Andy Sasser, of Whole Foods Market, randomly stumbled across ...
19-09-2017 22:16

Amazon Will Lower Prices On Vegan Food At Whole Foods Market

No matter what side of the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods Market “debate” you’re on, lower prices on healthy vegan food is good news for all!...
25-08-2017 22:10

Trader Joe’s 50th Anniversary Sale Includes Vegan Food

It’s been 50 years since the first Trader Joe’s opened on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena back in 1967! I used to shop there back in the 80′s. I’ve...
20-08-2017 22:01

FDA Gives Green Light To Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble

Great news! Hampton Creek just announced that the protein in their highly anticipated “Just Scramble” vegan eggs has been given the thumbs up by t...
09-08-2017 22:08

Popular Vegan Shoes Recalled, Toxic Substance Found In Tongu

If you wear these popular vegan shoes, stop wearing them immediately! Dr. Martens has announced a recall due to a substance in the lining of the bootâ...
30-07-2017 22:04

Haagen-Dazs Launches Vegan Ice Cream at Target Nationwide!

Yep, it’s true! Haagen-Dazs, has launched four flavors of creamy, vegan ice cream into Target! The flavors include: chocolate salted fudge truffle, ...
02-07-2017 22:02

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Goes Vegan!

First they debuted their vegan ice cream, then their vegan mayo, and now Unilever has just launched a VEGAN version of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not...
27-06-2017 22:04

A Vegan Burger To Satisfy The Meat Eaters In Your Life

Made These Beyond Meat Burgers For My Meat-Loving In-Laws   It’s summertime! Cue the vegan BBQ foods: burgers, hot dogs, chips, potato salad, water...
26-06-2017 22:05

Target Disables Its Cash Registers From Selling All Hampton

Don’t bother taking that jar of Just Mayo to the checkout at Target; the register won’t recognize the product, and it won’t be going back on the...
23-06-2017 22:07

Top 10 Vegan Moments at Natural Products Expo West 2017!

Top 10 Vegan Moments At Expo West 2017 Oh, where to begin" It’s always a challenge narrowing down my “top” vegan moments at Expo West, the large...
29-05-2017 22:08

Euthanasia Drug Pentobarbital Found In Dog Food

Pentobarbital is the drug many animal shelters use to kill animals, so what in the heck is it doing in dog food"  Well, those dead homeless or abandon...
27-04-2017 22:01

Vegan Parmesan Cheese From The Vegan Way By Jackie Day

Vegan Parmesan Cheese from The Vegan Way by Jackie Day Here’s another easy peasy vegan recipe from my new book, The Vegan Way: 21 Days to a Happier,...
04-04-2017 21:53

By Chloe’s Co-Founder Reaches Out To Set The Record St

When I heard the news about the ousting of the adorable and talented vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli from her own restaurant business, I was shocked, and ...
31-03-2017 21:55

Chloe Coscarelli FIRED from “by Chloe” Vegan Res

An arbitrator has ruled that it’s A-OK to fire Chef Chloe Coscarelli and sever all ties with the vegan co-founder of “by Chloe” restaurants, all...
28-03-2017 22:14

Tech Company Introduces Meat Made From Animals, Without Kill

Memphis Meats Memphis Meats, a San Francisco Food-Tech company just announced the successful development of chicken and duck meat made from real birds...
17-03-2017 21:56

Move Over Dairy Yogurt! Target Adds Two Brands Of VEGAN Yogu

Yep, it’s true. Vegan yogurt has gone mainstream, and it tastes darn tootin’ good, too! Target just added Kite Hill and Silk vegan yogurt to its s...
23-02-2017 21:57

Breyers Debuts Vegan Ice Cream! Demand So High, It Sells Out

Breyers Vegan Ice Cream! Hot on the heels of Ben & Jerry’s new vegan flavors, Breyers has created a new vegan Oreo Cookies & Cream Ice Cream made wi...
10-02-2017 22:09

Sweet Sunday French Crepes from The Vegan Way by Jackie Day

Sweet Sunday French Crepes from The Vegan Way by Jackie Day Oooh, la laaah, these are so good! I created this recipe with the novice crepe maker in mi...
28-01-2017 22:01

Intro To Vegan Way of Life Webinar On New Hope Network by Ja

Thanks to an avalanche of interest in all things vegan, New Hope Network is hosting an “Intro to The Vegan Way of Life” webinar this Friday at 11a...
26-01-2017 22:02

Vegan “Meat” Wins Top Spot At Trader Joe?s Custo

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo Because beef" Well, it’s not for dinner. At least not according to the masses who shop at Trader Joe’s.  When asked to ...
19-01-2017 22:05

Craving Vegan Comfort Food" Krautfleckerl To The Rescue

Krautfleckrl from The Vegan Way: 21 Days To A Happier, Healthier, Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet And You by Jackie Day...
17-01-2017 21:56

Ringling Brothers Circus To Close Forever: A Dark Era Of Ani

Often pegged as the “Cruelest” Show On Earth, Ringling Brothers has announced it’s shutting down its circus forever. After 146 years, Feld Enter...
15-01-2017 21:58

3 Terrific Tips To Help You Stay Vegan After The Novelty Of

It’s Veganuary, so you thought you’d give a vegan diet a go. Or perhaps the vision of spring and summer around the bend has you thinking of bikini...
09-01-2017 21:57

5 Vegan Champagnes To Bring In The New Year Because No One W

Did you know Champagne can only be labeled as such if it’s made in the Champagne region of France" That’s why you’ll find so many “Champagnesâ...
29-12-2016 21:54

Best Foods Plasters The Word Vegan All Over Its New Mayo

Best Foods Mayo Plasters VEGAN on labels! Unilever’s lawsuit against Hampton Creek over the use of the word “Mayo” for an eggless mayonnaise is ...
19-12-2016 21:54

What’s Vegan at Trader Joe’s for the Holidays&qu

Well, the Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Stuffed Roast available at Thanksgiving may be gone, but there’s still loads of vegan holiday goodies at T.J.â€...
15-12-2016 21:55

Biggest Loser Producer Launches Vegan TV Show!

Dr. Michael Greger and The Biggest Loser Producer, JD Roth Ready to relax on your couch and watch folks reverse type 2 diabetes, and other health prob...
12-12-2016 21:55

SeaWorld Tanks Hundreds of Jobs As Folks Ditch Watching Capt

SeaWorld, or more aptly “Pool World” as some call it, announced it’s laying off hundreds of workers due to an ongoing plunge in attendance. Than...
07-12-2016 21:55

Tyson invests $150 million in Search of Food Better Than Its

Tyson.  You know, the largest ?processor? of cows, pigs and chickens in the United States. The company with a history of horrific animal abuse, before...
06-12-2016 22:00

100 Samples of Follow Your Heart VeganEgg Giveaway!

Follow Your Heart has generously offered to give away 100 4oz samples of their VeganEgg to My Vegan Journal readers!  All you have to do is check out ...
05-12-2016 21:58

Bank Of England Is Trying To Get Dead Animals Out Of Their M

An odd and gruesome discovery was made in England this week, as the Bank of England confirmed they put dead animal by-products into their Ł5 bills. Ac...
01-12-2016 21:56

Vegan Books For The Holidays On Sale Right Now For Black Fri

A My Vegan Journal reader asked if I was having a Black Friday sale on my new book, The Vegan Way: 21 Days to a Happier, Healthier, Plant-Based Lifest...
29-11-2016 21:58

New Vegan Food For Fall at Trader Joe’s!

I enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s throughout the year, but watching the annual debut of their vegan holiday fare always adds an extra element of exci...
15-11-2016 19:04

Three Sisters Chili Recipe from The Vegan Way by Jackie Day

This recipe was inspired by the brilliant crop-growing strategy of Native Americans who planted beans, corn, and squash together because they were so ...
15-11-2016 19:04

Soups On! Consumer Demand Pushes Progresso To Make Vegan Sou

Progresso, owned by food giant General Mills (16.6 billion in revenue, FY 2016!), has decided to make vegan soup!  According to their press release, ...
15-11-2016 19:04

Every Bite You Take And Every Dollar You Spend Casts A Vote

Yep, it’s true.  You don’t have to wait another four years to cast a vote, or change the world. Every bite you take, and every dollar you spend, c...
15-11-2016 19:04

Bees Land On Endangered Species List For FIRST Time: Here&#

It takes a heck of a lot of time, effort and frantic alarm for a species to land on the endangered species list.  It takes a full 12 years on average,...
15-11-2016 19:04

How To Eat Vegan At Taco Bell

Let’s face it.  Sometimes even the healthiest of vegans need to grab some fast food on the go when there’s little time to spare. Thankfully, we’...
15-11-2016 19:04

Starbucks Adds Almond Milk, Peet’s Tea & Coffee Ad

WOW! Things are looking up for vegans at coffee shops! As I mentioned earlier in the week, thanks to nearly 100,000 requests, Starbucks is FINALLY add...
15-11-2016 19:04

Macmillan Launches The Vegan Way By Jackie Day Into Bookstor

Seizing the opportunity to capture the ever growing interest in all things vegan, St. Martin’s Press at Macmillan has published The Vegan Way: 21 Da...
15-11-2016 19:04

Tyson Fires 10 Employees for Animal Abuse, Invests In Vegan

Tyson, the largest “processor” of cows, pigs and chickens in the United States, just invested in Beyond Meat, a 100% vegan company. The purchase o...
15-11-2016 19:04

Easy Vegan 7 Layer Dip, Bring On The Chips!

Oh, man, this is good. I mean reeeally good. Even our non-vegan neighbors gobbled it up and asked for the recipe! It’s super simple, too.   And le...
15-11-2016 19:04

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Plant-Based Shopping List For A Healthy New Y...

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Maple Dijon Vegan Cheese Ball

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How to Make Plant-Based Sausage Crumbles

Namely MarlyI could have called this post How to Make Plant-Based Sausage Crumbles 5 ways, but I thought that might be too limiting. Because, my main goal here is to show you how to make plant-based sausage crumbles. It\'s all about the spices.... -
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34 Best Plant-Based High-Fiber Foods

Many people on the refined starch-and-protein filled western diet don’t get enough dietary fiber, and that can have some serious health consequences. Vegan diets, rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes are much more likely... -
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Yummy NYE

We’ve made yet another trip around the sun, it’s time to reflect on the year behind us as well as look forward to the year ahead. And that kind of stuff build up an appetite! This New Year’s Eve celebrate with some of my tasty treats and enjoy... -

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